Man shot and killed by RCMP officers in northeastern Alberta -

Man shot and killed by RCMP officers in northeastern Alberta


COLD LAKE, Alta. – RCMP have shot and killed a man on a reserve in northeastern Alberta.

It’s the third death this month involving Mounties in the province.

The 52-year-old was shot at a home on the Cold Lake First Nation’s reserve on Thursday and was pronounced dead in hospital.

Sarah Jackson, a spokeswoman with the Alberta Serious Incident Response Team, said the man was wanted for sexual assaults and many officers, both in uniform and plain clothes, were at the home to execute warrants.

“During the confrontation with the male, one RCMP officer fired his service weapon striking the male,” Jackson said Friday.

Investigators later recovered a knife from the scene, she added.

An emailed statement from the band’s chief and council expressed condolences and asked for privacy for the man’s family.

“In the coming days, we will provide more information to our members as the facts and investigation are underway.”

The response team, an independent body that investigates police actions that lead to serious injury or death, is also looking into the other two deaths and a non-fatal shooting in recent weeks.

On Aug. 1, RCMP pulled over a suspected impaired driver near Grande Cache northwest of Jasper. Mounties said the man behind the wheel was shot and wounded during an altercation. He fled but was caught a short time later and taken to hospital.

Family later identified the injured man as Curtis Hallock, a regular sidekick on the reality TV show “Mantracker.”

The following day, RCMP in Leduc, just south of Edmonton, used a Taser while trying to arrest a suspect in a series of assaults, thefts, driving complaints and hit-and-runs. The 27-year-old went into medical distress while in handcuffs and later died in hospital.

That same weekend, an officer pulled over another suspected impaired driver near Ma Me O Beach on Pigeon Lake southwest of Edmonton.

RCMP said while the officer tried to arrest one of five men inside the car, there was an altercation and two of the occupants were shot. A 30-year-old man from Pigeon Lake died at the scene. His 41-year-old brother was taken to hospital with chest wounds.

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Man shot and killed by RCMP officers in northeastern Alberta

  1. Police, masters of mealy mouth. They didn’t shoot a “male”, they shot a MAN. And what’s a “service weapon” – a Taser, a shotgun? These spokespeople are so schooled in prevaricating that they can’t bring themselves to speak plain English.

    • Perhaps it is just your vocabulary that needs expanding.

      The ‘service weapon’ is the one carried all the time, with the uniform, to distinguish it from other weapons carried occasionally, like tasers, shotguns, sniper rifles, etc.

      • “Fired his service weapon striking the male” = “shot the man with his pistol.” No obfuscating jargon required.

        • I see no obfuscation, no unusual or difficult language.

          It’s clear and to the point, and is but one of many ways to describe the event.

          I again suggest that you expand your vocabulary.

    • They could also say, “We shot the dude with a 9 mm man-stopper.” But you’d complain about that too. They use the language they do intentionally, to take any loaded emotional content out of it. It sounds clumsy, stilted and robotic because it is. If they were more plain-spoken about it, they’d be hitting all kinds of nerves, and you’d probably be the first one to jump down their throats over it.

  2. Usual B.S.comments here. Worrying about how “the incidents” are reported rather than whether or not they ARE justified.
    Many times police ARE justified in using deadly force.
    On rare occasions, there ARE incidents when it is NOT necessary.
    ALL incidents should have a TIMELY, INDEPENDENT INVESTIGATION, With the results
    released to the public. The air would be cleared, with JUSTICE FOR ALL.
    For the Police Officers .. the individual involved , as well as his family members.

    These situations are usually swept aside , undermining confidence in our justice system and damaging our society as a whole .

  3. Moment of silence for the sexual assaulter?