Is it time to change the words to O Canada? -

Is it time to change the words to O Canada?


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Is it time to change the words to O Canada?

  1. ~ The Maple Leaf Forever.~

    O, land of blue unending skies,

    Mountains strong and sparkling snow,

    A scent of freedom in the wind,

    O’er the emerald fields below.

    To thee we brought our hopes, our dreams,

    For thee we stand together,

    Our land of peace, where proudly flies,

    The Maple Leaf forever.


    Long may it wave, and grace our own,

    Blue skies and stormy weather,

    Within my heart, above my home,

    The Maple Leaf forever!

    From East and West, our heroes came,

    Through icy fields and frozen bays,

    Who conquered fear, and cold, and hate,

    And their ancient wisdom says:

    Protect the weak, defend your rights,

    And build this land together,

    Above which shine the Northern Lights,

    And the Maple Leaf forever!

    • We know the song EmilyOne. Adopting a different song doesn’t solve the problem with the existing song – it just puts it out of prominent sight. And I prefer not to sing to a leaf as a symbol of our country – I prefer to sing about Canada directly. I also don’t care to sing about “to thee we brought our hopes and dreams” – I didn’t bring anything here. I learned them here – I was born here. So although most of the song I find quite admirable, there are still parts I would change. Get it?

      • We are all immigrants…or the progeny of immigrants….so it applies to everyone.

        Short of having one custom-made song for everybody….this changes the attitude of the country

        • NO Em we are not immigrants, I was born here – what happened in the past is past,

          Even your beloved indian is an immigrant by your standards using the progeny excuse – he came from over the pole when it was hot and dry – and if you go far enough back he came from africa.

          It has to stop somewhere my dear – or do you want to go back to single celled protezoa?

          Stop trying to make excuses.

          I am so tired of you and your ilk

          But you KNOW you love me EM!! LOL

          • You are the child of immigrants….everyone in Canada is.

            What this has to do with the poles and Africa and ‘protezoa’ I don’t know…but there is no excuse for you.

          • No – I am not Em – you might be but I am not

          • Yes, I’m afraid you are. Get over yourself.

          • You know exactly what I mean – but you are struggling to keep up

          • LOL

      • Coming from you and your earlier post loki–I get it.
        I also think the Maple Leaf is a great symbol of Canada; after all it is the symbol on our flag. Do you now get it?

        • The point I was making Sully99 – was that no matter what song you pick, there are likely things that some people would want changed. So just because some people want “Oh Canada” to have a minor change to it – is not an issue that will be solved by picking a different song for our National Anthem. Now do you get it?

      • Em does ot get it – unless you are an indian you are simply an immigrant in her mind

        • ‘Indians’ come from India….but if you mean First Nations they too are immigrants…..just earlier immigrants than your family.

    • Reads like a poem written by a grade 4 student.

      • Same as O Canada….and most other anthems.

        • Well Em if you do not like it then the door is always open for you top leave – but you would really miss those taxpayer funded government cheques wouldn’t you?

          • Don’t you think you’re getting a little carried away over a song?

    • Living in the past again Em?

      The meds are in the top drawer on the left beside your knife and fork drawer.

      • Past? Just got up, didja?

      • When you have nothing worthwhile to say, fire off an ad hominem. Duly noted.

  2. Should be “True patriot love, in all our hearts command”. All you boneheads voting “No” that the words neither harm nor offend are exactly that. Boneheads. Why was it changed in the first place from gender neutral phrasing? Because our “sons” were off to war? Some misguided sense that they needed specific words such as this to stir them to patriotism? Pathetic – I have always refused to sing “in all thy sons command” and have always sung “in all our hearts command” – ever since I was a teen, some 45 years now. You should be ashamed of yourselves for voting to exclude over 1/2 of our country from the national anthem. Pathetic.

    • I don’t know about half, but I’d gladly continue to exclude you.

    • loki;
      You seem to miss that sense of history of the thousands of Canadian soldiers marching off that died and were maimed to protect amongst other things the right for you to call people ‘boneheads, misguided and pathetic’.
      Think about it. You sitting in the comfort of your home with a ‘dinky happy face logo’ spraying your wrath on the hearts and minds of those heroic soldiers of Canada, their mothers and fathers and brothers and sisters that would never see them again while they died in the mud and blood and ditches of foreign countries.
      They died for the likes of you and free speech–please show them a little respect!

      • I have missed nothing – I have a tremendous sense of history and a great pride in our soldiers who fought in many wars to preserve the freedoms that we all often take for granted. And my uncle was one of the survivors of Dieppe, so I don’t need a lecture from you on respect. I offered no disrespect to anyone that has served in the armed forces of our country. And a lot of them were and are, women.

    • Actually “sons” is a term to signify ALL persons within a country. Look it up in the dictionary.

      • BUT, everyone has a heart. “In all our hearts command” is actually more patriotic, because it speaks to the emotions (heart) of our feelings for our country. Whereas “sons” merely designates the persons.

      • Last time I saw it we still refer to our “Sons and Daughters”. Defining things from a male centric point of view and then using that definition as “proof” is circular at best, and typically misguided. And yes I am a male.

    • The literate among us realize that in English “man” and its variants are “inclusive”, always have been, and always will be. We don’t need your ideological manure to correct it. Fortunately, this feminist B.S. is greying and will soon die out as a generation of younger, smarter women comes to the fore.

