Is Thomas Mulcair the right choice for the NDP? -

Is Thomas Mulcair the right choice for the NDP?


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Is Thomas Mulcair the right choice for the NDP?

  1. Thomas Mulcair is the right choice for the NDP.  Who else has his qualifications?.  I am a long time member and was very pleased with his victory.

    • ohhhhh my goodness pat, you need a stiff drink!!!

  2. I really don’t care. I’ll take a Conservative or Liberal government over the NDP anyday.

  3. Maclean’s, start providing real options for your informal polls. Yes, no, don’t know. Those words are a better reflection of opinion then some contrived sentiment.

  4. This is a dream come true for Herr Harper.  He is deathly afraid of any opponent, especially a party leader, who like himself is a total Blue Oni.  Now he will be facing a total Red Oni.

    There is a reason Ed Broadbent wanted Brian Topp to be the party leader.

  5. Who cares?

  6. After listening to Mulcair speak concerning the budget, he’s way off base. He speaks without
    using facts, or even closely related to fact! He’s an air bag! I would never, ever vote for an
    NDP government!

    •  Most NDP memebrs speak without using facts.

  7. Tried the provincial (NS) NDP. BIG mistake even if I did vote for them out of spite.

    Guess I’ve gotta GO GREEN from now on. I’m sure it’s their turn to give us the shaft by now.

    Too bad we can’t pick the best out of each party and dump the rest. Imagine the size of the pile! 

    Oooooooh CANADA. So sad. 

    • I like your idea of picking the best out of each party. 
      Have to admit I voted Green a few times,  liked the canidate.  Than I  researched  the Leader and agenda/policies., whewwwww?

      Too bad our system is all about “The Parties”, not the individual candidates.  Plus each guy/gal running for PM have their names on the ballots, coast to coast.


  8. NDP governments have never been what any Provinces or Canada need as they always cripple any economy. Just take a look at those provinces that have had NDP governments and usually have been “have not” provinces. The Harper government is for the people who want to work, get ahead and nopt wait for hand outs. He lowered my taxes, allows me to split my pension income and is working to take advantage of the new economies that are open for business. 

    • Ontario is fast becoming a” have not” province since manufacturing as all but left the province .  Trudeau, Mulroney, and Chretien were all for Ontario and particularly Quebec.  Harper is all for Alberta and the west.  I would like to see a Prime Minister that is for all Canada.  Who could that be??

      • i’m thinking the government we have now is thinking of all of us canadians… he doesn’t favour any province over another,  treats us all alike and calls a spade a spade. Of course there are some shady areas i would like to see cleared up, but then again, one can not please all 33 million of us, ( there was a time, not that long ago everything was done for ontario and further east)  there will always be the nagger or the malcontent in the masses… after all, he/she has to be from somewhere… and this government has done a tremendous job keeping canada going in the right direction, although slow… look around you and see all the other countries struggling… we are doing pretty good considering… think about it, would you want to be in europe right now, or even closer to home, next door to us???
        Be happy, it could be way worse… think of rae or mulcair running this country…. yikes!!!!!!!

        • I would love to see Mulcair running this country.  Fiscally competent (his record proves that), More concerned about environmental damage than he is concerned with appeasing the big wigs in the oil industry because he understands that the environmental costs will be astronomical in the future and I think we both know that big oil isn’t gonna clean it up.  Canada has become an embarrassment under Harper’s leadership.  We used to be one of the progressive leaders of the world and now we just look like asses

          • Canada has a very good reputation, thank you very much! I talk to people in the netherlands, belgium, germany, australia, zanzibar  etc. and i have NEVER heard anyone saying that we are an embarrassment to the world! we are looked up to and envied all over the world. AND no, this govenment does not cater to the big oil,  however, it’s a natural resouce and we all use or need it…i much appreciate what alberta does to promote and sell this resource. I bet you’re from the east, maybe the now have not province….
             You would be better to be proud and supportive of your country, you live in the best one there is!!!! 


    • Sorry to tell you Bob, it is generally the opposite.  Take my province Sask.  Grant Devine’s government brought out province to the brink of collapse.  It was Romanow and Calvert that brought Saskatchewan back into a surplus.  It took one year of the Brad Wall gov to put us back into a deficit.  Similar thing happened in Ontario with Bob Rae.  The NDP get elected when the citizens have finally had enough of conservative policies exploiting every resource and industry for short-term gains and the NDP are left with a big pile of BS they have to clean up.  It seems that Con supporters are as short sighted as Con politicians.  

