How closely are you following the U.S. election?


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How closely are you following the U.S. election?

  1. I object to the wording of the first option. I am closely following the US election but I almost never watch CNN (or FOX New). I watch a couple of the other cable channels, listen to US radio shows via the internet and political podcasts.

    • hear hear – CNN was such a biased Obama cheerleader last election I have never watched them again. I watch/listen/read many sources too

    • Why would anyone watch a channel that views anything and everything in terms of race … the black vote, hispanic vote, the Jewish vote … etc?
      … and then apply it’s racism to events like the Martin/Zimmerman case.
      I’m with you. I only watch it occasionally to view whether it has changed … but it hasn’t .

      I agree the wording is idiotic … I watch Fox News.

  2. I’m too busy following the NAM conference going on in Iran!

  3. CNN lies!!!

    • ALL corporate-controlled media outlets pervert reality to suit their corporate goals.

      Since there are few, if any, non-corporate-owned media outlets today, the chances that we get ANY honest news in a timely or complete or honest manner is increasingly rare, if at all.

      The multi-corporate-network reinforcement of the fraudulent “news” simply makes people believe that if they heard it on two networks, it’s got to be the truth…never once stopping to THINK about anything they hear.

      “News” has become just another form of religion, where “belief” is far, far more important than “factual information.”

  4. I don’t watch CNN, I watch Fox….but yes I am following it all very closely. Why use CNN as your choice, why not just new channels or give a groups of channels….weird poll for that reason

  5. I watch Fox News.

  6. Why should we canadians bother with american politics?. I admit that they are our most important trading partner, but we can’t decide for them since we don’t vote there, and furthermore they practically ignore the rest of the world, even their closest neighbours. 90 % of the american people don’t know when there is an eleccion in Canada, y 95 % of the american people don’t know the name of our Prime Minister

    • well George not only we should ‘bother’ but we must ‘bother’.. You see the US are our largest trading partners and politically whatever the US does affect us and the whole world.– The US does not ‘practically ignore..” that is an absolutely wrong statement.. The US came into the 2nd world war when we in the UK were losing it.. My family for one, are eternally grateful they did!!! .. Your anti american attitude sadly is so typical of many canadians and it is very sad to find such viral anti american comments for absolutely no reason! I for one hope and pray Mitt Romey gets in .. and America once again leads …….

      • well, gaeliclass, you are dead wrong. I totally agree that the US did something that nobody can be against. And I am not anti american, on the contrary, but you can’t ignore the fact that the people (I never said the american government) just don’t care about the government in other countries. And I actually asked a lot (and I mean a lot) of people (with the exception of 2 in probably 30 or more) in my several trips to U.S. and that is exactly what they told me: that they don’t know the name of the prime Minister of Canada, and sadly I can’t ignore that, even if you say otherwise, so don’t tell me that I have no reason. In this case you are the one that don’t know what are you talking about. Again, I’m not against the american government.

      • In case you forgot we can not vote or otherwise influence the outcome so why bother.

      • Of course we will be affected by the US. That is obvious. But whatever will be, will be. We have no control over the election over there.

        • So you prefer, as most people do, to remain blisfully and wilfully ignorant of what’s going on next door, so that whatever happens hits you with full force out of some blind corner?

          Just because we can not CONTROL what other people do does not mean that we can not PREPARE in advance for what will hapen to us, when their policies and controllers are changed.

      • Since it is well known that the US government allowed their harbour to get bombed in order to drum up public sentiment to get involved in a war that the people did NOT want to get involved in, you forget to mention a rather large part of the history.

        But hey….what’s a few thousand lives and a few billion dollars of THE PEOPLE’S money, when it comes to the profits of multinational corporations and banks?

        You also ignore the fact that the Euro is in a slow, but obviously specifically designed, free-fall, and the US dollar is following closely, and also by design. The Canadian dollar, being so tightly linked with the US dollar, will also fail in short order once these collapses finally hit, strangely enough, also by design.

        It’s a good thing that nobody is ever taught what money actually is…they’d have clued into this particular scam centuries ago.

        NOBODY can afford wars…and if humanity as a whole started to use their brains just a tiny bit, we’d have seen this fact thousands of years ago…yet we still don’t seem to get it.

        • Nah. Thousands of years ago wars were useful, because they took over fertile land and diverted the resources to their own people.

          In the days of international shipping, however? Not so much.

          • Idiocy. War is NEVER useful. How exactly can you believe that murdering a few million people is somehow benefitting THE VICTIMS?

            Sure, if you’re the MURDERERS, you do OK…if you’re the RESOURCE THIEVES, you do OK…but is ANYTHING really good enoough justification for murdering MILLIONS of innocent people?

            For what? Oil? Control of the heroin production and distribution like in Afghanistan?

          • Hey. You’re the one who said “NOBODY can afford wars”, yet you just agreed with me that for the victors, access to resources makes them affordable.

            Now, if you want to talk about moral justification, that’s an entirely separate issue, but certainly not one included in the word “afford”.

          • So if you think that murdering and stealing from people you target is justification enough for war? That makes everything just perfectly peachy keen? SO WHAT if a few million innocent HUMAN BEINGS get slaughtered, right?

            You’re a sick, twisted, woefully uneducated and unthinking individual of you believe that sort of moronicism.

            Some days, the incredibly wilfull ignorance of some people still truly astounds…

            As to your asinine statment that “wars were useful”, if you looked even a few DECADES back into history, you’ll find that ALL empires that based their false expansion on war and theft ALL collapsed, and the current empires are in the accelerating process of following the history that they refused to pay attention to as well.

