Is the NHL doing enough to protect its players from head injuries?


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Is the NHL doing enough to protect its players from head injuries?

  1. Crosby will play portions of another season or two, and then, due to the league's actions (all stakeholders), a great player will have to end his professional career.

    • Are you just saying that or has that actually been put forth by someone who KNOWS what's happening? Is it something that's 'speculative' or 'inflammatory' or simply attention-seeking?

      I do hope that it's not true. Even if it was true, the NHL & NHLPA would do nothing to attempt to make such a situation much less likely to happen.

      Below, I've listed a few players who's careers were derailed due to head injuries (Pat Lafontaine, the Lindros brother, Adam Deadmarsh, Rob Dimaio, Dave Scatchard, Keith Primeau, and too many others to list). I limited the list in order to keep what is already a rather long 'comment' from becoming another 'Tale of Two Cities'. (What a long, boring, dreary book!)

      • Its a personal prediction….and I'll be disappointed.

  2. So, sad that, Sid The Kid will have to stop playing hockey forever!

    • I hope that's not sarcasm. He is a truly great hockey player.

      He may not be a Wayne Gretzky but he's up around there. He makes the game more enjoyable… he elevates his team mates.

      He is, and not that arguably, his generation's Mario Lemieux.

      He may have his flaws (like the rest of us) but he IS a gift to the game of hockey.

  3. So sad to see great players in a game until the opposing team sends out their "Goons" to take him out.
    Hockey isn't what it used to be.

  4. The Players Association protects players' saleries; why can it not protect players' interests regarding safety?
    Team owners share the team guilt when goons act viciously on the ice.
    Glad the sponsor Air Canada is trying to get the issue discussed properly by the NHL.

  5. My note to the NHL: too many teams, too many games in an overlong season, not enough talent and allowing career ending injuries to the most talented means forget me as a fan. I now find the NHL product an extreme bore.

  6. I guess the only way that something will be done is if someone actually dies on the ice (hope that never happens) but their inaction seems to tell everyone that the players are expendable. Something like the Romans with the gladiators, as long as they provided sport for the elite they remained but once they got hurt they disposed of them.

    • Don't hold your breath about something being done… it'll be 'dealt with responsibly'.


  7. i am appalled that young men are put at such risk–for money and our violence-prone amusement.

    • I've been saying that for years..

      ..of course, I was talking about Iraq & Afghanistan, but still.

  8. I'm glad to hear Mr. Bettman is very comfortable with the decision not to take any further action on Mr. Chara. Do you think Chara would have made the same hit if Boston were up 4-zip. That was a frustration hit and should have been punished accordingly. The fact is the league sends the wrong message to the players.

  9. The NHL sounds and looks like many Governments of our world. Rules andregulations to keep You under thumb. Wha t happened to the times of past when enforcerers were used? No . the NHL changed the rules. If a Person hit the Great one He ha d to pay because of an enforcer.He, the hitter would learn a lot more respect. Just My opinion

  10. These "hits" are certainly against the rules of hockey. That in turn leaves the way open for what I would like to see. Once the rules have been violated a player leaves himself open to the application of Canadian law, which applies on the hockey rink as it does anywhere else in Canada. Players who make these kinds of hits could be charged with assault. Coaches could be charged with advocating the committing of assault (so for that matter could the executives who hire "enforcers"). It would be a waste of taxpayers' money to send to jail anyone who is found guilty, but some long-term probations with strict conditions and the acquisition of a criminal record seems like a great deterrent. I am not holding my breath for any of this to happen. Hockey violence puts money in executives' pockets, and that will continue to be the highest priority for them.

    • Wouldn't it be nice if such applications of Canadian law actually went beyond creating air currents.

      The Québec government actually did step in to deal with this same issue. It did help. May others who are in a position to do something about it truly act on their words. Todd Bertuzzi's assault charge on Steve Moore resulted (hold on to your hat!) resulted in a conditional discharge requiring 80 hours of community service and one year's probation that additionally prohibited him from playing in any hockey game Moore was competing in. Under Canadian law, Bertuzzi's successful completion of his probationary period precludes him from a criminal record.

