How would you rate Quebec’s election campaign?


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How would you rate Quebec’s election campaign?

    • Who are you? An Albertan?

    • I wold prefer if YOU left actually.

  1. Au river, people of Quebec, the taxpayers of Canada will really miss you a lot. Whatever will we do with the lack of threats to leave unless we fork out more bucks.

    • Attention People of Quebec:could you please take the whining natives with you when they go. Canada has served as a day care centre for these children of the earth for far too long. They strive to get their dollars through imposing guilt on Canada for inequities too!

      • Let me guess you are from Alberta and you are ugly stupid and racist.

  2. I just hope Quebec will stay in Canada and help us have less of a neofascism goverment in Ottawa with Mr. Harper. We need you Quebec to get off Mr. Harper of his throne !…

    • Another left winger who has no idea what fascism means but thinks he can fling the term at anyone he doesn’t like i.e. the nearest conservative and score points instead of reveal his own ignorance. Quebec is a socialist albatross around Canada’s neck, no savior but a deadbeat sucking up 8B a year in equalization alone (in addition to a disproportionate share of all federal programs) with which it buys goodies its own moribund economy cannot finance like the lowest tuition fees in Canada. (And its ungrateful youth still riot like spoiled brats). Until Quebec pays its own way instead of gouging Alberta, separating would mean plunging into a drastically lower standard of living. Imagine the riots then!

      • And you are a stupid MONEY GRUBBING ugly inside and out! I pitty your offspring they must all be criminals.

        • When all else fails resort to name calling. Typical socialist.

  3. I can only hope the PQ gets 51% of the vote so we can hear the end of the Quebec cry babies.

  4. I think Dr. Blais must be an NDP lunatic!

  5. Please have a little sympathy for us Quebec Anglos. Some of us are not sure if we should move before they put up a wall around the Westmount Ghetto and round us all up.

    • If you plan to face tomorrow…do it soon.

      Gordon Lightfoot’s line from Race Among the Ruins (rather fitting)

  6. i’ve lived in quebec for 4 years and couldnt have beenhappier to come back to Ontario. Lazy, complaining, always everyone else’s fault. There is a reason when you drive into Mtl that the city looks like a war-zone – the city / province has no money, bankrupt and deserves to have their dream come true and separate. so so tired of giving them more then they deserve and they are never happy…good riddens!

  7. It’s so tedious and depressing to always hear the loudmouthed & bloody-stupid whining Anglo faction (who give the rest of Anglo-Canada a bad name) endlessly insult Quebec. You tools think we’d be a better country without La Belle Province! I say you’re just as much damned fools as the separatist factions are for thinking it a good idea to break up the best country on the planet, IMHO (which I can safely say is essentially congruent with the considered opinion of reasonable people everywhere).
    Canada deserves better than suffering 30% of Quebecers who are hardline separatists PLUS the all-too-numerous Anglo fools elsewhere in Canada whose idiotic vitriol only pushes the separatist agenda from outside Quebec! I wish the lot of you would move your dumbasses to some third world backwater where you can throw insults and stones at each other until none of you are left standing…and good riddance!! You both represent the worst of Canada and your comments are an embarassment to any real patriot. I love Canada just the way it is…and that will always include Quebec.

    • Follow your own advice and leave. It’s quislings like you who are the problem.

  8. I love Quebec. If Quebec leaves, please take US in BC with you!

  9. RFS – We don’t have to insult Quebecors – they make themselves look bad – we don’t have to do it – it’s not only in the rest of Canada – it’s all over the world where PQ’rs are frowned
    upon because of their rudeness, egos, and loudness. That’s a known fact.
    PQ is also known for their crooked politicians – incl PM’s who were born in PQ.
    All the blackmail on the fed gov’t to keep PQ in Canada is tiring and costly to Canada.
    Sadly – but it’s time Quebec becomes it’s own country – and pay their own way – incl a
    share of Canada’s national debt – goodby and good luck!!!!

  10. The problem is that all of the provincial parties plan to play the ‘give us extra powers and money’ or we’ll separate game with the federal government. It’s time for the federal government to put an end to that nonsense with a declaration that all provinces are unique in their own way in Canada, and all will be treated fairly and equally by the federal government in maintianing and exercising its constitutional powers. Personally, I think that we need a Clarity Act that will let Canadians in the other provinces have a vote on whether to expell Quebec from Confederation when Quebec starts its extortion threats once again. Enough is enough. Canada would be a much stronger, more united country, without Quebec, and we’d save billions on transfer payments, consitutional wrangling, and the putting of an end to the heavy costs of bilingualism. Why the federal government continues to promote bilingualism in Engliish Canada when Quebec has not only rejected bilingualism, but is doing everything it can to suppress the use of English, is absurd. It is English Canadians who are paying the price in being exclused from employment in their own federal government by the wholesale designation of positions as bililngual imperative even though most oft the work of the federal government both domestically and internatinally is with English-speaking peoples.

