How closely have you followed the NDP leadership race so far? -

How closely have you followed the NDP leadership race so far?


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How closely have you followed the NDP leadership race so far?

  1. very closely I even got a membership to vote Nathan Cullen for his plan to end the vote split on the left.

  2. These guys aren’t even debating each other or telling us how they will improve their position at the next election.  There is never any mention about what they will do for Canadians if elected as party leader.  No.  Instead all they do is tell us how bad the Conservatives are and how much they have to beat them.  Even some of the comments are titled “Stop Harper”.  Ridiculous!  Why not “Help Canadians” instead?

    •  The best way to “help Canadians” is by taking the first step; i.e eleminating Harper!

      • Ticklese;
         You’d replace Mr Harper with a NDP party with no substance, policy, direction or leader for the sake of change?
        Canada deserves better!!

      • If we were to eliminate Harper who would we replace him with> Boob Rae?

      •  One sure thing, the NDP ain’t goin’ to do it!

  3. How can they debate policies when they have none? Ask a member of this party a policy  question and your chances of an answer are akin to the chances of a cellophane mouse being chased by an asbestos cat through Hades! As for Paul ” Dour”, they should send him on an Inuit language course so that he could become monolingual.

  4. Very closely. I will vote for Peggy Nash. 

  5. A waste of time and money.

    NDP consists of a group of people – who for the most part – I would not consider inviting to a backyard BBQ – even if they lived next door

    • Yahhhhhhnnnnnnn….is it over and are we there yet?????? what an uninteresting party and people, none of them inspires anything, anywhere, anyhow…. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

      • If you are not inspired by what some of them have to say, I’d say you haven’t been listening very hard.  

        BTW, my votes goes to Nathan Cullen.

    • Dippers are people just like you and me, except that dollar signs impede their ability to count. Have a beer with a dipper one day (just make sure you figure out the cheque, not them). 

    • Nice.  I’m actually very entertaining company at BBQ’s but now you will never find out will you?  ;-))

  6. I used to like to listen to the different ideas in the party. Now that there may be a chance that they could form government some day, I find them very scary.

    •  Yep! One thing socialists are good at is failure.  The history of the CCF and NDP is that the Liberals constantly stole the plank s from their platform.  EI, Old Age Pensions, Medicare.  At a provincial level it is even worse.

      •  You say it like EI, old age pensions and medicare are a bad thing. Maybe you should move to Nebraska.

        •  My obvious point is that they never got to implement  them nationally (the Liberals having co-opted those policies) and they never will implement anything nationally. The sorry list of candidates is more evidence of that. The Quebec following will evaporate as it usually does from its political fancies.

  7. When we see what a mess our neighbour to the south is in, with only a 2-party government, I can’t understand the lack of interest in our enduring third party. Instead of listening (and repeating) the time-worn nonsensical criticism of the NDP, I wish people responding to this poll would educate themselves concerning what the party really is about – and get involved!

    • Briobaby;
       Federally Canadians have listened to ‘what the party is all about’ since 1961 and as a result would never dare giving them power and ruin the country.
      Ontario tried the NDP Ray government and were brought to near financial ruin the same if they got in at a Federal level. People don’t want and especially don’t need a socialist government…they kill freedom and motivation in society.

  8. The NDP is on the shakiest ground it ever has been. Quebec its new power base will leave in droves if Quebeckers think they can get a freer ride from any other party.
    The NDP as a party is a very wounded animal living on the coat tails of past leaders. The current members at best are less then mediocre especially the Quebec caucus.

  9. Jack Layton was the NDP. Without him they will be a ship without a captain. None of the individuals running to replace him will have any luck keeping the party together. It will fragment into polarized segments. God only knows what will happen with the Quebec group most of whom put their name forward as a lark never in their wildest dreams thinking they would be elected. Its just like Bob Rae’s Ontario after he beat Peterson & that’s scary!!!

  10. to those of you that want to oust the conservatives.   Should your ndp ever gain power canada will be set back many years in terms of productivity. The ndp in B.C. are a good example. After 9 years of
    ndp B.C. was in tatters finantially. They can not operate and keep the economy going. They make a good opposition at best.

    • And yet in more recent years, NDP governments tend to have balanced budgets and the provinces are getting along fine with increased services for their citizens

  11. The Left & Centre must get their act together and somehow cooperate
    to stop the ultra-right coalition that is distorting our democracy.

    • My thoughts exactly. The Harper fascist KKK banned abortions, rolled back gay marriages, privatized healthcare, slashed transfers to the provinces, and refused to pass stimulus measures in the face of the great recession – just as Liberal attack ads from 2004/6 warned us. Wait… you’re telling me none of that happened? Boy do I look foolish standing here with an AK-47. 

      Seriously, what has Harper done that qualifies as “ultra-right”? What has Harper done that you couldn’t imagine the Chretien or Martin doing (given that they slashed transfer payments, gouged the federal budget, cut corporate and income taxes, and signed Canada up for its first real fighting war since Korea)? 

  12. Dose it really matter , in the end they are only going tell use what we want to hear but when they get in they are going to do what is in there best interest only !!!!! There just a bunch bull shitters any way you look at it …..

  13. I’ve watched all 21 GOP debates, haven’t missed a Canadian leadership convention since the Alliance in 2000, and watched coverage of every Canadian general election since I was 10… and even I find the NDP race kind of boring. 

  14. Without Jack Layton, the NDP will struggle to stay in opposition….

  15. This is with out question the biggest most exciting leadership race that has ever happened anywhere, at anytime!!! I look forward to seeing who the NDPQ choose as the leader… it’s just too bad George Soros didn’t run… he would’ve been great!!


  17. Without Layton’s popularity are these guys really going to be relevant anymore?  I can’t see it.  They were a one-time Quebec protest vote phenom.

  18. Wow, what a sad commentary on our nation.  The results up there say it all.  Canada is apathetic about politics and THAT my friends is why we have the horrid Harper Government (as Harper likes to call it).  Because people just don’t take responsibility for informing themselves and voting. SHAME on us all.