Las Vegas Shooting: A night of terror in photos (warning: graphic) -

Las Vegas Shooting: A night of terror in photos (warning: graphic)

Photos show scenes of chaos as first responders scrambled to find the killer, rescue the injured and secure the Las Vegas Strip


In the aftermath of the Las Vegas shooting late Sunday night, emergency personnel and bystanders raced to clear the scene and tend to more than 400 wounded. Photos from the street tell the story. Warning: some images may be disturbing.

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Las Vegas Shooting: A night of terror in photos (warning: graphic)

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      • Can’t face the kind of society your beloved Americans have created eh?

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          • I doubt it, since there’s no connection.

        • after viewing scenes of grief and horror I didn’t want to hear your snide remarks as the first comment yet again. I’m well aware of America’s problems having spent significant time there and having friends and family in the US.
          It is one thing to analyse and discuss gun violence after a tragedy (a fine time to do so) and another to spout rude remarks about people in grief. With all of your imagined wisdom you have failed to provide anything but empty quips on any topic. Maybe you feel a sense of superiority or that you are somehow displaying your wit. You are not. Your level of comment is about as intelligent as “warmest condolences”. After contemplating the horror of these pictures you were the last person who was needed (maybe second last … but we won’t know what trump has to say until tomorrows speech)

          • 272 mass shootings this year –by the 274th day

            Kindergartners were shot at Sandy Hook dude, and clods claimed it was a hoax

            And you want me t o feel sorry for these people??

          • what I said Em, is that snide and rude remarks are not what I want to see as I witness the horror of people in a more personal way.
            Pay attention and read for comprehension Em. No where did I say you should feel sorry for them (although I feel empathy for them as many have not wittingly taken the path that lead to this outcome – it is fine if you do not feel empathy – but that’s very Trump of you Em).

            There is a time that sarcasm, cutting remarks or other forms of politically incorrect speech that are outside of normal discourse are a useful vehicle to bring attention.
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