    • You are so bloody short-sighted. Bilingualism is NOT expensive and could be rendered even less expensive if we trained our youngest students (in the earliest grades) to be functionally bilingual while their young brains are still virtual sponges for language (it’s a fact that a child’s brain is hard-wired to learn language and it’s a painless process). If you took the time to put yourself in Quebec’s shoes, you might finally understand why Quebecois favour language laws that protect their mother tongue. Think! Quebec is the one oasis of French in an otherwise all-Anglo club. (NB I believe is the only officially bilingual province). If I were a Quebecois, I too would be a bit anxious to travel in my own country (!) esp. if my English were poor, just like many Anglos are afraid to visit Quebec because their French isn’t passable. Bilingualism solves this. As a Quebecer, the lack of French spoken in my own country and comments from fools like you, would certainly make me feel unwelcome in Canada outside Quebec. Quebec understandably protects the one place where they feel most at home. Dont be such dolts, people; dont be so eager to help hasten our French cousins’ departure by being such thick-headed and ignorant arses. Indeed, any Ontarioan or Albertan etc., if they were the only Anglo province in a predominantly French country, would feel just as isolated and want to keep their language and thereby their culture strong too so it would endure. You people need to show understanding. I’d love to see more true Canadians rise up, in other words, not lazy complainers like you, but those who have taken the steps to be functionally bilingual to help the best country in the world to stay united.

      • Reg;
        Speaking of whiners; why don’t you look at yourself!
        Canadians have shown understanding to Quebec for over 40 years and all the rest of the country gets is to send them more $$$…they receive well over 1/2 of all transfer payments each and every year to the tune of $8 billion+ per year.
        Oh; and the old oasis arguement! Please; give us a break.
        Quebec and the majority of its’ voters are takers and a net economic liability to Canada and Canadians. I’m in support of them separating and being treated as an independent nation.
        I would just hope that we would be good neigbours from two different countries.
        Later Reg;

  11. Canada will alwayse be a great country with or without Quebec. On the otherhand Mr Mulcair could get his wish of a low valued curency. Bon voyage.

  12. Quebec’s election campaign is nothing but lies from all the parties, as usual. But to ride the separation horse like the PQ is dispicable. Surely the voters know Quebec is awash in debt and corruption – the worst in Canada. So, if they’re stupid enough to elect the PQ and they then try to separate – then get ready for cash, investment and people leaving the province. Quebecs courts system will be clogged with federalists wanting their rights. Then there’s the natives who would be rightly antagonized at developments excluding them once again. Organized crime will have another heyday and the tax burdens would be beyond onerous. Without Canada Quebec is nothing and will fully deserve what they get should they separate.

  13. I am a French Canadian and I resent the Québéçois as much as everyone else. It’s unfair to put us all in the same basket. We know that most of the people of Québec do not want a separation. I wish a law could be pass to prevent this ”ugly” debate from always coming back at election time. I will be voting for Monsieur Charest who is the sainest, although with a minority governement, his hands will be tied again. Madame Marois (PQ) is a ”girouette” who contantly changes her mind and her politics. She is what the Englishmen called ”a silly cow”. And the newcomber from la CAQ, François Legault has made a melting pot of his party with everything that walks on foot, including ducks! I wish Mr. MULCAIR would seriously consider for the NDP to be a contender here in Québec. Then, perhaps, we could finally have peace of mind.
    I am disturbed that many of you wish for Quebec to dissapear from the face of the earth. Some of us (the intelligent ones) are as Canadian as you are and your support for those of us who fight the battle would be more important than being constantly discarded because we speak a different language. Reallllllly different. The so-called French spoken here has got to be the worse spoken in the world but most of us in Montreal and Québec, are bilingual. Your should praise us.

    • Hi Marianne;
      What should the rest of Canada praise you for?
      I don’t think the rest of Canada discards you for speaking a different language.
      The reality is that for the last 40+ years Quebec voters and their governments have been a net drain on Canada; $$billions are pumped yearly into Quebec including over 50% of the total transfer payments from Canadian provinces that are more economically viable and efficent.
      And what do Canadians get and hear in return for all this continual support?
      Bellyaching, language police, Quebec before Canada, the trampling of Charter Rights, a cry for more money and how unfairly Quebec is treated and refusal to sign on to the Constitution by successive Quebec governments of every stripe.
      Quebec and its’ voters are takers that will never be satisfied; instead of Quebec’s license plates saying ‘Je me souviens’ it should say ‘I,I me,me my’
      Praise indeed!!!!!!

      • Hello Sully 99,
        Maybe there should be a debate in Montreal with all the Prime Ministers of each provinces so all the dirty linen can be wash in public. Everyone critizizes Québec but no one does anything about the animosity that has arisen and growned over the years while seperating us always farther from the rest of Canada. You are putting everyone living in Quebec in the same basket and that is really unfair.
        I stand proudly as much of a Canadian as you are and if anyone other than Jean Charest is elected, I along with millions of others living in Québec, will be crying my heart out.
        If we are to be crucified, let’s at least know what it is all about in a public debate on television so everyone has ”l’heure juste”. Right now, all we hear from Girouette Marois is all about ” what WE ARE PAYING TO OTTAWA”. How is anyone here to know exactly what is going on unless directly or at least closely involved with politics?
        If anyone reading this has enough power for something to be done, then DO IT.
        And you are totally right about the licence plates: it should read ”Forgive and forget”.

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