How do you feel about the recent arrest of suspects allegedly plotting a terrorist attack in Canada? -

How do you feel about the recent arrest of suspects allegedly plotting a terrorist attack in Canada?


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How do you feel about the recent arrest of suspects allegedly plotting a terrorist attack in Canada?

  1. who writes these damn polls?


  2. Isolated incident at 44% tells me a lot of the readers of this website are in total denial. My advice to them is you've come to the right place:

    READ MARK STEYN, and leave your ignorance behind.

    • Or they thought that the other two options were even less reflective of their own opinion.

      Ie refer to s&m's comment, above.

    • Perhaps they ignored the qualifying sentences, and just focused on the meat of the question?

      I feel safer.
      I feel less safe.
      It hasn't had any effect on me.

      I'm assuming that this is the case. Most people are not particularly surprised that there is terrorism in Canada, but they see Canada's national security organizations doing their job. It's what we expect.

    • Rather than relying on professional troll Steyn, maybe those who answered felt that it was indeed an isolated incident. Some of us don't take "unreported crimes" into account when forming our world view.

  3. Many Muslims are closing ranks and rallying around the guys that were arrested, with the growing size of the Muslim community in Canada it would seem that it's just a matter of time until they successfully attack real Canadians.

    • Its not surprising, theres no option 4, the idiots let thesse guyss go thru the first 2 airports because, they didnt have anything "ILLEGAL" on them, NVM that they had boxcutters and fake explosive like devices! thats my answer, screw the dumb shet poll


  4. Are you saying that people who are members of the Muslim religion are not real Canadians? That's 2.5% of Canadians, not exactly an overwhelming number. And Muslims have been coming to live in Canada for more than a century.

    Of course, without the mandatory long-form census, how exactly will we know how many Muslims there are in Canada?

    • Get all that important information off the yearly income tax form ….that's if these "Poor " people come to this country to work and contribute !

      ME , ( poor Canadian tax paying Smuck ).
      When I sit on public transport I wish I could see a stamp on the forehead on every person who has paid their income taxes for the past year . 5 stamps you can be paid unemployment and even get a Canadian citizenship. End of story

      • As I pointed out above, some of them have been here longer than you have.

  5. It is not about how long they have been here ,It is whether they will abide by the laws of Canada or wish to follow shariah, if it is the latter then no they are not "good" Canadians.

    World wide, the pattern is for muslims,once a high enough percentage of population, to clamor for special rights and gradual imposition of shariah,they almost pulled it off in Ontario,

    There are already several cases of honour Canada and North America.

    • Perfectly said!!

    • Total prejudice and senseless comment.

      • Look at the problems France is having,and muslims a for now, less than 10% of the population.
        How do you explain the closure of Parisian public streets by crowds of fervent praying muslims,Have they all lost their contacts? Or are they just in awe of that much pavement?

        Yes I have a thoroughly rational prejudice brought on by numerous worldwide acts of barbarity by muslims.
        What is really senseless is to give this violent ideology any politically correct tolerance.

      • not as senseless as yours.

    • don't forget the non-honor killings of non- Muslim women that are going on all the time here in Canada, if you want to start counting

      • lots of men get killed too, my point is that the women killed by muslim men,(,this includes garbi's killings at the ecole polytec) are targeted due to their refusal to be bound by religious law.

  6. Oh look, another manipulative "poll" by Macleans, designed to influence opinion, rather than solicit it. How unintelligent do you think your readers are?

    • Considering some of the op-ed articles, extremely….

  7. Number four should be ……. I think they might have been set up by their handlers

    • We are talking now, not past history. And but yes we were VeryCautioous abujt Sons of Freedom, so called. And I am aware of history, but I am dealing with the present, in the last few years and iin the few years to come.

      • the sons of freedom were destroyed by information given by the mainstream doukhobor sect, and to be fair the Toronto 18 were intercepted due to information from fellow Muslims'
        Timothy McVeigh was atheist and that much loved straw man of the left ,the KKK were the terrorist wing of the southern democrats ironically now obama's party.

  8. Home grown—that tells us something–that the parents are teaching them– that their religion is such!!! they must hate & kill anyone that is not a muslim! where else do they get these ideas–living amongst us.What I regret is– that the parents want 2 live in a country as ours–reap all the benifits–then kill us infidels!! HOw soon we forget– the second world war–only –it happened in another fashion. Canada better wake up –this multi culturalism isn;t good for all!!!!!!

