Is it time for Rob Ford to resign? -

Is it time for Rob Ford to resign?


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Is it time for Rob Ford to resign?

  1. The Toronto Leftards and the media party never stop with their relentless BS, is it any wonder that rags like the “RED STAR” and the “SLOP AND PAIL” are losing readership and advertisers hand over fist, soon to go the way of the dinosaurs.

    *both printed and online versions

    • Hilarious! Did you think those witticisms up all by yourself? You should hit the stand-up comedy circuit.

    • Whatever your opinion of the G&M and the Star, Rob Ford is still a crackhead.

      • How do you know he is guilty? Were you there? ANd was this just last week. Innocent till proven guilty is still our laws.

        • Dude. Two separate news gathering organizations viewed the video and one took a photo of the screen featuring Ford and his crack suppliers. They didn’t Photoshop the mayor into the picture. While you may harbor paranoia the the Star is somehow out to get him, you can’t say the same for Gawker.

          I can’t believe some people are still paddling their way along a certain river in Egypt (de Nile), pretending that life is but a dream. The guy has major problems, has lost the trust of his constituents and is not fit for office.

          • If you were watching the Ottawa Sens/ Pitts. Peng. playoff series at all anyone, did you see the coaches look alike sitting at one point directly behind the Ottawa players bench. Look alikes, and photo shop is the order of the day. It will take those that were present and the photo taker to come forward, have the picture or video verified and or have the mayor state outright he is a crackhead. Even if he is a crack head does that demand that he step down ? How many other officiials are there that smoke pot, do crack and shoot or snort heroin or cocaine. There is a survey that states fully 15% of our public administrators are drug users of one sort or another. If you hang Ford you had better be prepared to clean every administrative office in the country. Here in BC we have Kash Heed (pot), Gordon Campbell (impaired driving) and last but not least, Crusty Clark (red light jumper with passenger) . They should all be in jail shouldn’t they ?

          • Sorry, didn’t see the hockey game but I guess you are trying to suggest that drug dealers faked the video well enough to fool two groups of journalists. Pretty frikkin’ unlikely.

            And yes, he should step down. The guy obviously has a problem with illegal substances and lying about it (see pot/DUI in Florida denial and, later, acknowledgement).

            If he cares about his family as much as he claims, he needs to get help. Running Canada’s largest city is not exactly conducive to his personal recovery.

          • The video was seen by two journalists who were in a car on a parting lot with a drug dealer who was in the possession of the video. Since then there was no contact with this individual. toronto star without any further evidence publish this story in order to continue with their attacks. Do some research and find out who owns toronto star. Find out what is their source of income and who is funding them! This might help you to understand why are they on the crusade against person whose major fault is intention to cut the ridiculous high taxes on an Torontonians.

          • Sunshine, Toronto has lower taxes than anywhere else in the GTA.

          • The video was seen by two separate groups of people. Each of which were pretty damn certain the guy in it was the mayor.

            Also, I don’t know (or care, really) who owns the Toronto Star but I’m pretty sure it’s not the same person who owns Gawker (who broke the story to start with).

            Keep paddling. You should make it to Cairo any day now.

          • Ford shouldn’t have apologized for calling them maggots.

          • This affair is a perfect example of the National Enquirer school of journalism where “journalists” compose outrageous tales knowing that their employer will protect them and take the hit if there’s a libel suit. The Gawker freelu identifies itself as a “Gossip Blog”. Get it?
            I never thought that I’d see Judge Lynch’s mentality running strong in Toronto the Good.

      • What certainty you have. Never believe anything you here and only believe half of what you see. I was on the RF crackhead bandwagon too. However I’m waiting on the video. I believe the star caused RF’s support to fortify by attacking without evidence. I need to see the Beef.

    • Yup, when the Globe isn’t endorsing Harper or Christie Clarke, or confidently declaring that the “gift” to Duffy “… is not a bribe. It is not illicit”, it’s busy with its relentless attack on all things conservative.
      Conservatives must have had mommies that gave them ice cream every time they started crying.
      Boooooo hoo hoo hoo…waaaaa waa waa waa…

    • Wow neo-Con aren’t we a bit upset that your Hero from the City of Gangs, Guns and Bedbugs is taking drugs but then you more then likely do not live in Toronto, you live in Can Eh Duh what a witty NeoCon you are. just an opinion judging from your comment.

    • Where there is smoke there is fire, just saying

      • Robert, that’s been the rallying cry of Lynch mobs for at least a couple of hundred years. Think up something new – OK?

