How do you feel about Canada’s failure to land a seat on the UN Security Council?


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How do you feel about Canada’s failure to land a seat on the UN Security Council?

  1. Hey, you're not giving me the option to be ecstatic about the decision!!!

    • I think that would have been what Ignatieff would choose!

  2. I aggree. Three choices and all of them are not what I choose. Besides what does the average Canadian know about the security council at the U.N. anyways.

    • Hard to imagine this was a topic around any water cooler this morning.

  3. In case anyone wants to know my background, retired Canadian Soldier that served with the UN, NATO

    • Thank you for your service.

  4. The UN has a history of being utterly useless. Being in charge in Rwanda, it tied the hands of Romeo Dallaire, and the Canadian government through its top military advisors repeatedly ordered that Dallaire and his troops MUST stand down and watch the genocide rather than prevent it. Romeo Dallaire was neither a weak general nor a coward. Those above him were milky-toast sycophants afraid of defying a totally useless institution……the UN. The UN should be abolished.

    • I couldn't agree more! it is not relevant today it is just a forum for backroom deals, and self-interest and completely betrays it's original purpose. It should be abolished.

      • I think Canada should just pull out of the UN all we seem to be is a major financial contributor trying to re-leave worlds welfare debt, and solve the U.S. of A,s blunders into world affairs. I think world knows if the hat is passed around Canada will give even at the expense of Canadians.

        • Heather-Belle if you look at the tropp contributions that the Canadian government made in Rwanda, you'll notice with the exception of Dallaire the only Canadian personnel were administrative. Mauree whatever limitations/faults the UN has it must be appreciated for the forum it provides. Although not perfect the UN provides a stage with which the states of our world can bring grievences to the world audience – and that is irreplaceable. Tomwindsor we are as much a "major contributor" as any other middle power in the world. We by no means supply the UN with any noticeable currency flow (in most areas) and then crticize it when its budget shortfalls leave it unable to deal with atrocities/disasters. Pulling out of the UN merely loses us a place in a forum on the world stage. Don't be naive in thinking that the UN has no effect on national policy.

  5. Coward? Really? I think that is an incredibly demeaning thing to say about anyone, much less someone who BEGGED for help in that situation. Was Romeo Dallaire expected to take care of the situation Rambo-style his own?
    Any soldier who serves his (or her) country is a brave man, and I think that if you have that kind of disrespect for your fellow soldiers, it is probably a good thing you are retired.

    • As a Soldier that served for 25 years, Dallaire was useless, and especially a coward. The perfect Yesman for the UN and the Canadian Government ( Liberals) at that time. I cant understand how some people see him as a Hero. What did he do but let down the Belgium Soldiers under his command. Put it this way, Ive served under alot of Generals, this man is clinically Spineless and was incompetent to begin with. He should of been relieved of his command long before he drove by his soldiers being massacres. PS. He allowed the order for the Belgium Soldiers, under His command, to give up their weapons to the Beligerents. PATHETIC

      • Dallaire is a bureaucratic "bilingual general". You don't send a bureaucrat to do a soldiers job, you send a soldier. You don't deploy someone into a war zone who was advanced in rank solely because they meet the "bilingual" requirements for promotion. Disaster awaits.

    • Yup as he blamed his driver for not stopping. Actually the coward told the Belgium's to give up their weapons. i think I might of been found on a park bench and drunk and AWOL if I did that too, only difference I would go to jail.

    • So you think telling his Belgium Soldiers to drop their weapons then driving by while they are massacred is Brave? As a former Soldier I think its dispicable, to think that weak minded thing was AWOL, Drunk, at a park bench and now cries Mental Problems. I wonder what he would of done if he was one of my Engineers checking for Booby traps amongst dead rotting bodies.

  6. I tend to agree with the statement that the Arab countries voted against us(not for us) because of our pro-Israel stand. I believe that we have to let go of that sentiment, as the Isrealis are now the biggest bullies in the region. And we still have to feel sorry for them??? Get thee away already.

