How long will it take the federal Liberals to return to power?


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How long will it take the federal Liberals to return to power?

  1. The Liberal party doesn’t like this kind of first past the post polling!!!  Liberal example “the majority of Canadians didn’t vote for Stephen Harper”
    Liberals need to add up the answers that “didn’t vote Liberal” from this poll.

    • True, but the majority did vote to the left of the Conservatives.  That’s the point.

      • But that was split between several parties ranging from far left to looney left. That is why the cons won.

    • That’s very true.

      I have to wonder why they’d point that out considering that the vast majority of Canadians voted against the Grits….

  2. Can I please vote again!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Liberal Platform of the 2011 Federal Election: Your Family. Your Future. Your Canada.

    They’ll win by a landslide if they can get their message across and past the censorious media Harper hookers.  If you skim to the last half of the document above, each and every item of Harper’s gov. that we loathe should remind you why they deserve attention.

    • Rubbish

      • Clever riposte.

    • Let’s fondly remember how much many of us loathed the Chretien Liberal era.
      Just love that word “loathe”. Gotta use it more often.

      • Oh we loathed, we loathed!

        • Thanks for your double loathing response.
          It sure advances this intelligent conversation.

    • ‘Your family’? Not mine. The Liberals destroyed the party by arrogant introduction of same sex ‘marriage’. Civil uinion – no problem, have it, but marriage – just no. I don’t want to be socially engeneered.

      • Then don’t get same-sex married. SEE! PROBLEM SOLVED!

  4. Severe economically challenging times lie just inches ahead for the world. The way in which Canadians will be able to weather this storm, more than anything else, will determine who will lead us in the post-crisis period. This will be Harper’s opportunity to take the responsible fiscal road in governing, leaving the politically correct lunatic politics to the Left, its natural home – otherwise, the BIG government-entitlement-union crowd will devour him at the polls next time and for generations thereafter. Although a life-long conservative, politically, how can a rational thinking person be otherwise, I am not a Harper supporter. I cross my fingers he will be true to Conservative values and principles – my retirement years depend on it. I do believe, however, that our Prime Minister is an intelligent fellow and will follow the proper and responsible economic and administrative course for Canada. This hidden agenda nonsense his Lefty adversaries keep trotting out, since factual argument and real facts completely escape their dialogue, is just that – utter nonsense! So there!!

  5. Why would anyone vote Liberal when you have a ex- NDP man at the helm of a sinking ship. no new ideals, no vision for the future and no leader, that about sums it up.

  6. We have to get rid of Harper somehow before he destroys the country completely.  I don’t like the young liberals idea of abolishing our ties to the monarchy, though.  I can’t see how we could make such a profound change. I don’t know why we would want to.  I guess we wait and see how the Aussies do it.

    • “We have to get rid of Harper somehow before he destroys the country completely.” Who is better than the Rt Hon S. Harper? Your statement is rubbish!

      • Another clever riposte.

    • How is Stephen Harper destroying the country exactly?  Is it the lowest unemployment rate among G20’s that you object to, the relatively strong economy or is it because he hasn’t managed to do anything even remotely as odious as the Liberal sponsorship scandal?   As far as the monarchy goes, that is about the only thing a Liberal has said lately that I can agree with.   Ridiculous relic of the 19th century and has no relevance in today’s world.   I only hope that when the monarchy leaves us, that they take the Senate with them.

      • Where is the lowest employment rate in the G20 coming. Please give us a source. Conservatives are very good at selling snake oil. S.Korea’s unemployment rate is 5.6%, Norway’s 3.3%, and Canada’s 7.5% and rising. You spend Canada’s in to a deficit, the widest income gap in history, rising household debt, and a very slow economic growth rate. I though you so-called tax cut would create job. Where are the jobs?

    • That got voted down.

  7. Stephen Harper is the best thing that the Liberals have going for them. This egomaniac will have the entire country fed up with him in 3 more years.

    • Nonsense.  The best thing that could have happened to Canada.  Don’t like it?  Move to Cuba.

      • I would love to…. Move to Cuba that is!

    • Three more months is more like it.