    • couldn't have said it any better mars!!!! we need to wake up and look around us…. we're so "nice" and "friendly" and meanwhile we get screwed all the time by people who don't want to make this country as great as it could be! Look at the tamil tigers that arrived here a few weeks ago!!!! none of them want to become like us, no, they want to fight their fight on our soil as do the muslims who come here under false pretences… AND the parents of the home grown terrorists… shame on them! Remember Omar Khadr's mother saying she supported her son in killing infadels!!!!

    • I think if you look at the FACTS of the recent cases, you see they were no taught these things by their parents. As for multi-culturalism, nobody has been more violent and murderous on this continent that white European descendants

      • So they say——————-but that doesn't make it –facts!!!!

    • Instead of complaining amongst ourselves, what political pressure are we placing on those whom we voted to protect us. the Liberals have embraced and passed laws to import all these terrorists to Canada. If you recall, only 10 years ago, the PM and MPs kept on giving large funds to the Tamil tigers in open events. It was only after 9/11 that Canada recognized what it was doing. Yet, Canada prefers to allow all these terrorists to enter the country under so called humanitarian conditions. Who asked all these Tamil tigers to get into the boat? Why should we pay for their up keep, as we are doing with the Kadder's? Our taxes fund these terrorists. Wake up Canadians. Demand the government to stop inviting and taking in terrorists.

  9. Innocent until proven guilty.

  10. As a traveller who has lived in a few countries, I think that immigrants/refugees should abide by Canadian rules, just as I abided by their rules. If you don't like it then you have the privilege of leaving, if you want to be Canadian – WELCOME!

    • Absolutely. Go to many countries such as Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan and see how your western ways fair. Their country – their rules whereas our country – their rules. When will a political party stand up for our rules and our rights? Like it here or go back – that choice is always available to you!

    • Agree…Its really shouldn't be hard to do…I think the key word here is '' Respect " If you choose not to respect the Law of the land, then you are free to return to where ever you came from……

      • Naturally. Ask yourself what freedoms you have in Saudie or Dubai – or almost any foreign country where they almost always continue to live the way they do and either expect you to or at least operate on their rules as a foreigner.

  11. The media would like to brain wash us with the absurd notion that ethnic diversity makes a city like Toronto a great place to live, while this city is slowly becoming a cesspool and it's sad.

    • More than the media. There is a certain element who post here who would have you believe you are some sort of medieval monster if you don't embrace multiculturism.

      When I was a kid before WWII the various ethnic branches where I lived on the West Coast maintained their culture after school on there own time with no grants.. We played with them. Both Japanese and Chinese spent 3 or four or more hours at their own school after going to our school all day. They were persuaded to excellence. Then the Japanese kids and their parents were interned as if they were a threat! Some were sent voluntarily (parents, kids went along) back to Japan after the war but most of the younger, Canadian-born returned later to what they thought of as homer. I think that by the time of the Citizenship Act in the 50's they were regarded as citizens, although in 1942 they were considered children of aliens under the Alien and War maeasures Act. Such is government panic.

  12. There should be Capital Punishment for those found guilty of crimes of this nature.

  13. It is my opinion that any foreign-born, now a Canadian citizen, deserves, upon conviction of terrorism, to receive the same punishment as would be meted out in the country of his birth. Perhaps stoning or the guillotine?

    • But if their country of origin is a state sponsor of terrorism, then shouldn't they be similarly rewarded? Perhaps the PMO can stick them in the senate.

  14. Earthquakes, as in NZ, have the potential to do much more damage than the acts of a few muddled youths, yet we don't live in quaking fear of them.

  15. When asked "how I felt" by the Maclean's poll, I was scrolling down for adjectives like "sad". Unfortunately, I was stuck with variations on "safe". I feel no more imperiled nor safe, but sad some of my fellow Canadians may be plotting mass murder against their fellow citizens in the name of the former's muddled ideology.

  16. I say "close the border, enough is enough"; look at how the foreigners treat Canadians overseas!! We soon will be a Third World country. We should look after Canadians on Canadian soil, instead of trying to help out the rest of the world. When people are caught doing crimes, send them packing, why should our tax payers support them in prison as well. Our old age pensioners are barely making ends meet, and we are giving money to immigrants, its time to stand up and say NO MORE!!