    • The neighborhood bully just lives to survive
      He's criticized and condemned for being alive
      He's not supposed to fight back, he's supposed to have thick skin
      He's supposed to lay down and die when his door is kicked in
      He's the neighborhood bully

      Well, he's surrounded by pacifists who all want peace
      They pray for it nightly that the bloodshed must cease
      Now, they wouldn't hurt a fly. To hurt one they would weep
      They lay and they wait for this bully to fall asleep
      He's the neighborhood bully

      – Bob Dylan

    • As a matter of fact, Canon said that the Arabs did support Canada. So , speculation that they did not because it is fashionable to be anti -Arab , is not appropriate.

      In any case, if the Arabs did support Canada, it is not only surprising but terribly naive of them to do so.

      • yeah. our pals, the Arabs.


      • One of their officials just said that they did actively campaign against Canada! It has nothing to do with anti-arab sentiment but anti-Canada from Arabian officials who didn't get their way in blackmailing our country.

  7. Moslim and African countries voted as a block against us because we've given aid to South America (instead of Africa) and our pro-Israel position.

    • Yes I agree; we should stop supporting democratic Israel and send all of our Aid to 3rd World despots!!!

      • Democratic Israel??? My foot. If Israel, with its apartheid wall and calculated mistreatment of an occupied people is democratic , then Canadians should not feel so bad for having raped the the native Indians. They should be proud of it,eh!
        Or maybe creating a state in which only one religious entity has rights, you call that a democracy?

        • You have no idea what you're talking about.

        • Zionists outnumber reasonable people here, like 2 to 1. It's sickening.

  8. The UN, as stated above, is basically run by Muslim and African countries, who do not have anything but hate for Western countries like Canada. I for one am really happy that we are not on the council, as it would be a waste of funds. Most of the non-Western countries on the UN expect us to continually give them aid, but then to look the other way when the aid and funds don't actually go to the ones that need it.

    • The decision making is still in the hands of the western power anyways!

  9. Harper's myopia and arrogance are to blame for this humilitation.He has a limited understanding of geo-politics and has displayed a crass bias towards the same nations that determined the outcome of the vote.The tragedy is not the failure to obtain the seat but the Harper government's contempt for the intellligence of canadians by blaming the Liberal party.

    • We finally have a PM who stands up and does what is right for the country, and does not care about the nations who have abused our generosity. So if these nations (ie Iran, UAE) are now upset that Canada does not jump when they say jump, GOOD!

    • What humiliation? It is only humiliating if you fail to achieve something significant ! A seat on the UN Security council is NOT something signficant.

  10. I agree that the Arab nations voted against us because of our pro-Israeli position and it is a sentiment both Canada and the USA should change, and embrace neutrality instead. But certainly NOT in order to get a seat on the UN Security council which means diddley squat ! (Think Switzerland for the proper type of neutrality.) The prevailing attitude is that Israel is infallible, it can do no wrong……even when it does! Objectivity is flung out the window by people who mistakenly think that objective assessment of Israel's actions is anti-Semitic. This is simply not true. There is a world of difference between these two constructs. I realize that as a small nation surrounded by Arab countries, Israel needs a strong military presence in order to defend itself. What it doesn't need is to feel so emboldened by the unequivocal support of Canada and the USA that it becomes a bully, which is what has happened.

    • Neutrality paid off for Switzerland. Gold stolen from the dead of Europes jews fills its vaults.

  11. As for African nations voting against us, they have been given massive aid by Canada and are still receiving much aid. However, it is not the obscene amount some of their leaders would like to EXTORT from Canada, as was clearly seen by the tyrant Muggabe's angry reaction when his exorbitant demands were not met. From this perspective, Canada not getting a seat on the UN Security council should be seen as a proof positive that we are doing something right. The UN has been corrupted by countries making deals when voting i.e. you vote my way on this matter and I'll vote your way on that matter. The UN is a corrupt and ineffective body which has long outlived its usefulness, if indeed it ever had any.