  8. Although I usually support the Conservatives, there is an increased tendency to tolerate environmental risk in order to satisfy large profitable businesses using employment as an excuse. One or two catastrophic events and the Conservatives will be waving goodbye to political power.
    The Conservatives also lose my vote when incarceration replaces common sense. The United States locks up more population per capita then most countries and look at their crime rates.

  9. It is tiresome to continually hear “when we get into power” Leading the country successfully should be the goal of any group of people who are elected. Maybe we should do away with political parties and elect the best people..period.. who will work for the good of all of us. Enough of the partisan politics and grow up…

  10. They will not win again as they are now. They will have to merge with the NDP and that will probably assure a Conservative majority for years to come.

  11. Stephen Harper and this new party’s style of politics makes me ashamed to be a Canadian.  I would love to see the Liberal and NDP party unite.  I’m tired of seeing someone running the country with so few people voting for him.

  12. Why everyone is so up set with Harper–is beyond me— this is the first premier that is keeping his promises!!!  Is looking 4 opertunities 2 trade with other nations–doing very well– ship building contracts—will create many new jobs—looking after the military– we cannot do without–one  must show we have might– even if we do not want war—–bringing the troops home by 2012——–now— build the pipeline– as we need oil–we will–not— get out of our cars???—-the enviromentalists get to their –soap box– in their cars—-yet– scream the loudest— the only way 2 bring money into our country 4 all these things– is 2 trade–everything has 2 be paid 4– U want health care etc.– stop & think!  thanks  Mars.

    • Yeah, that elected Senate promise is working out real well, isn’t it?

  13. They’ll be back, it may take two more elections but –  Canada is a middle of the road country, we don’t trust either the right nor the left.  We need and will eventualy bring back a party that steals the best ideas that everybody else has, uses those, mixes them up with their own best and gives us what the majority needs.
    Most people do remember that it was Paul Martin & Jean Cretien who stopped the big banks from merging to the point where they too would have been too big to go bankrupt, were paying off $30 billion a year on the national debt and left us in a position that Canada today still looks good with a $70 Billion dollar defecit.
    Fiscal Conservatives and Moral Liberals???  Not a bad comination!

    • I agree but the party you describe must also have integrity. The Lieberals do not. There is a gaping hole in federal Canadian politics for a new principled middle of the road party. The middle needs their own Preston Manning

  14. The second and third question are, in practice, essential the same.

  15. During the past 2 elections the Liberal Party had undoubtedly very clever, but non-charismatic leaders. As it goes in every democracy, the majority of voters votes emotionally and not intellectually. If the party comes up with a good communicator in addition to the above, they stand a better chance.
    Then we still have the matter of the fragmented left (Liberals, NDP and Greens) sharing the majority of the votes making it likely that we are stuck with Mr. Harper yelling that he has a majority (with 39.8% of the vote).

  16. My way of thinking…I hope they go the way of the DODO…extinct

  17. Two more elections will be about 8 years. Until they renounce their “Culture of Entitlement”, and that means opening their books to an independant audit, they’ll remain suspect.

    A couple of years ago the Tories were turned on their ears by Reform, but the Grits don’t have that advantage, unless the NDP want to assimilate them.

    As for my likes? None of the above. The Conservatives are the best of a motley lot, but I loathe the idea of politicians with a religious facet to their platform.

  18. I very much hope that one day they will return to power. I hope they use the time they have, to rebuild, restrategize, and hit the ground at light speed the next election call. To me the liberals are the best political party that ever happened to this country. They are the cool heads as it were, among the unbending and often blind extreme left and the conservatives. Plus they have had some truly kick-ass Prime Ministers that thrust Canada as a incredibly innovative and bold nation onto the world stage and that also revolutionized domestic policies.

    Unfortunately, as we can see, with the shifting boomer demographic of Canada, most Canadians will tend to become more Conservative as they become older, as they become more close-minded to new ideas (no offence). The only way that the Liberals can succeed is by getting the youth out to vote, which is highly unlikely given widespread voter apathy. Harper would have to do something really stupid….OH WAIT….he already did that like 15 times….. 

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