      Try and get that for a me if I assault someone on the street or anywhere else. You too, by the way…

      Not gonna happen!

      We can only 'encourage' those who have the power to do something actually do it or… we can endeavour to get in that 'position of power'.

    • I've always wondered a bit at that. Why does it require that the rules are being violated? After all, an assault is an assault right?

      • I suggest that Canadian law can apply only when a rule is violated in sports. Otherwise I suppose one could end up (for instance) with a hockey player being charged with carrying an offensive weapon (the hockey stick). While I advocate large scale curbing of violence, the foregoing would seem extreme.Vision without action is a daydream: action without vision is a nightmare. Japanese proverb

  11. Like all the present comments I add my 2 cents worth. I loved hockey and played it when young and during they halycon days of the NHL when there were only 6 yes six teams we enjoyed superb hockey with virtually all the players expert at stick and puck handling , and the boast made by the NHL was that it took more than 30,000 young men to find enough players to fill the rosters each year as players retired and those recruits were CANADIAN boys , now there are how many teams 24-30? and as far as I can see very few can stick or puck handle instead it is violence on ice . Never mind that back in the 50's and 60's you got a 5 min penalty for lifting your stick above the knees now it's slam your opponent from behind elbow him in the face or send him into the glass supports and 'NO I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T MEAN TO HURT HIM" BULLTHEY CANNOT PLAY HOCKEY SO THEY TRY TO MAIM THEIR OPPONENTS. .

  12. nothing will be done, those who have died as results of over "enthusiastic'
    contact are vaguely remembered by trophies like Vezina, Masterton, Edddie Shore membered by his ownership of hockey club more than his
    career ending destruction of Ace Bailey.
    It's all about MONEY

  13. I have never played hockey but have been a follower over the years and it seems to me that if the players can't play in a fair manner they do not deserve to be playing and if their coaches are pushing them none deserve to be in professional sports because injuring someone to beat them is a very cowardly way of approach. They should clean up their acts and make it more sportsmanlike.

  14. Yes. They are doing enough. It's a rough sport. If current players are too afraid of getting hurt, they can quit.

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  16. Hockey is being reduced to the level of cage fighting. Those with a financial interest turn a blind eye. Those who claim that violence is part of the game are not sure of their manhood.
    A player causing a disabling injury to another player should be disqualified from further play in the league. At the least, he should be suspended, without pay, until the player injured by him is able to resume his career.
    Ask yourself : is it hockey you want to see or just martial arts on ice ?

  17. They need to remove that vertical box edge from the field of play. If there's nothing for the head to hit, there's no rebound injury.
    When that luge victim died at the Vancouver Olympics, they jumped in and reconfigured the course. Move that box back two
    feet, or at least put 4 inches of stiff foam padding on those vertical edges. Sanitizing the physical side of hockey will ruin the game. If there was no immoveable object there for the head to hit, play would have continued around the boards. I blame the rink design in that Montreal player hit.

  18. Nothing will ever be done to protect players. When you comment on how goons are not only tolerated but praised for taking out a star, the response tends to be " It's part of the game. " Just go back and look a Bill Ezinicki's hit from the past, and you will see how goons are tolerated.

  19. If it sells tickets it will not change. Bettman is a money man like other Commissioners in pro sports and they look after the bottom line first and foremost. Don't think that Harper's little speech about more safety for the athletes means anything. The sport of MMA or "Destroy Thy Opponent" is now law in Ontario and other Canadian provinces. How many shots to the head do these guys (and Boxers) get in their career? But it sells tickets. Unless someone dies or some hockey player successfully sues the league for his injuries, do not look for any changes. Before this season is completed you will see a few more bite the dust. But hey, that is part of the game according to Burke and others.

  20. Think like a pit bull.
    Act like a pit bull,
    C"est etre pit bull,
    Non bull pit.

    Save the game ,remove pit bulls.

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