    • I think this is the beginning of the end for the Security Council. When a basket case country like Portugal, beats out a country like Canada, it points out how the voting is really done. Haiti – Canada was first one to offer aid and assistance; within hours. Chile- Canada was there with personnel and technology to recover the trapped miners. The list just goes on. I think Harper is a visionary leader and the whole United Nations structure should be modified to recognize the modern re-aligned world.

      • Heather-Belle and George H are right on. I can't improve on their comments.The UN and its Security Council is an anachronism. When the US doen't even pay its share of the costs, there is a message there. Those useful and beneficial agencies supported by the UN should divorce themselves from it and seek independent private financial support.

  12. Who am I? I am one of the 30.74% of the survey respondents who voted for the option "It doesn't matter. The UN is a useless relic." That is because (as one of the other respondents stated), the survey did not provide the option to be ecstatic about the decision !

    • 32.13% :)

  13. Your ignorance is bliss

  14. Canada, thanks to the ideology of the Harperites, has lost its reputation as an "honest broker" at the U.N. The world has caught on- we're recognized as just another vote for the U.S.-Israeli thugs. That and our continued presence supporting the U.S. war machine-either in Afghanistan or the lunatic committment to spend multi billions on military jets to fight more U.S. foreign wars has ruined and is ruining whatever reputation we had as peace makers or even ethical players with some integrity.
    Where have you gone Stephen Lewis- our nation turns it's lonely eyes to you.

    • it ain't 1969 anymore, there, hippie.

      • I totally disagree with that 'hippie' comment. Too many rightwing Reformers with their personal agenda cramming this drivel down the throats of the educated, sophisticated, and non partisan peace loving Canadians. Be gone dull spots … Harper and the ReformaCONS are a plague on the country we once loved. You should be sent to one of those new jails to be programmed into a kind, loving and accepting human being. "Religion is an insult to human dignity. There will always be good people doing good things, and bad people (ReformaCONS) doing bad things. But for good people to do bad things it takes religion (Reform Party Ethics)."

    • That this comment is at -16 shows that Maclean's appeals mostly to Zionazis. I'm all for Israel's right to exist, but we're damned if we think calling Israel on their mistreatment of Palestinians is 'antisemitism'. If a country treated Canadians the way Israel treats Palestinians, there would be a bench-clearing brawl at the UN. Harper's Conservatives and anyone who blindly supports Israel's 'measured responses' are guilty of supporting racism and crimes against humanity.

  15. if supporting Israel, putting conditions on our aid, and killing Taliban killed our bid, we should be proud – not embarrassed.

    • you got it right… who wants to be in a club of this nature anyway? perhaps we should be the first of the "have" nations to just say, "have a nice day" and leave the UN… Now THAT would be a bold move!!!

    • Yes, we should always support Israel and assist her to hide her crimes against humanity. We should censor all critics of the Jewish State because any criticism of her is antisemitism, pure and simple. Israel cannot be questioned. Never.

  16. Good! Now we don't have to blindly accept illegal immigrants at our shores and spend all our money on strangers, as we are no longer bound by the usless foreign body of the UN, who has only ever been a burden & source of frustration to Canada (read: Rhwanda, for one…)

    Sorry, no loss… I was in fact, as others appear to have been, ecstatic about it. Good riddance, happy day & don't let the door hit you on the ass on the way out.

    • Why are we no longer bound by the UN? We didn't win a seat on the security council but we are still subject to their mandates. Not winning a seats means we aren't in on important conversations usually surrounding world security issues.

      • And those conversations are the backbone of the farce otherwise known as the UN. It would just be way better for Canada to disassociate itself from the UN altogether, or for the UN to be abolished. Its achievements are best summed up with a yawn.

  17. How do I feel? Fantastic!

    • I echo you. We have so much economic and social problems to worry for, than sitting on UN seat.

  18. There needs to be an option that says:

    "It proves that Stephen Harper is a Prima Donna whose crises de vedettes supersede any pragmatic or rational purpose."

