How do you feel about the Canadian economy going into 2012?


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How do you feel about the Canadian economy going into 2012?

  1. At first, in October 2008 we were told Canadians need not worry.  What happens in Europe basically stays in Europe.  Now we are told it “Could” affect us. Should I sell my house?


    • Yes,Marie……sell your house.And then?

    • No “could” about it.  The US is our largest trading partner, we export about 60% of the entire Canadian economy to the states.  When the European Union collapses, the insurers in the states will never be able to create enough fake money fast enough to cover all the claims, and the US dollar will collapse.

      Without our largest trading partner, our jobs, investments, retirement plans and futures will ALL be cast into the rubbish bin along with the rest of the world.

      You see, that imaginary line between the US and Canada doesn’t really exist…it’s the same planet, and what affects the rest of the planet WILL affect Canada…all of Harperius’ false promises will add up to nothing any more substantial than the false promises Obama made to his people.

      If you could sell your house today, I’d reccommend that you buy farmland, so that in a worst case scenario, you can at least be assured to have enough land to grow enough food to feed yourself and your family.  If you’re in a city, it’s a good idea to get out BEFORE the worst of it hits…

      • Wow, you’re really optimistic!

      • Because everybody on earth is going to suddenly stop needing stuff?

        Hint: The economy can exist without bank-issued currency and investors making imaginary wealth out of usury.

        Now.. if you’re one of *those* guys, yeah, life is going to suck.

  2. This dictatorship we call harper,s government sucks

    • You would not know good government if it poked you in the eye.Bet you dont have a TFSA….loser.  On Hugo,on Fidel,on hermit Kim Next, on NDP. You are just jealous of people who dont live in their moms basement.

      • No argument present a tirade of invective and ridicule. Pathetic.

    • This “dictarorship” made it possible for taxation purposes to split retirement income with one’s spouse. This saved me thousands of dollars. The intention is eventually to allow splitting of ANY income. Taking a firm stand on issues is not tantamount to dictatorship.

      • Thus inordinately benefiting those who have a non-working spouse at the expense of the rest of us. You’re welcome.

  3. It can’t be worse than 2011, especially if Mitt Romney gets elected in the USA and we, as Canadians, stop buying off-shore to save nickels.

    • Now that would make it worse.

    • Using his previous experience, I guess we can expect US assets to be sold of to the highest bidder, the country forced into bankruptcy, and the remaining jobs exported to the third world………..Oh, and of course for him to get even richer as a result of the sell off.

  4. Like the sheep that we are, we’ve been trained and prepared to have no fear for the shaving we’re about to get by the end of the year…  the sheers are sharper with Harper.

  5. Things don’t look that good.

  6. Thank God we have the Harper government and not the Liberals or NDP who would drive our economy to the ground. Harper has economic common sense. Look at the shape the rest of the world is in? Do you think that’s an accident?

    • Seriously?  Harper inherited budget surpluses and a properly regulated bank system that kept us afloat when the american economy tanked and he’s run up huge deficits every year.  No, that’s not an accident.

    • I agree, it’s no accident. It’s thanks primarily to Martin, with assistance by (loathe as I am to say it) Chretien and Mulroney.  That it’s happened in spite of Mr. Harper and Mr. Flaherty’s best attempts is no compliment to them. Remember, Mr. Harper was the one who loudly decried the government’s refusal to let the big banks merge into super-banks, and who argued against the credit regulations that Martin refused to get rid of.. regulations which are what saved our ass(et)s.

  7. I find that Canadians in general are a bunch of whiners. There are a lot of jobs around if job hunters
    are willing to relocate. Unfortunately, most don’t want to leave momma and poppa’s purse strings.

    • Try to relocate when  you have zero money!  Telling people to relocate is insulting and shows a complete ignorance of what it is like to be part of the working poor!

      • Do you have a skill set? Are you willing to aquire a trade or qualification to make you employable. Government has a myriad of programs to make it all work. You have to make the call on taking it on.  M

      • When I started out I had no money either but that did not stop me from going to
        where the jobs were. If you are part of the working poor as you claim, your can
        only blame yourself. Stop complaining and get off your ass.

  8. If Obama and Europe can keep their hands away from printing presses

  9. Although not conservative, I feel that Harper is doing what is necessary now with the world economy.  I hate having to pay more taxes, but still feel that I live in a very secure country.

  10. When you already are earning  less than you need to just stay afloat with necessary goods and services then any change in the economy is frightening because costs ALWAYS GO UP AND NEVER DOWN. Hence the dread!

