How long until fighting is banned from the NHL? -

How long until fighting is banned from the NHL?


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How long until fighting is banned from the NHL?

  1. I think that this all depends upon what one’s definition of “banned” is. I don’t ever see a day coming where if you fight, you get kicked out of the league, that’s just silly (and wouldn’t even happen in, say, baseball, or basketball). That said, I also don’t see the current situation, where if you fight you get a 5 minute rest along with the guy you fought and that’s all lasting too much longer either. It is kinda ludicrous that a guy who’s going right back off the ice after a fight anyway is “punished” for fighting by having to warm a different bench for 5 minutes. People are pretty passionate about fighting in hockey it would seem, but I think that even the most passionate could agree with getting rid of some of the idiotic fighting that happens these days.

    • A very smart person suggested that they could end fighting for the most part if they reduced the roster of each team by one player. Ultimately, the enforcer position would go as teams would need to hang onto their “skilled” help. With no enforcers, there would be much less fighting. There are very few players (ala Jerome Iginla) who are talented and fight.

  2. I agree with LKO, I think ultimately it will get you a game misconduct. And then possible suspensions on repeat incidents. What is ultimately going to take the NHL there is the same thing that’s moving us on head shots, concussions etc. in hockey and football (and other sports like rugby): lawsuits and related insurance, liability and risk management concerns. That recent huge monetary sttlement by the NFL is just the beginning, and it’s like a canary in the coalmine.
    I used to enjoy a good hockey fight as much as anyone else, and like a lot of Canuckers, I loved the movie Slapshot and all that. But one of the problems in hockey and football is that, compared to 30-40 years ago, the players are way bigger, stronger and faster now, so the consequences of contact are much more dire. Look at Steve MacIntyre who gooned for the Oilers — 275 pounds, and there are a number of players now who weigh in at well over 220 to 230. That’s what defensive linemen in football used to weigh.
    The other thing that will ultimately have to happen in the NHL is an “absolute” rule on headshots, i.e., regardless of whether a head shot is intentional, it will get you a serious penalty. That’s what they have in Europe, and again, because of the liability environment and the size and speed of the players these days, that will be the only way to reasonably protect players.
    Another thing: the 2010 Olympic hockey tournament was arguably the greatest, most enjoyable hockey tournament ever. And there was no fighting. And none of us missed the fighting.

    • There’s also just the cognitive dissonance aspect too. On the one hand they’re trying to get concussion causing checks to the head out of the game by punishing them more severely, while simultaneously you can punch a guy repeatedly in the head and get a five minute timeout. There’s definitely a disconnect there.

      • I agree. And the only thing that is going to make the NHL move on this is an objective, powerful outside force: namely, lawsuits, the threat of more lawsuits and the related phenomenon of insurance companies telling the NHL that they either won’t insure them anymore or that the cost of insurance is going to go through the roof. Plus, unfortunately, there probably will be one or more catastrophic incidents to further move public opinion along on this.

      • Even professional combat sports have limitations of blows to the head.

  3. Yeah. This is something we should take a lot more seriously, after all, it’s REALLY, REALLY IMPORTANT we talk about this.

    Global financial crisis in progress? Naaaaaaw…that won’t affect anyone’s lives. (We’ll ignore all the bankruptcies a few years ago, and the new ones which happen every day due to fiat currency inflation which the wilfully ignorant “believe” is a “sign of a growing economy” and not a sign of the deliberate devaluation of the currency, which should have led people to understand that fiat currencies are nothing more than “the specter of money” and not “money” at all…)

    Let’s ignore the Pacific Garbage Patch as well. We COULD HAVE been using naturally sourced, bio-degradable plastics for decades already…but there’s no rush.

    Let’s ignore the increased chemical toxification of our fields, and by extension, our food and water supplies. They’ll just make some new chemicals to take care of that, right?

    Let’s ignore FUK-U-shima STILL spewing radiation after almost THREE YEARS when anyone with at least three firable synapses SHOULD have been launching tankers full of boron FROM DAY ONE.

