How do you feel about the U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden? -

How do you feel about the U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden?


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How do you feel about the U.S. operation that killed Osama bin Laden?

  1. Wasn't an assasination. Was an act of war. Targetting the top brass in war-time is considered perfectly acceptable. Assassinations involve some aspect of deception, and there was none here.

    As I mentioned before, there may be some grey area in the idea of a nation declaring war on an organization rather than a nation, but with how the world has become increasingly supra-national, I don't think it's a grey area of much significance.

    • Following your logic, would it not then be perfectly acceptable for those organizations to attack the "Great Satan" by assinating or at least attempting to assinate American leaders?

      • Hint: Try reading the first sentence in my above post.

        Now read it again.

        One more time.

        Think you've figured it out yet?

        • Was your sarcasm necessary, Thwim? The question by Daa was valid. You could simply have said that if it's an act of war for one side, it's an act of war for the other side, too.

          • Yes, because the person obviously didn't read.
            Contrary to popular belief, there is such a thing as a stupid question — it's a question where the answer is right in front of you. If people who don't pay attention in that manner aren't chastised for it, what on earth will encourage them to learn?

          • War was never declared formally by the only US body that can do it, Congress. The Americans have a habit of ignoring things like that when its's convenient.

          • The US has not issued a formal declaration of war since WWII.  So far as I am aware, not country has.  The root of the problem is not US arrogance, but the United Nations, which has made it illegal to declare war.  The intent was to outlaw war; the effect has been to remove the decorums of war.  Even if war could be declared, Al Quaeda is not a nation.  But that did not stop OBL declaring war (not clear in whose name).  So he has no complaint if the US takes him at his word. 

  2. For those that want to see the pictures, they remind me of the olden days when people went to see a hanging. They just love that gore and would take a piece of his robe to sell on ebay. The president was right on not showing the pictures. But we must watch out for the nuts out there like the London Ont. doc ,a suspect but not jailed. Anyone who likes bombing pieaceful countries don't belong here and must be kicked out with stronger laws then we apparently DON'T have.

  3. The fact remains that the US simply thinks that because it has power and reason that it can do anything it wants wherever it wants. Being OBL changes nothing in the fact that Americans attacked on foreign soil without the permission or even alerting the ruling government and refused to even let the chance of third-party or UN officials seeing and confirming the body as Osama.

    If a government is acting outside of its own laws, and the people they govern predict they will act in this way and the people continuously do nothing about that then you are not in control of your own government. That's dictatorship, that's not democracy.

  4. Sure Chris. Those big American bullies. They should have alerted the government of the nation harboring poor Mr Bin Laden of their dastardly intentions. Much like Mr OBL was so gracious to alert the US before his murdering of thousands of civilians including tens of Canadians. The Americans really should have approached it the Canadian way by capturing him (flying in with our dependable Sky Kings I can only assume) and sentencing him to 25 years, edible for parole, what, in a about 10 years but counting his time in hiding towards this so that he would be eligible for parole in about one month, upon which he will sue for wrongful conviction and be awarded a multiple million dollar settlement. Now that's democracy Canadian style. It's all about the human rights – we should be so proud. Chris. It is called punishment.

    • @3153eaec487294bed9e9828701ab5594:disqus so because they’re criminals we should act like criminals?? Chris has the point of all this. There are laws that LAW ABIDING CITIZENS follow… we should rid ourselves of criminals LEGALLY. with laws of justice. This wasn’t justice for anyone…it was a coverup and illegal.

  5. I'm against capital punishment, but this was no ordinary crime. Well done U.S. Also, Chris: if the States had alerted Pakistan, the ISI would've tipped off OBL in one second and he'd be hiding out elsewhere. No dice. (Edit: this was NO ordinary crime, left out the "no" originally, oops.)

    • Nuremberg?

  6. I don’t agree with the U.S. too often, but I’m fine with this action.

    They should of taken this approach with these Terrorists from the start.

    I heard a radio interview with Ralph Nader around the time this started, he said it should be handled by “Spies, Bribes and Commandos”, (in this case, Seals).

  7. The entire thing just made me feel sad for humanity as a whole. We haven't learned much.
    I hope Muslims & Christians & others all continue to work together for global peace;
    Keep talking with one another……

  8. People say bin laden was unarmed. Why noy take him prisoner?

  9. Yes, not sure why they did not capture him if he was unarmed. then they could have interrogated and got him to confirm some crimes and maybe got some new terrorist info. then they could have executed him like with Saddam.
    i suspect the US just wanted to execute him immediately to minimize tension building by the extremists while Osama was in custody.