  19. It has nothing to do with Israel or any such thing. Voting a country onto the Security Council is usually arranged long before the actual vote takes place in the General Assembly. We are in the European group which comprises Europe, UK, Canada, USA and Australia. There were two seats available to that group. It was unusual that three countries were vying for it. The Europeans, being Europeans, got together ahead of the game and decided that both seats would go to Europe. Portugal then started the bribing of delegates with such things as a couple of weeks in the Azores. Canada does not play that game, and so had no chance with the corrupt UN delegates. I completely agree with those who have commented on the uselessness and corruption of the UN

    • sadly kate in the western voting block we run an open style election format where any country that runs must attempt to show its worth through funding (and yes bribery) to the rest of the world in order to win the vote. In most blocks the regions put forward their candidates as decided personnaly (generally on a rotational basis) and the rest of the world generally (except in cases when a country has poor human rights history) respects the regions choices and votes for them. Canada of course plays the same games as the rest of the western block and tries to win votes by providing support to countries, and yes that means buying votes. UN is a more and more a stage for countries – to criticize the UN is to criticize the actions of states. We love to take all the credit for UN successes and blame it when things don't work out.

  20. The five permanent countries at the UN include communist countries that have yet to respect Human Rights like China and even Russia and others like France who are loosing there prestigious record for Human Rights when we see how they treated the romes lately…

    So I don't think that it's a big lost for Canada

  21. Possibly the world has come to see us as just an extension of America, a perception well founded and to be regretted.
    Since we are no longer "peace keepers" who are we? What a pity, a superb military force. able to do so much humanitarian service for the world. Trapped by the U>S>A> agenda.. Which i feel history will judge as criminally imperialistic- all in the pursuit of oil and power.

    • military aint only about humanitarian ,they're also trained for combat (primarily)

  22. The most apt question should be, who are you ald and where have you been?

  23. To be with the company of Australia and Sweden (rejected in favor of Libya), we are such in good territory.

    • Australia and Sweden were never rejected in favour of Libya. They are from different voting blocks and would never have be squared off against one another. Sweden would have been completeing against Germany, Portugal and Canada.

  24. Portugals 300 year record of exporting slaves from Africa makes them the perfect choice for the corrupt UN. Germany's historical record in Europe also makes them a perfect fit for the UN. Taking a principled stand on the world stage as the Conservatives have done will only lesson ones ability to hob knob and rub shoulders with the worlds despots and dictators. A return to the days of when Canada was a sycophantic a$$ kisser of the worlds autocratic elite would only be welcomed by the terminally stupid of the extreme left.

  25. IF the UN has become useless it is because the George Bushes have rendered it so by choosing not to play in the International arena with others. The Harper government is attempting to continue this blind policy but does not have the clout of the USA to make it stick. Left to itself, the UN has floundered just as the Global corporate elites and their flunkies wanted it to.

    • Here we go again with the 'blame Bush, blame USA' mentality. And I suppose the UAE had no role in turning some of those votes against Canada because they did not get their way over airspace??

  26. If the UN is truly irrelevant for Canada, which I don't happen to agree with, why were we bending over backward to get into the security council in the first place, and why are we not castigating Harper for inconsistency and profligacy in spending a couple of billion for G20 security to impress those whose votes for the council seat we didn't really want anyway? Topsy-turveyland will NEVER qualify for a seat with Stephen what's-his-name as its leader.

  27. Why doesn'y this article explain the voting situation first. We as Canada and other countries like Australia and new Zeland are lumped in with the European countries. They than make their choices and submit them, having already agreed whom they will vote for. same as all the other seats. Andrew Coyne did not do his home work before CBC question period last night. For full disclosure what happened, Go to frum

  28. It was a joke to me after hearing David Frum explain why it happened. The CBC at issue forum were blaiming it on The gov't stance on Isreal, the money taken from Africa and sent to Latin America. The Arab nations against Canada's stance. The UAE kicking out of camp mirage etc. A typically CBC Liberal Circle Jerk. by the time they were done slagging our gov't, they all left with wet underclothes.

  29. The UN was started to protect the world from bad government, so of course a country with a Fascist leader would have trouble making it in. We spent years trying to show the world how great Canada is, and then Harper comes in and proceeds to start removing our rights. If he had been PM instead of Chrétien, we would most definitely be in Iraq right now. I takes a really big man to ignore expert advice, follow along the path of the US, and pretend Canadians are stupid, Steve. Not.