    It’d be completely stupid to talk about things like cannabis curing cancer 70-80% of the time, while chemotherapy “somehow” ends cancer 20-30% of the time, and why it’s time to repeal cannabis prohibition and save BILLIONS in annual waste of resources, time and fiat currency we need to borrow from foreign bankers since the Bank of Canada no longer issues our own currency.

    We should also ignore the fact that since the Canadian gold reserves have ALL been sold off, we don’t have ANYTHING to back our currency with when the inevitable mathematical conclusion that nobody wants to talk about even if they WERE aware of it actually occurs.

    Yup. Whether a bunch of multi-millionnaire GAME PLAYERS hit eachother is something we need to discuss in much, much greater depth.

    It’s all about priorities.


    • You must be a lot of fun at parties.

      • His sarcasm is right to the point correct….it’s all true, get your heads out of the sand!!!!

        • Well…iff’n ya doesn’t use thut thar shoulder box air now a’gin, y’all doesn’t get it…’parrotly, Grits jess din’ git it.

          Oh, well, he gots ta keep his neck from frayin’ at th’ end anyhows, so he kin still get some use outta thut thar rock on his shoulders fer sumpin’…

    • Braveau!!!

  4. What this poll tells you, is that Canadians that are crazy about hockey, enjoy the violence as well, and for the teams it is big business. I prefer the type of hockey at the olympics.

  5. Take a look at university hockey. Some great teams, playing a fast,aggressive game…and fighting is all but gone. Between that and the Olympics…NHL goons can go to work for bars.

  6. If you fight, you get kicked out of the game. Simple. In what other sport do we tolerate fighting in giving minor penalties and then being allowed back to finish the game? Old school thoughts of “fighting is a part of hockey” being brought into modern day hockey given it was acceptable 30 years ago. Get past it and let’s play the damn game!

  7. It will never be under control. A certain part of their crowd that watch it are like WWF fans and want the violence.

    Me, I stopped watching NHL in the early 90s as I realized it wasn’t about good sport excellence. It was like WWF, fake. Take season play, just stay out of last place and you are in playoffs that almost last as long as the season. No incentive to do excellence, just the minimum is season play. So maybe I might start watching in the fourth game of the payoff finals but thats it. As that is where it is do or die and the excellence matters.

    • You obviously haven’t been watching the NHL recently, because, quite contrary to what you say above, it’s quite difficult to get into the playoffs these days. There are lots of above .500 (i.e., winning) teams that miss the playoffs these days. The NHL has changed a lot since they brought in the salary cap and other measures to encourage parity — one of the changes is that it’s a much more competitive leage with more parity. It’s not like the 1970s when you had clearly elite teams that won almost all the time (like the old Habs) and bottom-of-the-outhouse teams that barely ever won (like the old Capitals, Colorado Rockies, etc.). Generally, in recent years, the races for the last remaining playoff spots have been intense and have gone right down to the wire.

    • Why would I take your opinion seriously when you admit you haven’t watched the game for nearly 2 decades?

  8. A better question would be how long until they ban any physical contact in the NHL. The way it’s going, the people who neither watch nor play the game are so terrified of what they see, they’ll be demanding more and more restrictions on contact each year. Soon enough Bettman will have his dream of turning the NHL into the NBA. They’ll swap out the puck for a tennis ball, because the puck can hurt people. Skates hurt people, so they’ll get rid of those, and the ice. The sticks will obviously have to go, because that’s clearly a weapon.

    Everybody who plays in the NHL is aware of the risks. They get paid quite well because of those risks. Let them play the game as it’s supposed to be played, not the way some Liberal pansy thinks it should be played. There are rec. leagues all over the country for the losers who are scared of being hurt.

    • They’re not talking about hockey not being a contact sport anymore; they’re talking about removing fighting. Pro football is a contact sport, yet fighting is strictly prohibited. You fight in a NFL or CFL game, you get thrown out of the game, simple as that.

  9. I voted for more than seven years, but I’d like to add a caveat to that – if fighting on the ice results in a death, it will be banned within a year of the incident.

  10. Never, because fans are thirsty for blood (evident in the rousing applause everytime a fight happens)

  11. Can you make a more biased question Macleans?? Don’t hide how you really feel about it…