How do you feel about WikiLeaks releasing thousands of classified diplomatic cables? -

How do you feel about WikiLeaks releasing thousands of classified diplomatic cables?



How do you feel about WikiLeaks releasing thousands of classified diplomatic cables?

  1. We need government to be open and accountable, or it will sooncease to be a democracy. This is happening in Canada, with the Harperites attacking our government institutions and murderous rightwingers like Tom Flanagan advocating that Assange should be assassinated.

    • Says something about the Conservatives, doesn't it, when a former Chief of Staff to PM Harper issues a fatwa on national TV, eh? Fatwa Flanagan, a professor infiltrating young minds in Calgary. Glad my kids aren't there!

      • Says something about Liberals doesn't it, when so many of you hate the one country (USA) that helps protect your right to be as pathetic as you want.

        • It's painfully clear that given absolute power neither the Left OR Right would be able to lead the country (applies to both US and CA) in a fashion that would reflect the core beliefs or needs of our society. The paradox is that with L & R in the sandbox at the same time, neither one can build a castle.

          It's about the basics. I want to know that the Government, as a whole, has a LONG TERM PLAN to guarantee adequate basic services for the next 20 years. Clean Water. Waste Removal. Transportation.

          Transportation. The Romans knew the value of a good road, but it doesn't seem we do. Everything in a thriving society is built on the backbone of transportation. North America is 20 years behind other 1st world countries. We need high-speed rail. We need subways in urban areas. Toronto just nuked their plans for Metro City… that'll be millions in cancellation fees; and it'll hold us back another 10 – 20 years.

          What happened to the leaders who looked at a map and said "We need transit!", and had it built? What happened to our leaders? We don't have any Leaders! We have Politicians!

          … that sense of dread… it's normal. We traded Leadership for popularity peddling show boats.

    • Harperites attacking our government institutions? Which ones? The Commie Broadcasting Corporation? The one that is public yet REFUSES to release information about it own operations? Where is your hero ASSange on that?
      Which government institutions are you referring to? Oh right.. non, you a re simply repeating the Liberal Rhetoric of the day. Well done.

      Open and accountable is one thing, releasing classified information that may be harmful to said country just because some of you tin-foil hat folks think you need to know something you'll never understand anyway is ridiculous.

  2. It''s interesting that all the leaks seem to come from the US or are about the US.Why are their no wiki leaks from Russia or China or Iran.Maybe this shows how open democracies really are or he doesn't have the guts to spread leaks from these countries.

    • Or his source is American. What.. did you think he magically gets copied all documents from all embassies and only chose to release these particular ones?

    • Right on, Barry. Certainly there are flaws in our liberal democratic systems, but I think that they are molehills compared to mountains of abuse in other countries. And our media never seem to be interested in exposing these!

  3. When the climategate scandal revealed global warming to be a complete fraud, all the lefties were up in arms about the leaked e-mails being illegal, where are they now?

    • Waiting for people like you to apologize. You know, the way the paper that "broke" the story did, when it was revealed that nothing of the sort happened. Do try to keep up.

    • All 3 of the independent reviews of the climate gate e-mails concluded that there was NO manipulation of data, yet many uninformed individuals, like yourself, still run with the smear campaign. You've been duped!

  4. Hmmm…it appears to me that the government (or its officials) invest a lot in 'spying' on its citizens (CCTV, airport scanner, etc.). How is what WikiLeaks is doing any different (except that the shoe is on the other foot)? It seems to me that government (or government officials…especially the U.S.) expressions of outrage are shallow. I, generally, support what WikiLeaks is doing.

  5. “Which country is suffering from too much freedom of speech? Name it, is there one?” ~ Julian Assange

    • Freedom of speech refers to viewpoints of the individual. ASSange is disseminating classified documents not his own ideas. The fact that neither he nor you recognize the difference says alot.

      • The News is covered under "freedom of speech." This is the news. Also: most of the contents of Wikileaks is not technically classified / secret, it is merely previous unknown to all the rest of us.

        I can't wait to see what Wikileaks has on a large bank, to be released in 2011.

        Dare you not to be informed!

  6. A friend summed it up quite nicely. She said, "If the Media in this country and elsewhere did their bloody jobs, we wouldn't need a Wikileaks!"

    Robert Shear at Truthdig makes a strong point, too. "The real problem with the release of the dispatches, particularly the kind labeled “noforn,” meaning it shouldn't be shared with foreign governments, is that it is politically embarrassing—which is why we, the public, have a right to view it. That is certainly the case with the revelation that Secretary Clinton destroyed the once-sacred line between the legitimate diplomat deserving of universal protection and the spies that governments could be justified in arresting."

    • Actually the media has no more right to be involved in the dissemination of classified information that this ASS.
      Report the news, don't make it.

      So many of you have just no idea about international relations, you think it is all some little game but don't understand the ramifications.

      • As if someone who thinks that writing "ASSange" is clever has the intellectual capacity to instruct us?

  7. Let the sun shine in…the more the better!

  8. There must be a lot of naive people about to be shocked at such information.

  9. Regardless of your political preference, you must admit that under PM Harper, we've witnessed the most DIVISIVE, vitriolic and absolutely partisan government in all Canadian History!

    As a headline once proclaimed, this current crop is not your "granddaddy's Conservatives"….alas….they're turning the clock back on whatever progress Canada had made in the last few decades.

    Thank God Canada has not one, but FOUR (4) other ALTERNATIVES to these Reform-Alliance (non-Conservative) Tea Partiers on the Hll–on days when the House hasn't got its doors locked….

  10. I gather that the leaks constituting the Pentagon Papers helped conclude the Vietnam war. It is arguable that timely leaks of this nature might have avoided the Boer War, the Iraq war, and many others. Providing that such leaks are responsible they may be justified, though those in the spotlight are sure to shout foul. The leaker may in fact be showing great courage. The scale of this leak is rather overwhelming but so far I haven't seen anything that would warrant killing the messenger.

  11. The true value of Wikileaks is the potential it puts on the table for major policy reform, as well as the opportunity it's giving government to air it's dirty laundry, and perhaps even cleanup some obvious mistakes it's made in the past.

    Despite any temporary "disruptions" that may result from Wikileaks, the long term benefits could easily outweigh them… That is, as long as the gov doesn't do anything to embarrass themselves further, and they address every concern with 100% transparency.

    The world stage will be unforgiving at this juncture in history.

  12. Where is Free Mark Steyn when we really need him?

  13. When is Macleans going to take the Wikipedia phenomenon seriously? Next year? What, are you waiting for it to die down, and for other pundits and analysts to tell you what to think?

  14. I am glad Wikeleaks has revealed the sordid details that lie behind politics. People have generally been aware of corruption, deception and contempt among themselves but now we have been informed as a result of the revelations that have appeared through Wikeleaks. The problem is that The Clowns don't know how to save the world. Instead, they waste millions of dollars of having a friendly chat pretending they want to accomplish something. As the world's population continues to grow, the situation can only worsen that will end up in the kind of chaos that sci-fi writers write about.