Is the War of 1812 worth celebrating? -

Is the War of 1812 worth celebrating?


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Is the War of 1812 worth celebrating?

  1. I can’t see any reason to celebrate it over any other war that Canada (or pre-Canada colonies) fought in. Since we didn’t have to fight for independence, I think the war-loving type is feeling left out of the patriot games that go on in the US every July 4

    • The War of 1812 was the last time Canadian soil was directly attacked by a foreign aggressor state. The interests that came together to defend Canada – Quebecois militiamen, British redcoats and Anglo settlers, and our Native allies – today make up the founding nations of Canada. And they succeeded in defending Canada against seemingly impossible odds, with most British troops tied up fighting Napoleon.

      The only other wars in which Canada was directly defending Canadian soil were the American revolutionary wars (which did get to Canada), and the various Anglo-French conflicts (Seven Year’s War, Austrian Succession, Spanish Succession, etc.). In the revolutionary wars, however, the odds favoured our side AND our side lost (plus there wasn’t really an English Canadian element yet, nor was there much fighting in Canada). And the colonial precursors make even less sense as defining moments (plus certain battles fought on plains named after the founder of Judaism cannot be reenacted without opening up rifts).

      We should remember all of our conflicts as a nation, but the War of 1812 should rightly occupy an important place (though I think we should be more accurate – a lot of textbooks gloss over the battles the Americans one – for every Queenston Heights there’s a New Orleans or a battle of the Thames).

      • 1775…1776…1812…1866…1870

        • 1775, 1776: US was not a state yet. It also flunks my third criteria (it makes more sense to commemorate a war that was very difficult in which victory defied the odds).

          1866, 1870: The same is true of the Fenian raids, but moreso. It was a non-state actor, and the likelihood of success was extremely high.

          • The US invaded us 5X.

            Lost 5X

            Notwithstanding ‘your’ criteria. LOL

      • I think the reason that 1812 is still remembered over all others is mainly due to the fact that that war [perhaps debatably] is known as the war that unified Canada in a “common foe” kind of way. Before that, we tend to think of Canada as just a bunch of random British and French outposts, a bunch of natives and the HBC.
        It also is known as the battle that finally decided the 49th parallel as our border; Even though Canada could have just as easily maintained control of much of the current Northern US. [Blame the Brits for that one]
        Also, the White house was burned down. WOO! [We’ll just forget that it was, at the time, a fairly insignificant target of almost no military importance.]
        Now things could have been much different had the Brits not been preoccupied with Napoleon for so long. Not to mention that by the time the Red Coats were available for shipping over here, neither side was really interested in continuing the battle any longer anyway. This can be credited to the reason why, while Canada won most of the battles, the War essentially was reduced to a draw with the status quo being restored.
        Obviously this is kind of a “digest” perception, but that’s exactly why it’s the common one. As for celebrating/remembering, I think that’s fine if it’s done in our trademark low-key sort of way rather than “Lets launch some fireworks out of canons and set fire to a paper mache model of the White House YEAH!” Let’s try to bring some class back to Canada.

      • Thank our lucky stars we did “win” the war of 1812. I, for one, would hate to have become an American with a constitution that is no longer accepted as an example for countries even in dire straits, and a choice of really only two parties with the idea that one is actually born either a Democrat or a Republican.

  2. I don’t think anyone is ‘celebrating’ it…..they do commemorate it though, same as any other war.

  3. The British burned the whitehouse. It would never have happened if it was just Canadians.

    • It was 1812…we WERE British then.

  4. It might be worth celebrating if we were more proactive in acknowledging the crucial battles won by aboriginal people.

  5. What is the point of commemorating a historical battle won? Doesn’t anyone understand and realize that Canada has been subversively invaded and conquered by Texas oil men? Canada’s policies legislation, constitution and parliament has been quietly bought and paid for by the Bush family, the Koch brothers, et al? This July 1st, it would be more appropriate and honest to bring an American flag to the orgy of hedonistic revelry. Wake up Canada to your new National status.

  6. We should be celebrating the beginning of 200 years of peace in 2013. Not the war itself, which was really petty and unnecessary, even though we did win.

  7. Canadians are ignorant and stupid. (this is coming from a canadian/ usa ftw

    • If you think we are stupid and ignorant, check out your lack of punctuation first, and secondly, read one of America’s best writers, Susan Jacoby, and her book, THE AGE OF AMERICAN UNREASON, with the description “Wtih analytic verve and deep historial knowledge, Susan Jacoby documents the dumbing down of our (USA) culture like a maestro. Uh, if you can read that is.

  8. we burned down the white house!!!!1111 durr durr me stupid canadian! CANADA WOULDN’T ME AS ECONOMICALLY SUCCESSFUL IF IT Weren’t FOR USA IMPORTS

    • and the US would be thirsty in the dark without Canada’s exports to them

      • Possibly, but due to the continued sale of Canadian companies to foreign interests, who “export profits” from Canada to foreign nations, and the fact that 50-60% of the Canadian economy is reliant upon US exports, if we don’t have a plan to move those exports to other countries in a heartbeat, when the US dollar does finally implode (could be 6 months, could be a few years), WE are the ones who are going to suffer most.

        • China is now Canada’s second-most important trading partner. As well, they now own a lot of the tar sands. I don’t think we would have much to worry about. At least we would no longer be obligated to contribute to the F-35 project — or to the American wars all over hell and gone.

    • AVRO Arrow.

      If it wasn’t for our own government EMPLOYEES holding Canada back, Canadians couold do anything we bloody well pleased, and we’d do it to the best of our ability, which is arguably as good or better than anywhere else on the planet, too.

      The longer we allow criminals to continue running Canada inot the ground, the harder it is going to be to restore the Canada that we had just thirty years ago…and we desperately need to remove ALL foreign interests, as far as making decisions on how WE live OUR lives in OUR country.

      Emperor Harperius Mandatorius Minimus needs to go, and be replaced with an HONEST human being who actually cares more about this country than he does about his corporate criminal friends, and about destroying national sovereignty to appease whatever foreign financial gods he serves. He damned sure doesn’t do anything good for US!

  9. We didn’t burn down the White House – the British did and they brought the soldiers from Europe to do it.

    That said the War of 1812 was a pivotal point in our history and we should celebrate it.

  10. HAHHAHHA!!! We burned down the white house.. I love it! :) I should get this tattooed on my ass!

  11. Canada = The 51st State

    • Only if it were true, but keep pushing Alberta and we might be the first province to join the US

      • Feel free to leave anytime — and take Harper along with you!

  12. Celebrating is the wrong word. Commemorating would have been a better one.

    • Well said.

    • Excellent point.