    • Actually, “costs” never go up, they ALWAYS go down.  “Value” never changes, either.

      The trouble with most people is that they don’t understand that “prices” go up not because of continual advances in materials, manufacturing, processing, and distribution, but because the VALUE OF THE DOLLAR HAS GONE DOWN.

      Canada’s dollar is based on the same “high-grade AIR” that we all know the US dollar is based on, and our wonderful banks keep creating more “electronic money” every second of every day, where each “electronic penny” the create dilutes the value of existing bills and coinage, which is considerably lower in physical quantity than even the 600+ billion in debts that “our wonderful and helpful government” has created in our name.

      Canada is a part of this world, and as such, the scams that are in operation across the world WILL affect us just as much as they will the rest of the planet when it all comes crashing down.

      When the European Union collapses, the Euro crashes.  When the Euro crashes, all of the banks and insurance companies in the states that “guarantee” them will NEVER be able to inflate their phony electronic money reserves fast enough, and the US dollar will collapse soon after that.  Since the US is Canada’s largest trading partner, guess whose economy is going to drop like a stone after the states?

      Those Canadian companies which remain afloat will be few and far between, and those former Canadian companies which were bought by the states will quickly be packed up and moved to the states…after all, we were dumb enough to sell them off, so obviously we’re not going to be smart enough to buy them back and keep our own jobs in our own country!

      Of course, nobody cares that we don’t NEED to be paying the foreign banks al that REAL interest on their PHONY electronic money…the Bank of Canada could simply create it’s own money for Canadians to use at ZERO INTEREST.

      Those who complain about a 2 liter carton of milk being “more expensive” are missing the point…it’s not the farmers who are making the money on the higher prices, nor are the retailers…but the BANKERS are absolutely laughing their asses off as we sit idly by, never caring for a single second that we’re being fleeced on a daily basis…and it’s about time that we took our country back.

      Back on topic…every advancement in materials technology LOWERS COSTS. Every advancement in manufacturing technology LOWERS COSTS. Every time we raise productivity, it LOWERS COSTS. Every time we design better products that use less materials, it LOWERS COSTS. Every time we recycle materials it LOWERS COSTS. If you honestly believe that “costs” are rising, you’re wrong…it’s the VALUE of the Canadian dollar that is dropping like a stone.

      There was a time when all the advancements used to more than offset the theft by devaluation of the bankers…but they’re just too greedy these days. “More for them, less for us” is all they’re concerned with.

      The longer we, as a nation, continue to ignore the truth about what’s going on, the worsse it’s going to get for all of us, and when the inevitable collapse of the Empire next door happens–very likely to be either this year or next–we’re not going to have anythiing but Emperor Harperius’ promises that we’ll all be fine…and that isn’t going to save Canada, or Canadians, when the giant Ottawa fan starts kicking out brown stuff across the entire country.

      • So what do we do? Just sit back and smoke anothe rjoint?

        • Well, if you’re in Ottawa, you’d probably either sniff cocaine or huff paint fumes.

          Logically,we need to take back our country from the coruption rampant in our government. We already know how things are going to turn out if we allow it to continue the way it is, as we see it right next door, and across the whole of Europe.

          If we stop “borrowing money from foreign banks” and demand that the Bank of Canada issue our own currency for Canadians to use, we will then have a currency AT ZERO INTEREST, and we will have no “foreign corporate entity” to pay “interest” to on THEIR phony money.

          Sure, the Canadian dollar is based on air, but if it’s OUR OWN AIR, at least we don’t have to pay foreign bankers interest for “borrowing their air…”we could eliminate the “national debt” in as few as five years, and maybe even less than that.

          Another thing we oculd do is to eliminate “fractional reserve banking” in Canada, and require banks to stop creating electronic money.  We could also place the same restrictions on credit card companies, who also create massive amounts of electronic money out of nothing.

          The most important thing that we can do is to understand that there is a REASON that we are not taught even the basics about the creation of money in our elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges or universities…WE are not supposed to know what is really going on!  It’s supposed to happen completely in the background, and we are NOT supposed to understand why it happens, so that it can continue for as long as possible, and the bankers keep plundering us all until we’ve got nothing left to steal.

          To more directly answer your sarcasm, if you were to just sit back and smoke a joint, at least it would have some beneficial medicinal effects, unlike sitting back and doing aboslutely nothing, and then complaining that nobody ELSE is doing anything to fix things.


          A few places to start learning something of value about what you still likely think was nothing but a joke.

          • And if we didn’t trade with anywhere else in the world, you’d have a point.  Remember, currency is simply a notation of trust.  As in “I give you this bit of currency that you can trust will get you goods and services of sufficient value for what you’ve given me.”