      • Where is the smoke? Oh yes, the Star reporters saw the elusive video, just

    • So, its everyone else’s fault except Ford’s? Sounds like the classic denial and the refusal to take responsibility of an alcoholic and a drug addict to me.

    • In particular the VENDETTA against the govt. and Rob Ford by the toronto star.

  2. All traditional media are losing readership and advertisers, Mr. Billy Bob. The reason is that you and I are reading the news here instead of on a piece of paper, sir.

    • Not reading the Star or Globe online

      • There’s help for your illiteracy. Write for details.

        • Get stuffed Leftard

          • Ooo, this is really getting the rightards genitals in a noose eh?
            All them big tough cowboys thought they were so cool.
            They thought Harper got elected for them. Wait till they find out it ain’t true pardner. They gonna cry in their beans with Billy Knob up on Brokeback.
            Ride em cowboy! YeeHaw!

  3. As soon as he takes that first hit of CRACK, arrest him, he’s done!

    • And Toronto, don’t be stupid enough to elect him again! I hope George Smitherman is having a lovely life!

      • You mean the former drug addict whom the Star endorsed.

  4. Bad reputation = resignation! Oh wait the guy south of the border has a much worse rep. He’s still got the President’s job. So I guess Ford can stay too.

    • reputation as a crack smoker is worse than BO?

  5. If Ford is innocent, all he has to do is submit a few strands of hair. They can test it for all major illegal drugs. If he has been clean so will his hair. End of story

    • Every few weeks the relentless star has another story about him, the butt grabbing was only the last one of many and it has to stop. Innocent till proven guilty, these unsupported accusations have to stop. Court cases etc. its never ending, the guy has a job to do.

  6. I voted no.
    I voted no because that time came and went when he had a bus commandeered for his football team and kicked good citizens off of it.

  7. None of you Leftards have seen this purported video of Ford, only two reporters from the Star say that they have and this Gawker blog from the USA is trying to raise $200,000 to buy said video when the Somali drug dealer would settle for $100,000. Hmmmmm

    • Imagine, 200,000 to a drug dealer, how stupid can anyone be to contribute to such a thing. Hope the police are watching this very closely.

      • Actually the person selling the video should be referred to as a capitalist. Profit above all else, it’s the Conservative way in a free market, eh?

    • If you will believe Ford or Harper, you will believe anything.

      • No I will believe to Toronto Star and their crusade against tax reductions.

    • How is it you’re still breathing with how far your head is up Blob Ford’s ass?

  8. I voted too soon to tell, because so far we have not been shown the evidence. Evidence that has to be verified that it’s is Ford, and it is unedited. The media is out of control, it’s no longer about reporting news but gotcha politics and who they can screw over with headlines.

  9. Rob Ford’s behaviour over the years is embarrassing, to say the
    least. That said, its rather hard to feel sorry for Toronto residents when they continued to elect him, especially after living with Mel Lastman’s shenanigans as mayor. If they didn’t know any better after that then Toronto has the mayor it deserves.

  10. Just look back at all the denials Ford made that turned into admissions of guilt.

    Just the fact that this is even remotely believable is enough cause concern.
    There is a point when credibility is lost after repeated denials. I think Ford has made his last, after this no one will really believe him anyway.

    His comment about ‘the minorities’ is a sure tell.
    Sucks to be Con.!

  11. It’s long past time for Ford to resign and get medical aid as soon as possible!

  12. get a real mayor Toronto

  13. I wouldn’t put it past the Toronto Scar to try to stage a set up of Mayor Ford. This is a mean, lowdown hate campaign they have going and I have no respect for them. Disgusting.

    • At least one commentor knows the real story

  14. Maybe this time Rob Ford is doing the smart thing and keeping his mouth shut. He’s already knee deep in shit, and we know that he can’t help but stick his foot in his mouth when he’s testifying in court under threat of losing his job. If he says nothing, it looks bad. If he says something, the result is the same. And it’s all his own doing.

  15. More importantly, it is time for Stephen Harper and his gang of theocrats to resign before they turn Canada into another Alabama.

    • Yea thats right on topic. Nice one Poindexter?

  16. I could not pay for this kind of entertainment. Rob Ford is the greatest thing since Lindsay Lohan.
    The problem is that there are few social taboo’s left that he hasn’t tackled. Lets see there is lying, fraud, corruption, misuse of power, overeating, sexual harrassment, alcoholism, and now drug abuse.
    I can’t wait to see what will happen next week.

