How do you rate Canada’s performance at the Olympics?


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How do you rate Canada’s performance at the Olympics?

  1. Every Canadian should read Mark Tewskbury’s book to find out what is involved in becoming an Olympic champion before they EVER spout off about the dedication of Canadian athletes. These athletes and their parents have devoted an incredible amount of time and their own money to this cause and it is beyond the imagination of most of us to grasp the kind of focus it takes to reach this level of excellence. Canada is a wintersport country yet people think we should be turning out summer athletes without bothering to ensure that we have anywhere warm for them to train. The expectations are a tad bit unreasonable to say the least.

  2. Perfect sixes? How long ago did figure skating abandon that ranking system?

  3. Grow up.
    Respect is earned. Our Canadian athletes have my respect. You nasty detractors clearly have not earned anything…get back on your meds.

  4. We typically don’t do as well in the Summer Olympics as we do in the Winter Olympics. We just don’t have the long enough Spring-Summer-Fall season as most of the rest of the world (where some can practice all year long). Also we just don’t have as large a population, nor the financial support as other countries.

  5. People still obsessed with the Roman Circus…while the world keeps falling a part by political and financial design…but, oh! Did you see that guy we’ll never meet jump into that sand?! d=^o


  6. It’s not solely about the medals, it is about the quality of the competition, and, in my humble opinion, our young people are producing (100+)% quality as competitors, and may they be assured of our unremitting support! God bless them.

  7. I would like to have ticked the second choice, but your use of the utterly ridiculous 110% prevented me. I truly thought that Maclean’s was too classy to sink to that level. I was obviously wrong.

  8. I would prefer to have ticked the second box, but your use of the dreadful ‘110%’ prevented me. I honestly thought that Maclean’s was too classy to sink to that level and I am sorry to see that I was wrong.

  9. We have some of the greatest athletes in the world, unfortunatrely they are not the best in the world. I think there is something wrong in the way our potential best are not trained. For example how does a boy or girl from Scarborough get a chance to be an equestrian rider. Another example If there are no swimming pools and swimming coaches in your area then how do you get into the olympics.

  10. 10 medals, not too bad. At least the athletes had fun doing what they loved.

  11. I think some of the comments below are short sighted and just excuses for failure. Last time I checked, winter lasts about as long as summer… so why is that an excuse for not being a summer sport country??? Canada does not have a large enough population??? Canada is 35th in the medal standing (the rest of the world actually counts by gold medals), have a look at the 34 countries in front of us.
    I now live in France and I am amazed that there are programs for kids in every single sport you could think of, there are special schools and universities for athletes (we can use the US for that) and although soccer is the most popular sport in the country, every sport has it’s place, and a national league.
    The issue in Canada is cultural, Canada is a Hockey country, period. Anybody practicing any other sport is S.O.L. and on their own. The programs and infrastructure for most sports, if there are even any to speak of, are insufficient.
    When Canadians open up their minds and start diversifying their interest in sports, when schools start introducing more sports to children when they are young and when the people start demanding more programs for those sports, we will be on the right track.
    Sure the government could do more and be wiser about how it spends money but it all starts with us.
    The only ones that aren’t to blame are the athletes, they do their best under very hard circumstances, they put in as much work as they can while still having to make a living. The ones who do succeed are either incredibly gifted or get outside help (US training, sponsors or are pros)

  12. When our world champions can’t close the deal and win GOLD, its very disappointing. You don’t see this happening to other nations when they are favorites to win. This was by far the worst Olympics for Canada.

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