  30. I think one reason we lost is that Harper is not a pushover and would have pressed for reforms. He is on record as pushing for an audit of UN spending (something resisted by many others — too bad as that would go a long ways to making the UN more accountable.) He also is in favour of changing the configuration of the Security Council to make it more democratic. Some were not happy with this. At least some voting against us were not comfortable with Harper's agenda for change.

    • At least there are some out there who can see the UN and SC for what they have become…next to useless…or at least in much need of an overhaul.

  31. Look like another world war coming soon time to turn the tables here

  32. Yes, we should always support Israel and assist her to hide her crimes against humanity. We should censor all critics of the Jewish State because any criticism of her is antisemitism, pure and simple. Israel cannot be questioned. Never.

    I'm sorry but your Holocaust card and your Antisemitism card aren't accepted here. I had no idea 'Maclean's' was such a Harper-ego-masturbating, pro-Israeli-lobbying, ring-wing flag-waving Canuck rag until I read comments and saw comment ratings here. When Jewish scholars in the U.S., Europe and Israel herself denounce Israeli actions vis-a-vis the Palestinians, certainly, their arguments have merit. How would Jewish scholars stand to benefit from such a stance aside from shedding light on a very dark and controversial topic? I defy you to find Arab scholars who support Israel's treatment of people in occupied lands. The truth transcends ethnic and religious lines.

    If Canadians were treated in the same way Palestinians are treated by Israel, there would be a bench-clearing brawl at the UN. We just wouldn't take it. Six million victims of the Holocaust are rolling in their graves over what Israel is doing now and in some people's minds, in the name of those victims. Israel is irony, plain and simple, and to support its government's apartheid and racist policies is an affront to what Canada really stands for.

  33. Your poll really needed a fourth option: 'The UN is important, so it doesn't matter if Canada is on the Security Council now as long as the best representatives are.' I don't know much about Portugal, but at present would trust the Germans, more than Canada's Conservatives or Liberals, to push the Security Council in the right direction. Is it unpatriotic to believe in this, more than the conceits of our party leaders?

  34. The only reason that we should be happy about not winning a seat on the security council is that it forces Harper to reamin focused on more domestic issues. If the majority of Canadians do not support his leadership, why would we want him representing us to the UN? I would always say put Canada first, but in politically unstable times in Canada such as now, the UN (rightly so and for whatever exterior reasons) didn't vote us a seat on the council. time to build support at home before we work on building support abroad. Like or dislike Harper, a more established foreign policy couldnt hurt!

  35. So why was the comment deleted

  36. The UN is nothing more than a social club for tyrants and their appeasers. The truly principled stand would be to call the UN the dictatorial sewer it really is, and to withdraw from it.

  37. I think Harper doesn't realize what a tyrant he is. Is that possible? What does his mother think of him? Canadians are starting to see the right wing facsist Gov't we are getting.

    • Hey take it from one who have lived under communism and know what facsism is…what ever you might think of Mr Harper and is government I'd advice you to really live under facsism and let's see if you'd use the term so loosely.

      • The whole point is that we don't need to create a fascist image and Harper is under the impression that his autocratic ways are what Canadians approve of. He is mistaken and hope he learns.

        However, for someone like Harper to change, he has to embrace the truth and get his handlers with other agendas that have nothing to do with Canadian benefit except their own, to go fly the kite.

    • "Canadians are starting to see the right wing fascist Gov't""???………that you voted for.

    • Get a life buddy

    • Are you serious, the UN is a useless relic of the past and our failure to land a security seat means absolutely nothing, take a good look at our economy compared to other nations that have just came out of the recession, the Conservatives monetary policy saved us from a real recession.they have done one hell of a lot more for for the time they have been in power than the Liberals have done in the last 20 years.

  38. The UN's reputation has become tarnished due to unethical/inappropriate use of funds. I am fine with Canada not being given a seat – I'm wondering if the UN has outlived its usefulness.