  9. How about YES, he’ll move them from the center?

  10. Its about time somebody took on the Harper majority. Lets see if he is up for the task.

  11. I like the man but he will have to be careful in his verbal attacks towards other parties.  What the present ruling government is doing can’t be all bad.  So, in order to bring credibility to the NDP, he will  have to acknowledge the good things our present government is doing.  On the other hand, he is a good man to keep the Harper government in check.

  12. With todays announcement that he issued 2 statements regarding the Cons budget, one for Quebec & one for the rest of the country I think this character is the WRONG choice. Either he’s speaking for the NDP as a whole or he isn’t & this announcement of his smacks of a hidden agenda which was not presented at the convention. 

  13. What kind of poll is that? It should be just “yes”, “no” and “don’t know”, without these biased McLeans’ comments.

  14. The leech knows the vein.

  15. Mulcair has the right sentiments… he sure could use some charm and charisma lessons though…
    Anything is better than the Harper fascist regime.  I thought Bush was the fool Nostradamus predicted.  It seems that Harper is…

    • Nostradamus eh?  I can see you’ve given this a lot of  thought and careful consideration.  I can now follow your lead and get behind Mucair, knowing that I’m basing my decision on solid ground.  I’m just a bit worried about the charm and charisma lessons.  I hope it’s possible to teach charisma

  16. I think he is the right choice for the NDP.  Hopefully he will be up to the job and bring this party a little to the centre

  17. Does anyone care?
    Its the NDP and we are in the West
    This is the 21st Century and we are not interested in parties with 19th Century ideas

    • Many, many Canadians care. You are the West? By west you mean Alberta, no? I’m in BC, on the coast. I am truely of the West and I do not like the “program” HarperCo and his Alberta Party have planned for us. Enbridge’s Gateway and the seaport to China and California and Kinder Morgan’s expansion to Vancouver are only the beginning. It is fairly quiet right now but things will become agitated soon enough. Joe and Steve don’t know who they are dealing with. Joe was an investment banker with Merrill Lynch, for christs sake, what does he know beyond investments. Nothing about people, their livelyhoods, their traditions or thier pride. Natural resources are numbers and diagrams only. Just as Steve is an economist. What a sad joke on all of us. Anyway,  I’m sure Steve will make further announcements that affect us all while he is playing at elder statesman in Chili or Israel or Switzerland or elsewhere.

      Yes it is the 21st century, I’m surprised at how few of you are aware of that fact. For generations we have been striving to go beyond “yewers of wood, drawers of water”, tho the water issue is one I am sure will be signed sealed and delivered before the people are informed of it. And we are being geared up for whatever war Steve thinks we can “punch above our wieght”, maybe, if those jets, or some of them, actually happen. And we will also jail another generation of kids who can’t find work anyway. And as people cannot be jailed forever no matter what Toews wants, all of them (those scary street criminals) will be back on the streets anyway and the “victims” will feel less safe than when the crime rate was measurably lower. Oh yeah, three more programs that gave good honest statistics about Canadians have been tossed this budget. A few million in savings that will cost many many millions of information. Very much looking to the future, not!

      Welcome to the 18th century of existance. When in doubt go with old wife’s tales and the church. And you think the NDP is backward looking. Open your eyes and see.

      ps: any word on when TTTony is going to return that $50million to the taxpayers? When he does I expect a flood of guilt ridden dollars to be returned from Con ridings across Canada. Actually I don’t, once a liar and cheat always a liar and a cheat. That little airport expansion in del Mastro’s riding is pretty cool, for some. No more working as a used car salesman for his older brother any more. He’s made his bones so to speak.

  18. Good leaders lead by example,  I’ve been voting for 45 years now and have finally admitted that our politicians are all self-serving.  They worry more about re-election than our country.  Let Mr. Mulcair run on a platform of what Canadians want to see, i.e. abolish the useless and costly Senate,  rectify the ridiculous government pension plan and put it in line with industry, and see how well he does.