            If we just start printing that off willy-nilly whenever some outside country demands it, that trust goes way down, which means the amounts we need go way up.

            Of course, if you’re not trading outside our own borders, this doesn’t matter one whit. But that means nothing in your entire economic circle can originate outside our own borders.  So if you trade with a guy who trades with a guy who trades with a guy who trades outside our borders, well.. that last guys prices are going to skyrocket, which works itself back down the line until it comes to you.

            So unless you think those tankers and cargo ships which cross the oceans are actually carrying huge wads of bills, your argument makes no sense.  

          • “If we just start printing that off willy-nilly whenever some outside
            country demands it, that trust goes way down, which means the amounts we
            need go way up.”

            This tells me that you’re not really sure how money is created, or why.

            We currently get “loans” from “foreign banks”.  This is what we call “federal debt” or “national debt.”  These “loans” are converted into “banknotes” by the “Bank of Canada” and the currency supply is raised, while the VALUE of the dollar is concurrently lowered.

            Now, IF the “loans” we received were “real money” or had “real value”, then we could have used the “loans” directly, and not “converted the loans to negotiable instruments, at cost”, and then only suffered from the “interest on the loans” that we could then have to create…but we have to pay to create the “counterfeit money” which is placed into circulation on top of the “interest” that we will have to come up with to repay “the debt”, and we lose value of our existing “money” as well.

            If you eliminate the foreign bankers and the fraudulent banking system, you eliminate the interest, you maintain the value of the dollar, and FOREIGN INVESTMENTS RETURN!

            PS:  There is a REASON that you didn’t learn anything about the money supply in grade school…or middle school…or high school…or college…”WE” aren’t supposed to know how we’re being financially slaughtered by those who DO know the truth about money!  d;o)

          • cuckoo, cuckoo . . .

  11. I’m cautiously optomistic because Mr Harper is a solid leader with a slow but steady direction in the economy. What we need in this crazy economic world is this type of confident leadership that is not sidelined grumbling pessimists and negitivity.

  12. We will feel it if USA stays in its downturn

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  14. The economy would probably do a lot better if we didnt have every Tom Dick and Herald group opposing any new job strategy that business proposes. I>E> Conservation groups who seem to have no idea how economies work.

    • Short term thinking. Yes, it might do better in the short term because it’s easier, but remember that the root of conservation is “conserve”.  Which means less wasted, which means, ultimately, more value.

      Of course conserving isn’t easy. It’s hard. That”s why we do so little of it. And why it can be difficult for an economy that isn’t used to working that hard or that much. But more working is really what’s best for the economy in the long term.

  15. About a year ago the TSX was over a thousand points ahead of Dow Jones; today it is a couple of hundred points behind. I live in Quebec and our unemployment rate is 8.7% which is higher than the US 8.5% rate. The growth rate in Canada is tiny. We are heading the wrong way and I think that 2012 will be a rather bad year as far as Canadian economy is concerned.

  16. Harper and his team is doing fine. It is the bleeding heart that destroy the nation. Socialism even failed USSR. USA is heading the same way.

  17. Canadian pay the tax—to who–media has me believing a lot of tax dollars are going to foreign lands and not coming back to the families that pay those taxes—why so international when our own need help

  18. While I am cautiously optimistic, I also realize that we need to move forward.  There are lots of companies out there doing well, but keeping quiet about it  We don’t need the government doing more, just read the headline article if you don’t believe me).  Instead we need to realize that strong economies are the result of strong businesses and only strong business leaders who are creative and ready to risk success will take our country to a strong economy.   Let’s stop asking governments to do so much, instead, let’s have them govern.  Anything else they do ends up costing more than it should.
    Dale Wilcox

  19. Thwim, you’re 100% right!  Humanity existed in various forms over our 3.7 billion year evolution…and not only did we exist for “at least a few weeks of that time” without any thought of “money”, we are the ONLY SPECIES ON EARTH that uses “paper money” or “coinage” today…we COULD return to that at will.  Trouble is, as a species, we are used to the control of bankers, we do not HAVE the will to change, and even if we did, we’d have to kill the bankers one by one to force them to release their hold on this planet with their electronic zeroes and ones…

    If the chimpanzees (our nearest biological relatives) never get locked into lifetime mortgages (google “Mortgage” and learn what it REALLY means, from it’s French roots) and eventually lose their trees…which of the two species is truly the more intelligent, I wonder…

    • Alcan thanks you for your patronage of its quality aluminum foil products.

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