Marc and Jodie Emery arrested in Toronto

Police were seen raiding Cannabis Culture stores, which the couple own, in several cities on Thursday



TORONTO – Prominent marijuana activists Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested in Toronto and police are raiding several pot dispensaries associated with the couple.

Lawyer Jack Lloyd says the couple was taken into custody at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Wednesday evening.

Neither Lloyd nor Toronto police could confirm what, if any, charges the Emerys are facing. Lloyd says the Emerys are due in a Toronto courtroom on Thursday.

The couple own the Cannabis Culture brand, which is used by a chain of 19 marijuana dispensaries in British Columbia, Ontario and Quebec.

Toronto police spokesman Mark Pugash says five people have been arrested and 11 search warrants were executed in Ontario and Vancouver on Thursday as part of Project Gator. Pugash says details of the charges were being finalized.

He says seven Cannabis Culture locations – five in Toronto, one in Hamilton and another in Vancouver – were searched along with two homes in Toronto, one in Stoney Creek, Ont., and one in Vancouver.

No employees of the dispensaries were arrested, Pugash said.

“Our history of enforcing the law against illegal cannabis dispensaries is well established,” he said. “This is the latest effort in our law enforcement, and I’m certain there will be further action.”

A Vancouver-based lawyer for the Emerys said in a statement that “several cannabis activists” have been arrested in addition to his clients.

“Co-ordinated country-wide raids attempting, futilely, to enforce an outdated and harmful law degrades public confidence in the administration of justice, wastes valuable taxpayer funds, wastes scarce police, prosecutorial and judicial resources and benefits precisely no one,” Tousaw said.

Marc Emery, the self-styled “Prince of Pot,” was previously arrested at one of his new Montreal dispensaries in December and charged with drug trafficking.

The federal government is moving to legalize marijuana, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau emphasized late last year that the current laws exist.

Police forces across the country have been raiding pot shops in recent months and charging owners with trafficking-related offences.


Marc and Jodie Emery arrested in Toronto

  1. Wasting cop’s time, and taxpayers money seeing as the pot laws are about to change anyway.

    • Is this just a way to put pressure on Trudeau?

      • It might well be. Trudeau has dragged his feet on this and there’s no need to.

        All these years the cops haven’t done much, and now……trafficking, conspiracy, possession….

    • I’m not so sure. the liberal have broken so many promises this look to be the same in the end. they will have a commission which will be behind closed doors and suddenly announce on a Friday just before a long weekend that it doesn’t work so sorry. And….. flush goes a new industry that was employing more and more Canadians building stock prices etc

      • I don’t think there are ‘many’ promises broken. It does take time to turn things around.

        But pot was an easy no-brainer since 70% of Canadians approve.

        Same with assisted suicide.

        I don’t know why he’s dragging his feet

        Maybe for popularity before the next election?

        Anyway, Colorado made over a billion last year.

  2. I think this is a blatant attempt to monopolize this plant. Think billions of dollars. I think that is why it is taking them so long to legalize, they can’t think of how to justify screwing us, the people over. That pesky old constitution keeps getting in the way. Thank god for that. Thank you Pierre Trudeau. We should have the right to grow our own as well as buy and sell it locally from independently run stores for a reasonable cost We should also be able to share with family and friends. Just like the liquor industry. I hope that Justin realizes that if we have to go to the Supreme Court of Canada, again, and there is a good chance we will with Bill Blair at the helm, to defend ourselves against ridiculous rules, regulations and laws the headlines are going to read Trudeau verses Trudeau. I can’t see that being good for his image.