Marc Garneau goes after front-runner Trudeau -

Marc Garneau goes after front-runner Trudeau


OTTAWA – The Liberal leadership race has been a generally genteel affair so far, but Marc Garneau has changed tacks, taking the fight to front-runner Justin Trudeau.

Garneau has accused Trudeau of failing to detail what he stands for and where he would take the party if he wins the top job.

“As Liberals, we cannot wait until after the leadership race is over to find out what we signed up for,” Garneau said in a news release Wednesday.

“That is like asking Canadians to buy a new car without first test-driving it.”

The astronaut-turned-politician says he’s laid out his plans and wants Trudeau to do the same.

Garneau said he has outlined his views on the knowledge economy, trade, telecommunications, Western Canada, electoral reform, and student debt and youth employment.

“This is not the case with Justin,” he said. “He has told Canadians that we need a ‘bold’ plan and a ‘clear vision’ without defining either.

“On Justin’s two clear priorities, the middle class and youth engagement, he has said nothing. Therein lies the fundamental difference between Justin Trudeau and myself.”

The party has had coronations in the past and they turned out to be mistakes, he said.

Garneau said he’s not concerned he’s providing ammunition for the next set of Conservative attack ads, which eviscerated the last two Liberal leaders.

He insisted he’s being “constructive.”

Garneau and Trudeau are among nine candidates vying for the leadership. The race ends April 14.

Until now, the leadership candidates have taken only veiled shots at Trudeau in a race with little rancour.


Marc Garneau goes after front-runner Trudeau

  1. I regret Mr. Garneau will fall victim to the Treadeau flash. Too bad. I’d put him ahead of Harper or Justin any day.

  2. This would be interesting if it were true. The fact is that Trudeau has said VERY clearly what he thinks about specific issues and the direction the country needs to be headed. He has also made it very clear that he wants to develop Liberal Party policy along with the other members of caucus, including those who might be running for leadership now, and that it needs to be a collaborative effort. No party can make hard policy announcements when the Tories have kept the facts and figures secret for so many years; Garneau can’t promise to come through either. I’ll stick with a leader who wants to work with others, and not one who says, even before he earns the title, that it’s his way or the highway. Garneau: I liked you so much more before you let the old entitlement guard of the party mold you into this carbon copy of Liberal leaders past and gone. We need something different this time.

    • I challenge you to name one policy that Justin Trudeau believes in. I challenge you to tell me what he’ll do for youth, transparency etc. The only think I’ve heard is that he prefers a preferential ranked ballot.

      A leader needs to have a vison along with the help of his team. How can you vote for someone when you have no idea what they believe?

  3. Trudeau is a ‘name’. So far, that’s ALL he is.