    • There’s so few left, and everybody is hoping that fraternal incest isn’t on the to-do list.

  17. After Ford’s meltdown over the past week, I don’t think we need any confirmation of him smoking crack to realize that he’s completely unsuited to be mayor of Toronto.

    • What meltdown?

  18. Not a big fan of the Star since I think they don’t go far enough in disclosing the incompetence. waste and corruption that seems to be a growing epidemic at all levels of government. But seriously if they dreamed this up in collusion with gawker I guess, and this is all fiction they need to leave for Hollywood asap – a more lucrative career writing for tv or the movies awaits them.

  19. Rob Ford is undeniably an embarrassment to this city! He is also become an international joke around the world, and makes our city look bad. He should have been fired a very long time ago. Let’s reclaim our self respect, and get this joker out of office already!!

    • How could anybody make Toronto look bad {worse}? Even if the crack deal turns out not to be a hoax, your current mayor is head and shoulders above the last one.

  20. This unfortunate fellow is the focus of either a consentrated ghost conspiracy or he is guilty of these accusations. Only he knows if they are true or not as none of his accusers are stepping up to the plate.. No one can deny that he has bore the brunt of a closeted group not liking his impositions on their business plan for Toronto and themselves. Find out who these conspirators are and only then will the truth be known. It isn’t up to the mayor to prove his innocence, this is Canada and those that are initiating the accusations have the responsability to bring proof to the table, be identified, and failing that shut their mouths. He has already been found innocent on several accusations and this is just another inuendo with out designated evidence or identified accusers.

    • Ah, at least a breath of rationality rising above the baying of the hounds.

      “…this is Canada and those that are initiating the accusations have the responsability to bring proof to the table, be identified, and failing that shut their mouths”.

  21. Even though crack addicts are usually skinny with bad teeth and Rob is far from skinny and he can still smile those pearly whites, he needs to step down as he has lost faith with his public.

  22. It seems like the Star’s video has gone missing like all the other Star’s false accusations against
    Mayor Ford. Hang in Mr. Ford and don’t bother to justify the hate and lies by giving an explanation – why is an explanation necessary for lies – just a law suit.

    • He will never sue, because the allegations are true. Except it. Your hero is the cities largest failure in its history.

      • “Except it” – how about “Accept it”

  23. Left wingers are delighted to the point of being giddy for a chance to be able to buy their news from Icelandic drug dealers and wonder why their employers (right wingers) don’t respect their intellect. Go finger.

  24. Is the media the judge and jury? Not the last time I looked.
    People believe the first thing they hear. Time to put their phones down and do some thinking.

  25. Who would of guessed, that all it took was a ” Bumbling Buffoon” to put Toronto on the map.
    Play ball Toronto!
    1, 2, 3 strikes your out!
    Or did Rob change those rules too?
    Single handedly turned our great city into a laughing stock.
    Jokes on us.
    Go figure!

  26. Rob and Doug Ford are philistines and thugs. They’ll both be out of office within the next few weeks. Neither are qualified to run a big city let alone a hotdog cart.

  27. Left, right, true, false. As the deputy mayor said, “drug dealers can’t be trusted.” Produce the video or withdraw the story. And next election, like the previous one, we all vote for the mayor we want.

  28. Wouldn’t resigning be an admission of guilt? What has he been proven guilty of?

  29. All media centers need to see a doctor cause there hard on for Rob Ford has lasted more than 4 hours

  30. Took Rob a week , no doubt after a visit to his lawyer to come up with some lame response to this latest disgrace on Toronto.
    The Foodies will argue with you about the sun shining outside.
    You have to learn to disregard stupid people.
    Ford needs to resign !
    Ford is not respecting the people of Toronto.

  31. No doubt there are a lot of billy bobs – we call them Ford supporters.
    Another name for idiots !

  32. When Rob’s former campaign manager Nick Kouvalis the man who has been credited for Rob getting elected asks Rob Ford to get some help for his substance abuse , what does that tell you. What does it tell you when most of Rob’s staff has quit , are we going to say that Nick Kouvalis is a lefty or a Ford hater , the man who put Ford in the mayors seat ?

    Unlike so many others I am not posting here to insult anyone who has a different opinion nor am I calling for Ford to resign but he does have some serious issues that need to be addressed before he even considers running for re-election.

    Personally I doubt he would be re=elected , especially with out Mr.
    Kouvalis on the team.