  7. Mitt really is the authentic “Teflon Man”; Clint…less so!

  8. I also object to the wording — I am following the Presidential race but dont trust CNN’s so biased reporting.. I find the above comment ‘why bother what will be..’ 40.73% is exactly why we have problems in Canada — The 40+% should get involved and make change in their nation — and take a leaf out of the fantastic Tea Party group!!! who are changing their nation – thankfully – ! For the most part Canadians (at least quite a few of them) tend to take a very sad passive attitude and sit back, and like to be led by government!! Now that is scary..

    • 40+% chose why bother because it’s not our nation. It’s America. We have absolutely no say in what they do over there. Save your ‘get involved’ rant for a time when Canada is actually having an election.

    • Most people in both the US and Canada have the same attitude about anything that actually matters: “Boy, I wish that SOMEBODY ELSE would do something to fix things…” while searching between the couch cushions for the remote, and hunting for their favorite fully scripted & edited “reality show.”


  9. Why pick a network? In our case the only objective reporting that we see is on MSNBC. CNN are wimps and Fox News is solid republican propaganda and lies.
    Canadians who think we are unaffected by US politics need to understand the issues better.

    • From my reading of it, MSNBC has a clear left bias, matched by Fox’s clear right bias. Of the three, CNN seems to be the most balanced.

  10. I wouldn’t be well informed if I watched only CNN or Fox or MSM because they are all biased. There is not objectivity left and everything is about gaffes and scandals. It’s like vultures on a corpse.

    • 350,000,000 corpses in the states, and 35,000,000 corpses in Canada…sitting mindlessly and accepting whatever they hear without a moment’s thought…

  11. I am not the least bit surprised that MacLeans mentioned CNN since they are as equally left wing. People here should care about this election as they are our largest trading partner, however we have no say in the results. My own opinion is that if Obama wins the US will be lucky to survive becoming bankrupt which will take us with them.

  12. Why CNN for option 1? Does anyone actually still watch them?

    • Perhaps that was chosen because people who don’t watch it might think that it stands for “Canadian News Network.”

  13. Ya they force us by playing it in the resturants like MacDonalds that have flat panels.

  14. I do follow the US election information,debates, as well as other happenings re the up coming election.The citizens of the USA seem to engage in the electoral process and follow what is happening. I hope Pres Obama gets re elected. The Republicans are wild cards and Mr Romney seems too slick, i.e. re ( not ) paying enough taxes, and favoring the rich.
    Too bad Canadians don’t seem to take a similar interest here at home to our own elections. We really need electoral reforn here in Canada. Thirty to 40 days is not enough time to properly prepare for an election.

  15. All you need to know is that the same playbook used in 2008 is also in use this time around.

    Romney/Ryan = McCain/Palin = PRE-THROWN ELECTION. Again. And nobody seems to notice…nobody seems to care…and even fewer people know that there are other options INSTEAD OF “the lesser of two evils” even available to be chosen.

    Ron Paul WOULD be the best candidate if he were chosen by the media years before the race actually began. He wasn’t. It’s up to the people to nominate him…if they’re smart. That’d be a serious game changer if enough people woke up and simply did the right thing!

    If they cared enough to understand that there ARE parties other than the Demicans and Republicrats, they could forget about all of the “No, we’re really two separate parties that only share 99.999% of our core beliefs” propaganda entirely, and save the “false paradigm parties(y) problem” and vote for the Libertarian Party’s Gary Johnson.

    Alas, people don’t think if they media doesn’t tell them what to think any more…so if history repeats itself (as it almost always does), we’ll see Obama winning this election again…just like he shouldn’t have won the last time around…and everyone will be surprised what happens next, just as they were the last time around.

    • How’d that 3rd Party voting for Ralph Nader work out for America back in 2000 ?

      • People weren’t paying attention then, any more than they are today.

        Same thing in Canada. People prefer not to think about anything that actually matters, choosing instead to always just do what they are told to do by the media.

        If the media says that nobody likes a certain candidate, sure enough, they don’t get the votes. If the media tells people that someone is assured a victory, then almost invariably win.

        In the specific case of Ralph Nader, he was simply to abrasive, and reality had not yet filtered down through all segments of society, so he was simply written off as a “crackpot”, much as they are trying to do with Ron Paul and Gary Johnson today.

        The difference today (one would hope) is that enough people have suffered deeply enough to actually start to care. As with Canada, the chances that enough people are wiling to take the time to think about anything that truly matters are between slim and none, based on past performance of the electorate.

        I hope I’m wrong, but we’ll see come November.

        If the people in the states make an intelligent decision and actually elect one of the few honest candidates available, there is a very slim chance that Canadians might start considering that we might do the same, since we always follow US policy, maybe if the US starts enacting POSITIVE changes, maybe we’ll tag along…purely by accident, of course.

  16. Poor choices; I suspect there are many like me to whom neither 1or 2 would apply as worded, but would fall clearly in between.

  17. Americans elect him then destroy him.

  18. CNN, Fox, American Evil.

  19. I can’t answer that question, as the answers make no sense, I follow the election (issues and scandals), but not on any waste of time news show. I READ, as a magazine you guys should be pushing that. The only American news show worth watching is the Daily Show.

    • OH YEAH?!? I say that without Colbert, you just don’t get the bump! Stick around the extra half hour next time. d;o)

      • I stick around for that half hour, and I enjoy both. Though I will say when they repeat each others stories I kinda wish they just did an hour show together. Of course Colbert would never stand for that and would always overshadow John.

  20. I follow U. S. poiltics, yes – both issues and scandals – but your question is so biased that it really begs serious revision. CNN is not the only U. S. broadcaster and it is certainly not my broadcaster of choice. I read Macleans, internet news, the Peterborough Examiner, the Toronto Star as well as watching CBC videos on the net. True, things may get more interesting closer to election day, but the direction America is taking is already pretty evident.

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