Maclean's reporter Nancy Macdonald on racism in Winnipeg

Nancy Macdonald on a story that has everyone talking

Audio excerpt: Maclean’s associate editor discusses the emotional response to her story on racism in Winnipeg


macdonaldNancy Macdonald’s feature story on racism in her hometown struck a chord in Winnipeg — and across the country. As community leaders pledged to tackle the issue, Macdonald spoke with Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief John Geddes about the city’s response. In this interview, which will air on the Maclean’s radio show, Macdonald discusses her enduring pride for her hometown — and its compassionate and emotional response to her story.

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Nancy Macdonald on a story that has everyone talking

  1. As a Winnipeg personality pointed out in his rebuttal online, if “it has people talking” that is irrelevant… it’s not “the truth”. The Truth is what journalism should be about. Nancy Macdonald used examples that have nothing to do with racism.
    Please explain to me:
    How is an aboriginal man talking rudely to an aboriginal woman racism?
    How is an aboriginal woman being assaulted by aboriginals and dumped in the river (to be saved by two white men) racism?

    How is an unsolved murder, where nobody knows the race of the person(s) who committed the crime racism?

    These are awful events. True. These events are racist –the assault, the sexual reference to a singer – False. The Murder – unknown, but even if it was someone of a different race, who is to say it was racially motivated. It may have been over any number of other things – not because they are of a different race. The way it’s presented in the story (which is titled and deals with racism) makes it sounds like she was murdered just because she was aboriginal.

    Winnipeg has elected:
    Brian Bowman – Metis, elected Mayor.
    Robert Falcon Oulette – came in Third in a large field for mayor… third!
    Sam Katz – Jewish Mayor
    Glenn Murray – Homosexual Mayor
    Susan Thompson – Female Mayor

    Winnipeg has a lot of indigenous art. Where are you looking?

    Winnipeg has had aboriginal spiritual leaders bless public buildings etc.

    I will not lie and say that Winnipeg is perfect, but from what I can see, in my opinion Nancy Macdonald left out some pretty important facts!!! If she did it on purpose… then she is not being truthful – and just to get a sensational story.

    The damage is already done to our national and international reputation.
    I hope someone from Winnipeg will create a lawsuit against this magazine. I will join and contribute to that cause.

    Who will hold Nancy Macdonald’s feet to the fire? She is not being truthful. She is taking part in sensationalist writing. I will not even call it journalism.

    • It is sad how Macdonald used these girls who were murdered to write a sensationalized article to try and get attention. Macdonald clearly has no understanding of racism and is part of the problem.

  2. Nancy Macdonald is one of Maclean’s top journalists. Her report on the sinking of the Leviathan II (March 7, 2016) was superb – my heart was in my mouth reading it!!!