Will you return to the NHL?

by Maclean's


Will you return to the NHL?

  1. Why would we? I would rather see Bettman get fired so we can have hockey again without so many lockouts in a decade.

  2. This will sound simplistic to a few peoples but the best way ahead would be a clear and resounding message from the Fans to Gary Bettman; As follow “Unless you agree to bargain in good faith and come back with lower ticket prices, no matter how you divide the profits between the players and the owners, don’t bother coming back”, we the Fans will have moved on.

  3. I don’t see the option for: “No, not ever, not if they played for free and did it well. A pox on all their houses! Begone!” Or something along those lines.

  4. I quit when they moved from the original 6 and diluted the talent so the goons were let in, so I could care less for ANY of the high priced so called talent, do not bore me with garbage further

  5. Players salaries are now so high – ticket prices are out of reach for the average family to even go see a game now – so with the greedy players’ rep and his huge ego – just cancel
    this season and next – and it will save us money.

    • Players salaries are actually a lot lower than other major sports leagues in NA, the ridiculous part that’s costing us so much money is Bettman trying to keep pointless teams like Phoenix and Florida, which lose TONS of money, costing the league directly, and forcing other teams to make more money to pay for these pointless teams to stay in.

  6. Does Fehr realize it’s the fans who pay the player’s salaries – he keeps saying it is the owners. Get off your ego Fehr.
    What did you do to baseball?
    I think Fehr is anti-sport??

  7. I had no idea that the NHL had a lockout in progress in the first place, since I could honestly care less about such ridiculous distractions as “the game.”

    People need to stop wasting their time on useless endeavors and start listening to people like Peter Schiff and Gerald Celente and Warren Buffet…THOSE are some real superstars, with some REAL information that you actually DO need to know. THEY can help save your retirement…but some multi-million-dollar salary to a guy who chases a piece of plastic around on the ice? Are THEY going to send YOU enough to retire on when the dollar crashes? Let’s just say “probably not” on that one…

  8. They play for the love of the sport. Yep, and a big-ass paycheck that’s more in a season or three than all you’ll ever make and they want you to support them. If you’re stupid enough. The hockey we’re getting now is better.

  9. Tickets prices is the only concern for the fans. And for the whole lockout, I never heard about this issue. It speaks volumes about how much both the players and the owners care about that.
    So lets go fans, just fill those seat, drink 9$ beers, shutup and be entertained.

  10. People starting to struggle more and more at a personal level and we are to listen to this? People have to work 20 years at $50,000.00 a year to make ONE million, and we have these whiny snivellers averaging 2.4 million a year going on strike? Pathetic! The whole thing is disgraceful. I will not support the NHL in any way.

  11. I wish I could return to the NHL, but I never even made it to training camp.

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