Justin Trudeau: saviour, liability or ‘meh’?


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Justin Trudeau: saviour, liability or ‘meh’?

  1. All awful options. I disagree with them all. Let’s just wait and see who else comes on the stage and steals his glory.

    • At this point, he has nobody who would steal his glory. At the moment, he’s won.

      • You’re right BC’r….

        • Talk about it. The guy’s just the star of the media right now, so he’s leading the polls. If someone did not know much about the leadership race, they’d know about him and therefore support him. But, thanks to him, many people do know about the leadership race.

  2. Monsieur, je n’aime pas les options. (Je lit en Anglais et Français, mais j’ecrit en Français, ne pas en Anglais.)

    • Very rude , the site is in English

  3. A liberal poser, JT has nothing more than a fresh look and showmanship. Nothing solid, and would take the Canadian Government down the Cocktail train if elected. The liberals have raped this country long enough and turned a blind eye in most cases. I say stay the course as it costs far too much money to keep changing back and fourth.

  4. Tear down the walls of French Fascism, Justin!

  5. Saviour and Liability are too strong of words. Why not just have a normal, non-sensationalized poll that says a- Justin will lead the Liberals in the right direction b- Justin will lead the Liberals in the wrong direction c- I don’t vote liberal d- too soon to tell e- It doesn’t matter because the world will end in 2012 (joking)

    • Calm down, grumpy.

  6. You should have included another choice: “Meh. I don’t much care what happens to the Liberal party now that Justin Trudeau is the frontrunner to lead it.”

  7. I’m more “Meh, he’s a decent choice, but he’s no superhero, not much will change for them.”

  8. He’s the son of a politician, don’t expect any miracles except possibly more smoke and mirrors. Sheep will follow the glitzy name and the rep of his dad. All this is pie in the sky; let’s see what happens when the rubber hits the road.

  9. People get excited thinking that he is his father’s son, but he is intellectually and emotionally much more his mother’s son. I am not saying that to be unkind because everyone’s got their own talents. Nevertheless, as far as intellect, political ability, and emotional maturity go, only the last name’s the same. The thought of Justin Trudeau ever becoming PM honestly terrifies me because he hasn’t got what’s needed for the job. The substance isn’t there.

    • Since Justin likes boxing, then he should recognize that he is a lightweight trying to step up into heavy weight division.

      • How offensive. Talk about a moronic comment.

  10. Mommy’s little boy with a job resume teaching school for 3 days and boxing 3 rounds!!
    Will little boy give the west the finger as his daddy did?

    • And yet that job resume is actually closer to the real world than anything by our current Prime Minister.

      • You really are clueless.

        • So? Provide me with said clue then. What in our current prime minister’s resume puts him in touch with the real world? Was it his days at the NCC political think tank trying to get conservative opinions in the news? Perhaps you think his days when his daddy got him hired in the mail room of an oil company in Calgary that attaches him to the real world. After all, he might have even had to talk to someone for a *wink wink* job interview..

  11. Little boy actually wants PQ to separate – so this will speed it up?

    • You know the score as well I do. I say Justin will soft sell separatism in Quebec and make excuses for the rest us on everything else.

      • He’ll say that separatism is awful.

  12. Let me tell everyone ,Justin Trudeau is no slouch,he has great ideas,a new direction for the Liberal Party of Canada. Justin is going to change the old school thinking & make voters stand up & take notice, voters of all ages,wait & see. I have faith in this man,he is a chip of the old block,if yah know what I mean.

    • I don’t much care for Justin but at the same time if he ever should make it to prime minister I dearly hope he is nothing like his father.

  13. Great speaker! Good to see a younger generation coming in!

  14. If we learned nothing else from George W. Bush, it’s that being the son of a leader automatically makes you a great leader, right?

    Ummm, right?

  15. Let me see.
    Not too many months ago Justin threatened to take Quebec out of Canada if he didn’t like the deal Quebec was potentially going to get. So, now he wants to go for leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada. I cannot wait for him to start asking for more or giving more to Quebec. Mr. Trudeau will be aiding and abetting the ‘Separatists’. I have listened to that crap for 40 years plus about the desires of Quebec. Now they will have a gorf prince to lead them.

    • Thanks, glad I’m not the only one who remembers his threat..

  16. Justin is the best news for the Party – the Progressive Conservative Party, that is. WOOSH! That’s the air rushing out of Mulcair’s balloon.

  17. I cannot believe the amount of nonsense that people continue to post on websites like this. No facts to back up their spurious commentary just verbal diarrhea. Thinking someone will actually believe what they say. Start taking a real interest in what is taking place in the world around you and make informed choices and post something positive for a change.

    • Yes Marmie, there is plenty of “verbal diarrhea” posted on forums, most likely from people who don’t have much to contribute personally or in cyberland…
      Perhaps you might consider contributing your views folks are discussing here?

    • So what’s your point? What have you got to add to this particular discussion?

  18. He will just be a mouthpiece for the “old boy Liberals” and they will control him like a puppet. We, in the West, have not forgotten what his father was, and the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  19. Saviour, obviously.

  20. Canada seems to be content with mediocrity.

  21. For Justin Trudeau his name heritage is so incredibly polarizing for Canadians that he will not have an opportunity to be judged fairly as expectations will range from very positive to very negative. In a traditional sense Justin does not yet have the credentials to lead the Liberal party thus the more prudent course might have been to run for a lower office and prove himself under less pressure. Stepping into the race for the top Liberal job at a time when the party standing has been dramatically reduced and Liberals are desparate for recovery is a one shot deal. He will either excel or fail miserably under the most critcial assessment from both supporters and detractors. There will be no middle ground assessment of his capabilities. Additionally, the USA experiment with Barack Oboma has already demonstrated the longer term risks for failure of expectations when a leader is elected based on the cult of personality over proven substance. Justin and the Liberals should pay heed and set a course where he moves to power through a more graduated path.

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