Is the federal government right to be trying to shut down Vancouver's safe injection site? -

Is the federal government right to be trying to shut down Vancouver’s safe injection site?



Is the federal government right to be trying to shut down Vancouver’s safe injection site?

  1.  Insite is such an effective program for reducing heroin overdoses and addiction we should be opening centres like it in all major cities, not debating closing the one in Vancouver. We need to be pragmatic about this: it achieves results, it places less strain on our health care system, and it helps people. The government allowing safe injection sites wouldn’t be endorsing heroin use any more than keeping tobacco legal is endorsing tobacco use.

  2. For Pete’s sake. Has anyone looked at the methodology of this survey? The question asked and the possible responses are a complete hash. Who make this up? The CBC? 

  3. Hands off the site – it’s effective and doing good work. Now, if the government would legalize marijuana, it would be taking another positive step. It’s time the Feds took a long hard look at their Prohibition Era mentality and policy. Prohibition didn’t work in the control of alcohol, and it isn’t working to control marijuana. Leagalize it, collect tax dollars on its sale, and handle it in a way similar to the sale of alcohol.

  4. This isn’t a question of whether or not it’s good policy, but whether the Supreme Court affirms the right of a province to make healthcare related decisions, or whether the federal government can trample over the rights of the province without invoking reservation and dissallowance.

    In this, there isn’t really much question – this is a healthcare issue, and that is clearly the jurisdiction of the provinces.

  5. This Insite facility simply enables addicts to continue their destructive lifestyle…The only way to get off drugs is to quit using them and remove yourself from the drug ‘culture’.  Narcotics Anonymous has saved more lives and allowed people to lead productive lives more than this facility could ever dream of in their wildest imaginations…at ZERO cost to the taxpayer,,,,there is a common saying at NA meetings .  That is…” continuing to use drugs has three consequences ie..jails, institutions or death.”

    • The fact that you’d prefer these people die rather than live long enough to get treatment says a lot.

      About you. 

      • It’s not about me..besides if you want to get stoned…it’ll still work if you swallow or snort it…you just don’t get that same ‘rush’…and it won’t kill you quite so fast…maybe take decades….(ps..I used to be one of ‘these’ people) 

        • “The only way to to get off drugs it to quit using them…” coupled with “continuing to use drugs has three consequences, jails, institutions, or death”

          What insite is, is a way to allow the people the time they need to be able to quit using them. After all, if it was that easy, why didn’t you quit years before you did?  It takes time to get to that point. Insite allows them the time to get there rather than dying.  But your argument is that they shouldn’t have anything that gives them that time.  ie, you want them to die.

          • I also want to add that providing people with clean needles doesnt achieve the goal of getting them off the drugs, but it does achieve the goal of preventing further damage, such as the contraction of HIV or other diseases. No one is condoning drug abuse, but we can’t ignore that it’s a problem in our society either. We can’t turn our heads and hope they get better on their own. And if preventing further disease if possible, then of course we should be doing that!

          • Don’t be silly….Of course I don’t want anybody to die…..that’s the most ridiculous comment ……..ijt’s very simple…people need to take responsibility for themselves …, mental and physical health care, counselling, food banks, co-ops, etc, etc. are all available to help those who request it and I support these projects and truly desire everyone to improve their ‘lot in life’…..I just don’t believe a government run ‘shooting gallery’ helps our society achieve very much. asked me why I didn’t quit drugs earlier.. I had no incentive to….it was after my wife ODed that I realized the foolishness and destructiveness of my lifestyle.

          • Wait.. so you’re seriously arguing that insite shouldn’t exist, when it could have saved your wife, because otherwise you wouldn’t have gotten off drugs?

            Man, that’s freakin’ cold.

  6. It’s not about me…besides if you want to get stoned’ll still work if you swallow or snort just don’t get that same ‘rush’………and you don’t die quite as fast..maybe take decades…..(ps.I used to be one of ‘these’ people.)

  7. Talk about a stacked “No” answer.

    I don’t like it, but think it is making that area more tolerable to live in, among other things. Certainly worth what it’s costing.

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      • It is not spam, I read and I contribute. Linking to myself is what I do with all my posts. It seems I struck a nerve, you are a supporter of drug infested dens.

  9. I’d like someone to explain why drug addicts get free needles yet the parents of a small child with a serious disease who needs 4 injections a day must pay for them.  (and yes that is true based on personal experience)

    • That is a very good question! And you should ask it elsewhere, where in matters, much like the Vancouver Area Network of Drug Users who petitioned to get free needles in the first place and who wouldn’t take no for an answer and who helped to get Insite up and running.