    • Once they captured him they would not be able to simply execute him. There would have had to have been a trial. A trial of Bin Laden would have been horrible for the administration and the United States in all kinds of ways: Media circus; constant high-security risks; untested legal ground; platform for Osama; significant portion of U.S public mad at Obama for not just killing Osama, i.e "why does this scum deserve a trial" and on and on and on…

      Better to kill him on site and be done with it.

      • I don't think that there's ever been any firm, legally admissible "evidence" that 9/11 happened under OBL's orders. Can you imagine the furor if he was found "not guilty"?

        • @ Selena Well the document I read stating the only interview done on OBL said he had no knowledge of the attacks I will give you the link here. This was blacked out so American’s couldn’t hear he claimed ‘innocents’… and then a few months later a ‘different younger looking Osama’ admits of the acts… here is the interview.

      • Oh yes, trials are just too horrible and inconvenient;  let’s do away with them altogether since too many nasty secrets might be exposed ……. 

    • Exactly. In the War on Terror the battlefield is where your enemy is. Bin Laden would have killed us on the subway if he could have. We were totally justified in covertly landing in his home and killing everyone in site (who could be assumed to be enemies).

  10. A joint force of the French Foreign Legion and Mossad killed Osama bin Laden. Unless El Presidente Obama shows irrefutable evindence what I have just told you is just as likely as the yarn he has been telling.

  11. The way I see it so far in this poll , there is a minority of around 17-18% that should be automatically locked up and kicked back to their God forbiden countries of origin, wherever those are asap. Thank you not Canada for wanting to become a third world bearded, toothless country!

    • Thank you, @01a303dfc423ac404abbca2a264f1c6e:disqus , for wishing that Canada become a third world dictatorship where people can be locked up for disagreeing with you. Keep up the good work! Someday your dream will come true.

    • Most amusing posting Gethemout!  I assume you disagree with the percentage of writers you mention.
      But suppose their country of origin is Canada?  What to do, what to do. ;-)  

  12. Now if the Americans would just do something about the christian theocracy that is destroying their own country.

  13. Obama has an election looming and he needs to prove to the rightwing nuts that he is tough. And did what junior couldn't

  14. Man has not learned anything since before the stone age; I guess it`s because we are going back to where we started.

  15. this is not acceptable, to kill without trial. we are back to times of the Roman Empire with Perfects and Dictators , Faschistic Regimes act like this, wonder why this is ok?

  16. In any case where a leader is self-appointed by use of force instead of chosen by a people he’s oppressing/murdering/starving etc.  there should be more of these assassinations until would be dictators for life know their own lives will be very short.  Make that route to power so unappealing it disappears.  Save millions of lives at the cost of a few rabid ones.

    In bin Laden’s case, the movement he started Al Qaeda has killed far more Muslims (not counting the suicide bombers themselves) than non-Muslims so any so-called “moderate” Muslim should be cheering the end of terrorist bombing of the diffuse umma by this mass murderer who claims to be the most devout interpreter of Islam.  Any Muslim who mourns him agrees with him that Islam is meant to reign supreme over all other ideologies and religions and its advancement is worth any number of deaths including both Muslim and non-Muslim.  The only difference between bin Laden and some tinpot dictator is that he was not confined to any geographical area, but the tribalism, fanatical ideology and following, brainwashing, propaganda and inhumanity are identical.  

  17. I find it funny though that the U.S. paid Osama thousands if not millions to create havoc and corruption in the Middle East and then when U.S. cut off money, Osama decides to kill Americans because he wants the U.S. out of the Middle East. Talk about a rogue agent!

  18. Let’s face it, the US is an outlaw nation.  And obviously, so is the silent UN.

  19. The media have, as usual, made a circus of it.  It would have sufficed to say : “Osama bin Laden is dead”.  Because of the media feeding frenzy, now come the speculations : was he armed or not; was he shot in the chest and then in the head or the other way around as some reports stated; was it a “kill” operation or was capture an option, and so ad nauseam.  Each version invites new avenues of attack, new criticism, new doubt. Forget the bragging, forego the backslapping, the immature “mission accomplished” celebration.  An act of war, no more.  Regarding it as a chance to sell more copies is just another sign of our decadence.

  20. I should like to click 1 and 3, since I agree with Thwim that this was an act of war, not an assassination. 

  21. Current poll standings = 81% morons who cannot think for themselves and believe all the lies told them. A sorry world we are creating, but these people will not understand until extra-judicial killings take place next door.