Is Canada doing enough on the issue of human rights violations in China?


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Is Canada doing enough on the issue of human rights violations in China?

  1. Let us not forget human rights problems, right here at home, with our treatment of First Nations, Metis and Inuit peoples.

    • Were still searching for the cause of the problem. We’ll get back to you on that.

    • don’t you think they should take care of themselves?????? We should not treat them any different then ourselves. Our government, which is us, the canadian people, send billions to the native reserves and what do we see? the native leaders, the chiefs etc, live pretty good while the band members suffer immesely… this has nothing to do with human rights but with mismanagement  by their own people…. let’s start with making them responsible for their own well being.

    • The native people in our country need to stand up and do things for themselfs now and then, i live between 2 reserves and have seen it all. They are at their best when they acomplish selfworth, and pride not by continuous hand outs and dependency. everett go and live on a reserve for 6 months and then you will get the picture.

    • I agree people in First Nation communities must help themselves. But at the same time I expect government not to obstruct this, with underfunding.

      • Fund the communities, you fund the ‘leaders’ of that community. I have worked in native communities and know very well that government funding does not trickle down. 

        Make available to the people of those communities the same services that are available to the poor. Stop feeding the chiefs.

    • Human rights problems we must not forget go far beyond the plight of indigenous peoples. The distraction of the left from the general problem of economic disparity has been instrumental in getting us into the mess we’re in. 

  2. We have enough problems here in Canada re humans rights, the economy and future develoment to ensure our way of life.  I’m no Conservative but I feel Harper is taking the common sense approach in China.

    • If you have something to sell, you sell it. It’s called a market and we have a bunch tripping over issues preaching nobodys trying to be important and getting paid to do so, no matter what they say to the difference.

  3. The Harper Government now toadies to two foreign powers – that’s progress of a sort

    • Far  superior than the previous Liberal governments toadying up to anyone they thought might vote for them 

  4. each country has their people problems—let them solve them themselves–& not throw the first stone!!!  Mars

  5. The government has already made a once proud peoples beggars by their actions by catering to them without any expectation of positive results.. 1st nations need to stand on their own, get in touch with their roots, be proud and start looking after themselves and not think of themselves as separate but part of Canada. Sadly they have taken the lower road and allowed themselves to become dependent on the Feds.Yes sad things happened to them but that is the past and unless they ever choose to move past it they will never be anything but anchored in bitterness. For the record it was not my ancestors who caused them grief as i am 1st generation Cdn…

  6. Right now China is asking Canada’s Court to strike down an investigation into the death of 2 oil sand workers. Sinco brought the workers here so they don’t think it’s relevant that workers died on their watch or that Canada should even be investigated for unsafe working conditions. Look Out everyone China is already here with their abuse of rights. It’s a shame that Canada’s leaders aim for the bottom. 

  7. sorry could you please correct my post? I meant that the Chinese don’t think they should be investigated here in Canada for the death of two workers. That was to show that the Chinese appear to think they are above the law.

  8. And then there was one of the chiefs who makes more money annually than Harper.
    More funding?

  9. It will become a major problem if a large trading partner does not respect human rights.  At a minimum Trade agreements must have labour standards written into them. (And I agree with those who point out that within Canada there are human rights issues that must be addressed.)

  10. I can’t beleive that Harper had the pure, unmitigated gall to bring this up just a couple of days after his government announced that it is okay for our security services to use evidence gathered by torture and which has bill C-30 in the works.  Talk about stones.

  11. I normally hate everything Harper dose, but I don’t blame him on this issu.I wish the Chinese government would not be so bad to there people, but realistically what can we do about it….China is not the same today as it was 10 or 15 years agow, it is now  the  worlds second power, and will most likely have the worlds largest economy before this decade is out. Unfortunately if we want to do business with then, its gonna be on there terms, just like the US…….New cold war? no problem we can just sell resources to both sides lol   

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