      • I’ll bet some man told you that….and you bought it. LOL

        • Agree with that one EmilyOne.

  3. I do love how in this day of social media armageddon, every peaon has to open their mouth about what needs to change. Do these words offend you so much? I was not born here but lived here most my life and can’t for the life of me worry about a couple of freaking words in our anthem. Try advocating for something useful like our natural recources that is in the process of being destroyed. Keeping jobs in Canada. Holding our politicians accountable for this misuse of taxpayers dollars. Nope this dumb azz poll gets this hype. Man I wish I didn’t click! lol

  4. The maple tree is not one that is found in all of the provinces, so The Maple Leaf Forever would not qualify. A week ago Thursday on CBC The National, Rex Murphy talked about our National Anthem, and said that if one went to the dictionary, that the word “sons”, doesn’t really mean a male, but generations. It would be worthwhile for people to go on the CBC site and listen to Rex. He is a pleasure to listen to.

    • I guess the flag doesn’t qualify either then.

      Sons…means sons. It doesn’t mean generations, it doesn’t mean humankind, it doesn’t mean Canadians….it means sons.

      • EmilyOne, You are the worst kind of ignorant. If it’s not your view, it’s wrong.

        • True.

  5. I want my National Anthem, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas left alone

    I am tired of people trying to change the traditions of this country just to appease a minority

    If you do not like the anthem and some traditions either suck it up or leave.

    • Why? They aren’t sacred you know. They’re made up.

      So they can be changed at will.

      Perhaps you are the one who should leave Canada….go live in a dictatorship.

      • we already do live in a dictatorship just one hiding behind the appearance of democracy .

        • Be serious.

          • He is

          • Neither of you are.

      • Em, it is taxpayers like me who keep you strong and free – if it were not for me those cheques you get would bounce – so, be nice to us who pay your way please.

  6. the use of language is extremely important and changing “sons” to “us” is exactly what is intended in our national anthem–it is not the least bit ambiguous–it means what is said–“us”. All of us!

  7. Once it again the Politically correct group are trying to change our Anthem when they should turn their efforts to far more important things like poverty, and our broken legal system etc.

    • Ah, the voice of reason. Wait until Em gets hold of you – she will do her best to straighten you out you poor immigrant. LOL

    • Fine with me….but I’ve been hearing that excuse for 60 years now….and the result is that NONE of it gets done.

  8. Funny thing…the original version was just fine…and now we’re talking about changing it AGAIN?!

    Talk about an OBVIOUS distractionary topic…so what are they trying to keep us from thinking about that actually MATTERS this time?

  9. I stood on guard for thee for 36+ years from sea to shining sea from the true north and to faraway places that my government set me….if Canada changes the words of our national anthem I will return my military decoration …….

  10. God bless America…..and Canada, too! Both are great countries with great people. Let’s focus on what’s really important and not superficial issues that serve to divide.

  11. Should be: ‘All of OUR command,’ not the proposed awkward ‘All of US command.’
    50% of Canada’s population would like to be included.

    • Huh? Is English your second language? “Command” is a verb, not a noun. Using the possessive “our” would make no sense whatsoever.

      • So you don’t have command of the English language.

        • You are only allowed to crow when you’re right.
          Got Oxford Dictionary?

        • No, but I do have a handle on the word ‘command.’
          See my reply to Sigroli.

      • Actually, “command” is a verb, a noun, and an adjective.

        • In this instance it’s a verb. Poetically, the verb is placed at the end of the line. The lyric throughout is addressed to Canada, our home and native land, and she is asked to command true patriot love in all her sons.

      • No. Twenty year RCAF (formerly Air Command (AIRCOM)/WWII background. I am specifically referring to Your Command as a noun in military terms; see definition three, in:

        So ‘In all of our command’ has always made perfect sense to me, and particularly in light of the previous line ‘true, patriot love…in all our son’s command.’

        ‘In all of OUR command’ also rings true, as our forces are the ones who actually put their lives on the line in defence of people and country. Women now serve in our armed forces. Add the presence of the line ‘O Canada, we stand on guard for thee’ and some feel its author may well have had Canada’s Dominion forces in mind when he wrote it.

        Robert Stanley Weir wrote the song, so his intent with that line is in question. Weir’s grandson, however, Steve Simpson, says the word “son” is not about gender, but a ‘reference to a patriotic command from a maternal goddess.’ Not so sure that was his thinking way back then.

        • It is “sons” command, not “son’s” command. Perhaps therein lies the confusion for the many illiterati herein.

    • It’s a question of subject and object. Our “home and native land” is what commands “true patriot love” in all of…us. Or in the current version, “in all our sons…”

      And just as a side note, I vote that it’s time to change the poll question. This one is so last month…

  12. Should work in tax slaves.

    Is some self important type wanting to make a change? It isn’t offensive unless you want it Kanada for religious or political reasons.

    Just say Oh Canada, land of the over taxed and not free….

    We pay taxes for thee.

  13. Yeah, the words to our anthem should change to reflect the changing nature of our relationship to our leader, like Stephen Harper’s Canada must be in there somewhere.

  14. slow news day…

  15. The National Anthem is fine; Margaret Atwood as well as other feminists could “stick in their ear”! as the saying goes. Let Ms. Atwood stick to what she does best write.posh69