How do you feel about Bev Oda’s resignation?


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How do you feel about Bev Oda’s resignation?

  1. How many months lapsed as Harper stick handled Oda’s flagrant disregard for the electorate? An accountable government would have turfed her chain smoking, limousine warming, Florida sunshine juice drinking arse out on the pavement within days of confirming the allegations.

    • her orange juice was from spain.


  2. As a smoker (yes gross gross I know) I can live with her chain smoking– but as a mere employee I’ve never been allowed to let it interfere with my performance/choice of venue or tranpsport. And I willingly accept that. Not cool on her part, she deserves to go. Maybe this will be a lesson for us dirty dirty smokers re future job-related choices? I’m okay with that.

  3. I can’t agree with any of these responses. While I do think she should have been removed as a minister, resigning her commons seat means now we will have to go through an expensive by-election in the riding (which may costs as much as a million bucks). She certainly should have leave at the end of her term, but leaving only a year in means that hundreds of thousands of dollars will now be wasted.

    • And Emperor Harperius is usually so tight-fisted with government waste…

      9+ billion for new, refurbished, and exnapded prisons in a country with 30+ year DECLINING CRIME RATES across the board?

      Buying a whole lot of jets we don’t need…that don’t…err….fly? (To me, the lack of ability to fly rendered the utility of any “aircraft” somewhat limited…are they going to rent CNRail’s tracks if we ever need “an air force defense” perhaps?)

      Yes, let’s worry about a few hundred thousand dollars…LIKE THEY WANT US TO. It’ll keep us busy arguing while they ram a bunch more of those wonderful new multi-billion-dollar costs down our throats in private, behind closed doors…


    • Maybe she should re-imburse her MP salary from the last 8 years and help offset the cost of the new by-election she caused. She neither served her country nor her constituents.

  4. I would have been even more “unreservedly happy” if she was not now entitled to a huge, taxpayer-funded pension! Oink, oink, oink.

    • The pension issue is not specific to Oda and I’m not sure it’s all that simple. I am retired from a private company and have a satisfactory pension. I was thinking that if in my 40’s I had had an opportunity to serve in Parliament as an MP, I would have had to give up this private pension in order to serve. I might not have done it. I’m not happy with those who abuse but I don’t think it’s as simple as requiring 25 years minimum service for an MP to qualify.

    • Look a the bright side- with her smoking addiction as heavy as it appears ( seriously – how bad does anyone look with a cigarette hanging out of thier mouth – especially one with as many smoker’s wrinkles as she has?) how long will she be around to enjoy the pension?
      She is a prime example of what reservation living can do for Canadian aboriginals. . No concept of wants vs needs, or the value of a dollar.

      • “She is a prime example of what reservation living can do for Canadian aboriginals.”

        WTF is that supposed to mean? She’s of Japanese descent.

  5. She will /NOT be sorely missed.

  6. I can’t understand how she lasred as long as she did! For that matter, how did she get re-elected?

  7. we need to get rid of a lot more Harper people, including Harper

  8. I must admit I am not quite fully unreservedly happy. I think it would have been much more appropriate to give the electorate of Canada the opportunity to make their opinions of odious Oda known at the polls during the next election. By quitting she has denied them the opportunity.

    • I agree, but am glad she did not get the chance, partly because she might still win if she did get the chance

  9. Like a lot of Govt. Ministers etc, she seemed to easily forget, in her arrogance, that she is /was a PUBLIC SERVANT-i.e. A SERVANT OF THE PUBLIC, not the other way round!!. and adding insult to injury she now walks away with a lucrative taxpayer funded Pension, after only one year in Office. How did she ever get elected in the first place?

    • Where do you get the idea she had only one year in office? She has been an MP since 2004.

  10. Should have been shown the door much sooner.

  11. au revoir, auf wiedersehn, goodbye! don’t let the door hit you on the way out…oink,oink,oink

    • Nice one, but I’d rather if she did get hit by the door.

  12. As a Canadian taxpayer I demand she NOT
    get her pension. It is time for all politicians to have to put in 25 yrs. of
    service before getting any pension at all. Even out the pensions with the RCMP who risk
    their lives every day for 1/3 of the pay and no percs.

  13. I think she had the ability to be useful , but it was the disregard for the tax payer that people

  14. Bev Oda is what you get when people vote party instead of local rep.

  15. She had become a liability to the government but she actually did some good stuff as well in the portfolio with decisions making aid more focused and hopefully more effective. But this stuff never gets noticed. I have been in London, not at the Savoy, where $16 dollars for a glass of OJ is not uncommon. But I wouldn’t pay it of course. It’s my money.

  16. Revoke her perks and pension – both undeserved.

  17. This only eliminates one conservative that excessively spends the tax payer”s money with the worst one being Harper himself Canadians need to look at how large the PMO’s bubget has become. As for the Not incident don’t kid yourself these were orders that came from Harper Central control and Bev is taling the fall on this one. Harper has lots of things swept under the carpet and thanks to a lousy media is getting away without accountability.
    John Ayres


  19. I would rather see a minister with a dubious record renew and redeem herself as a conscientious servant of the public rather than see her take the
    (pension) money and run. As a taxpayer, I feel like she got caught with her hand in the cookie jar, got a slap on the wrist and then made off with the (not so) petty cash fund.

  20. So my options are to be happy she’s gone in 3 different ways, unhappy she’s gone in only 1 way, or not know who she is? How scientific of you.

  21. I am glad she is gone, but it is not right that in the face of the public learning about all of her mis-spending of our tax payer dollars, she is not punished, just chooses to resign. There should be an investigation into her misappropriation of funds, followed by her paying a monetary penalty. She got off scot-free, and all people seemed to be wrapped up with is the fact she resigned. We need to hold her accountable for her actions while still a government Minister.

  22. She should repay ALL the money she has taken, and her huge pension should be cancelled.
    What a loathsome woman!!

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