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I want there to be a federal election in 2011 because…



I want there to be a federal election in 2011 because…

  1. Given that Canada is doing well in this global recession, I really see no need for a federal election.

    • I agree, Canada is doing a remarkable job; foreign businesses are taking up root here even american major banks have just moved to Canada. So why spoil Canada when she is doing a super job.

    • Have you seen todays paper? It says that Canada is 6th out of 7 G7 for the way it's economy is doing right now…
      You either have a CPC agenda or don't read the paper much…

  2. I want there to be a federal election in 2011 because…Iggy will disappear back to the US after his party is completely demolished

  3. A Conservative majority would be the best thing to happen to Canada, there would be less uncertainty about the future. The stability would bring greater economic benefits besides the obvious cultural benefits of sidelining the leftist/separatist coalition – the former would destroy the country economically, the latter physically – let's put them in a corner where they belong.

    • majorities are rarely good in any democratic system. majorities allow the party in power to get away with any behavior they wish. look what happened in the UK.

    • a conservative majority would mean an end to the stupid , ineffective long gun registry

  4. I want there to be a federal election in 2011 because…???? NO I don't want an election, This is a loaded question.

    • then the 4th option would probably be for you

    • Did you even read the poll? There's an option for that.

      Sounds like a loaded post. At very least, someone or something is filled with something.

  5. A Conservative majority is the worst thing that can happen to Canada. Harper's deception and out and out lies have been too much to bear. Harper's putting Canadians even deeper in debt trying to buy votes by apologizing to everybody for whatever has ever been percieved as a wrong—such hypocrisy ! He wants to waste another 16 Billion on jets so his boys can play war-games with his buddies and billions more on Afghanistan—a total waste ! How about looking after Canadians right under his nose at home? ?

    • "would be" not "is". we're not there yet and i doubt we ever will be.

    • i feel the same the same way about the liberals

    • Do you think that Harper is the fault of this country going down the tubes? Well look again ,Harper has not been in office long enough to destroy it ! It's what the Liberals have already done to it ,that have destroyed this Country ,so go ahead and let them finish us of,Harper's hands are tied with all the forigen doctrine been the topic of the day,people from other countrys ,wanting their way of life to be our way of life here in Canada and who let all of them in the Liberals,i think the Liberals have already destroyed this Country,thats my freedom of speech belift!!!!!!

  6. I want a Federal election because the Muskokas need another $50 million of your money.

  7. I want an election in 2011 because I want Dr, Jack Layton as Prime Minister. He's smart, articulate, cares for the ordinary Canadian, has great policies and has the energy of an 18 year old. He'd make all Canadians proud.

    • bull crap

    • Satire – i like that!
      But there are lots of lefties who say basically the same thing, so you have to throw in something over the top – like he'll win the Nobel Peace prize or cure stupidity.

      • If he was to cure stupidity the NDP would disappear.

        • Got a policy or something to back up that put down?

  8. Don't we have more important things to worry about?

  9. I want an election because I think that it will result in multiple (Liberal, NDP and eventually Tory if there is another Tory minority) leadership conventions.

  10. Why even bother with an Election ? The results will be the same ….

    • That one's missing from the list, yes.

  11. We don't need any more elections; Harper can be Canada's dictator forever.

  12. Clearly the word has been sent out to the media activists and agents of the "Liberal" party to start selling an election. The "Liberal" war room and Iggo have made it clear they want an election, so the hyperbolic rhetoric is being ramped up by the media. Shameless, embarrassing shilling for the "Liberal" agenda by the media. Pathetic!

    • What's with the quotes?

  13. Harper is the most undemocratic Prime Minister in the history of Canada –he needs to go ASAP!

    The Harper Conservatives are destroying Canada at an astonishing rate. If proroguing parliment, muzzling ministers, silencing federal scientists, spending billions on useless prisons and jet fighters, as well as allowing the U.S. to gather private information about Canadian citizens is not enough of a reason for you, then you are not reading the news! Get informed and demand an election NOW!

    Canadians deserve better.

    • Hear Hear.. The sooner the better. Abysmal government.

  14. The two main problems I have with Harper are:

    1. He killed democracy in Canada.

    2. He blew a $ 34 BILLION surplus and racked up a $ 64 BILLION deficit.

    • I second this.

      If you're a conservative, you should be concerned about the budget. You SHOULD be voting Liberal. They're the ones that reduce the size of government and balance budgets (as well as pay down the defecit). My socialist friends hate those guys!

  15. A lot of firsts with this Harper Government:

    -First Canadian government to lose a vote to be elected to the UN Security Council
    -First Govt to run attack ads against oppostion parties outside of election campaign periods
    -First Govt to inherit a surplus in over 40 years (say goodbye to that…)
    -First Govt to run a deficit over 56 Billion
    -First Govt down a majority sponsored bill from the House, with an unelected majority in the Senate

    This is just the big picture. The details of all of these issues carry with them a diminution of our democratic principles and institutions. How long will our parliamentarian allow this raping of our heritage continue?

    What will you say when your children asked what you did to stop this?

  16. •Afghan detainee torture documents
    •Untenderded fighter attack jets
    •Afghan extension without parliamentary debate
    •Destruction of Rights and Democracy committee
    •Loss of a seat on the Security Council
    •Loss of Camp Mirage at a staggering cost
    •Failure to accept Kyoto Accord
    •Cancelling of Kelowna Accord
    •Fossil Award at Copenhagen
    •Defunding of women's groups
    •Corruption: the mysterious sell off of Taseco shares two weeks before it failed the environmental review
    •Corruption: the dirty kickbacks on the parliamentary restoration and renovation contracts

    • You listed an awful lot of reasons to keep Harper.

      • Really? Which ones?

  17. re enough is enough . harper wasnt the first to pororogue parliament that is a trick picked up from the liberals i didnt hear you complaining then.

  18. We shouldn't have an election! I support Steven Harper and the Conservatives! Keep going!

  19. Steven Harper may not be the best man but have you actually looked at what will happen if there is a coalition. There reasons we are in debt is because of a recession and he has created jobs. In the end if canadians do not have jobs there would be no one to collect taxes from. It's a never ending cycle. This election is a waste of time and money that could be better used else where. The opposition has said that the government is not being responsible but, is it actually responsible to have an election that results in the exact same tory minority. We could all hope for change but, its not going to happen. I think it would be worse to have a coalition government because nothing would get done.