    Hold MP’s seriously accountable for their portfolios in areas where there are frivolous expenditures. Take a hard look at the ridiculous sentences handed out to offenders and have the courts ignore the precedents set by previous weak-minded judges, especially where child and wife abuse is involved.  By the way, I’m planning on retiring in that new Toronto penitentiary.

    It would also be a good idea if, for at least the next two terms, any party elected to lead Canada, either with a majority or not, that could not create a budget that  reduced the debt by X % annually, should not be permitted to run the country next time.  Balancing the budget does not mean meeting your predicted deficit, it means spending less than your income.

    We should be taking better care of our seniors, homeless and single parents, than of the refugees and immigrants that flood into our country.  I am aware of several families, recently immigrated to Canada, within 2 weeks of arrival, receiving full medical coverage, subsidized housing, and student tuition fee for their children, at the same level as long-tern Canadians, and they have not yet contributed, nor intend to contribute $1.00 in taxes.  One family arrived 5 years ago with 2 children, now have 4, and have not worked one day in Canada.  They don’t have to, everything is free.

    Finally, this wonderful country was develop based on Judeo-Christian values, if you can’t accept our customs and religions, and be accepting and tolerant of what has attracted you here in the first place, please go back home where I’m sure you will be much happier.


  19. Who cares?  His Quebec constituency will disappear gradually. And it’s not a good fit with Western NDPers

  20. they are the socialists–who do not know anything about economics—have all these programs they want 2 bring forward— but never tell us where the money is going 2 come from? all they know-is spending–not how 2 create money 2 pay 4 all. the other problem with this bunch is–they want everyone 2 be equally poor— the country does not prosper under —such!!! Time will tell- if  they even have a program–or agenda–or platform etc.—  or if MUlcair has convictions of his own about things——–in the end— they will  be a thing of the past!!!

  21. I was impressed with a recent CBC interview in which Mr. Mulcair sounded as if he supports the principles of past CCF/NDP leaders like Tommy Douglas and David Lewis. However, I am uneasy about the probability that there is at least some truth in various comments from analysts who indeed seem to think that he will move the NDP towards the center. This maneuver may well make the party more “electable”, but that electability may come at the cost of sacrificing important aspects of democratic socialism. (The NDP and even the CCF seem to me always to have presented only a very mild form of socialism in any case.) I think this unease is further justified by the fact that Mr. Mulcair is a former Liberal.
    I am probably more uneasy about his alleged confrontational style. If that’s an accurate description, I think it bodes ill for the already rancorous, nasty, and immature style which often prevails in the Commons and buys into the kind of coercive exercise of power which is a feature of capitalism rather than the kind of collaboration and partnership which embodies, I think, democratic social concern for the less fortunate among us.
    However, seeing the NDP continue and strengthen its role as the official opposition is very rewarding to those of us who have long hoped for this.

  22. Mulcair may not be well known outside Quebec, but one thing is already clear: the man can talk, coherently, passionately and to the point.

  23. Harper and his conservative  apparatus ( IE American Repaublicans) will find it more difficul;t to assasinignate  Mulcair. Its time someone  puts Harpers   nose to the fire. Canadians are  very docile sheep, hopefully there is  some  common sense and  respect for Canada left in this counrty. In a demoracy oposing views are  a neccesity. The  iron grip of the priministers office on what  we  the voters are to swollow is  not democratic. Canada should be removed as a body to monitor fair elections, until we  can have them here in Canada.

  24. Who would have picked him when the leadership race started?  He must have something going for him as there was a strong field of candidates. 

  25. I wish thos. mulcair all the best. A word of advice: be sure you handle stress properly; keep an eye on your blood pressure.

  26. Mulcair is the wrong Guy, he and his group have managed to change the meaning of NDP to “notoriously dumb people”

  27. Mulcair, All this joker will do is speed up the move to Western seperation! Unlike quebec, the west can afford to form a new Dominion, which would turn out to be the richest non-opec country in the world. Gee that might not be such a bad idea after all! It is surprising how he whines about the oil sands, but say’s nothing about the quebec asbestos mines ot the millions of virgin land full of timber flooded by quebec mines. Ya this guy will hasten the seperation of the west. At least it will save the west spending BILLIONS of $ on some 3rd world language instead of on hospitals, the homeless, the hungry, the aged, or a Coast Guard. Ya, thinking of it, it just might be a good idea!