How will the stand-off between the government and Parliament over Afghan detainees end?



How will the stand-off between the government and Parliament over Afghan detainees end?

  1. 'mental capacity' … 'all cilindars(sic) ' … yup, that's about it …an apt description of ill-educated Harper supporters.

  2. RE-the documents———the government cannot hand them over 4 ALL the public 2 see–security reasons– & telling the whole world how the operations of the military is conducted–would be suicide!!!! Iggys mental capacity is not running on all cilindars!! Just think of the ramification of handing over secure documents!! War is war– all kinds of things happen that a soldier has 2 make a split second decision–does he live or die–or hand over prisoners–so he can go on doing HIS job.Think of how much money would be spent on the whole project–if CAnada had 2 build prisons out there–do U want your tax dollars 2 fund that? Ask the opositions just what THEY would do about it all– so far- haven't heard an answer??? Rememb er– Iggy is trying 2 destroy our military—does he want 2 court martial them all??? when elections roll aound– just remember– Liberals do not stand 4 anything—-they have alot of explaining 2 do!!!

    • Sigh.. nobody's ever seriously suggested that the documents be handed over to the general public.

      That you'd rather send our soldiers and their leadership to face war-crimes trials rather than do the job right and build their own prison, or to build one in partnership with the Dutch and British forces, both of which were urging us to. I'd much rather our tax dollars were spent building and manning a detainee centre so that we could do it right, as opposed to funding defense lawyers to protect our troops who were following orders from above.

      Why on earth would we ask the opposition for their plan? It's the government's job to come up with the plans, the oppositions job to hold those plans to account. If you want to get the opposition's plan, put them in government and put the government in opposition. Saying "They'd be no better" is a clear sign of partisanship, as it's essentially ignoring what one side is doing and claiming, without evidence, that the other side is worse.

      And whether Liberals stand for anything or not, I'd argue that blindly standing for something when facts suggest you should go the other way isn't a desirable quality in a government.

    • Quite enjoyed the gymnastic reading.
      Many people believe Michael Ignatieff to be a credible person. That would be a refreshing change, wouldn't you agree?

  3. this government needs to getting our people back to work first the welfare of our people is the1st priority of any government.
    Harper has had his chance twice the people have only given him a small government maybe they are afraid another GST TYPE BLUNDER! as for errors during war time the head of the government Harper should have been updated on all things that he is responsible for this includes the war or is he to busy worrying if he is going to be reelected again????
    maybe he can get something right instead of trying to pick at the opposition leaders!

    • You who vote Liberal must be really getting worried . Being so shrill ! Hey , the fringe Canadians ( east – west of Q-Tario border) have never had such good government for 40 years . Actually trying to make laws with the tax payer in mind.
      The opposition can see how changes are actually being made instead of looking after their friends , like Frank Graves who has tried for years to paint a false picture while pocketing millions. Not to mention social "shit -disturbing "groups that produce nothing except to give CBC something to fill the air waves.
      You should be happy Western Conservatives don't have friends in Q-tario ……that way there will not be the millions of tax dollars disappearing.
      GST ? PST ? I walked down a main Toronto street and 3 out of 5 places I bought something with cash never charged any tax. So much for contributing………….looks like the citizens are out for themselves.
      Get over it ! Its a Minority government. And doing very well, forcing the opposition to look like fools. Want the opposition to work even better ? Get the BLOC out of there …….they are not a Federal party .

  4. What I'm wondering is why Dalton McGuinty is taking all of the political heat from the HST when Harper used a $4.3 carrot/stick to make him do it. Yet the HST never comes up in Question Period.

    • Remember Flaherty was the Harris M of F who fudged his figures to disguise the huge deficit he created in Ontario. Dalton McGuinty has been unable to clean up the mess created by the Harris government. Now Canada has a huge deficit also created by Flaherty, (with the approval of that other master economist 'his boss') one of the many Harris deadheads now part of our federal government. that will be a major problem for future governments & our children for a very long time. As you point out he also foisted the HST onto Ontario, for which McGuinty is getting the blame.

  5. No, Iggy has an agenda. He wants to be the man. He probably did very well when he had an audience of young untried students eating up his every pontification. He is a very good speaker – it is what he says that is definitely weird.
    War documents are usually kept sealed for a number of years after the fact to protect all allies from harm. The people who make billions out of a war are never talked about. They are the ones the sharp reporters should be ferreting out and going after not a bunch of politicians who just spout nonsense about something they don't really know anything about. Media loves a circus so as soon as something more exciting comes along all this talk will dry up.

    • In this case better the devil we don't know, than the devil we have running our government. At least Ignatieff is a Canadian willing to listen & work with the experts for the good of Canada instead of his own person ambition & power trip. All MP's are sworn to secrecy, Ignatieff is not asking that the document be opened to the general public, anyway some of the cabinet members of the PCP government have been extremely careless with government documents & also have pretty shady friends.

  6. Who cares!!!

  7. Iggy should be sent to the front lines and then maybe he will change his tune. The guy is totally useless.

    • Speaking of useless…When were you in the front line?

      • Probably the same time you were.You sound like a positive person.

  8. Well said!!!!!!!

  9. Nothing much will come of this in any event. The pathological Harper Haters will still be …..Harper Haters and the vast majority of Canadians could care less. When Iggie and Jack stand in the house and feign moral outrage the rest of the country lurches for the remote to find a play off game. Yawn.

    • Not all of the people who dislike Harper are pathological, We are concerned that he is foisting his own narrow myopic views onto us, & concerned with his personal power not the welfare of Canada .

  10. Mr. Ignatieff,

    This horse is dead. Please stop beating it…

    Funny how the Libs and their partners-in-treason used to howl that we had no right to detain Afghan terrorists ourselves, but now the party line is to scream bloody murder about them being turned over to their own country's security forces…

    Isn't this variety of mental gymnastics called "having your cake and eating it, too"? Or just plain hypocrisy???

  11. A comment on Iggy prompted a response in my mind I still don't know what this man stands for or by and he is scaring me. He purports to lead my country and yet has no clear vision simply tromps out the party line and suggests the GG should stay in place. While a majority of Canadians might agree it was not for him to say. His foreign policies ( what we can see of them ) suggest Canada is at least as big as the States, Russia and China – it is time to grow up and quit the rhetoric

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