Medical pot regime raises safety concerns: RCMP

Growers have trafficked marijuana for personal gain and participated in organized crime


OTTAWA – The RCMP says there is an overwhelming temptation for growers of medical marijuana to supplement their income under the current system by selling extra pot.

In an affidavit filed in the Federal Court of Canada, RCMP Cpl. Shane Holmquist says investigations have revealed various abuses of the medical marijuana program, including trafficking for personal gain, violent theft of homegrown pot and involvement of organized crime.

Health Canada plans a revamp of the medical marijuana system — in part due to concerns about criminal infiltration.

Under the existing program, to be phased out by April 1, people are issued licences to grow marijuana for their personal use to help ease the symptoms of painful conditions.

Several British Columbia residents with licences to grow their own are asking the Federal Court for an injunction that would allow them to continue doing so.

They argue the proposed new system — under which only licensed producers could grow marijuana for distribution to approved patients by mail — would deny them a safe, continuous supply at an affordable price.

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Medical pot regime raises safety concerns: RCMP

  1. Then legalize pot.

    In fact legalize all drugs, and finally end Prohibition.

    • I am not sure I would do all drugs, but Marijuana should be legalized.

      • Personally I doubt the sanity of any society that bans drugs.

        All drugs are useful….they shouldn’t be illegal just because some people abuse them

        People will swipe some pensioners heart pills to use or sell…..should we make heart pills illegal?

  2. Best way to stop crime is to legalize it, let people grow, possess and smoke it. No organized crime, less police state bloat and less taxes. Fact is, all police do is keep prices high for organized crime.

    And if not chasing pot, and not arresting consensual sex for money, they might have to look for some real criminals that do real harm. Might I suggest crooked politicians on the take, tax cheats, expense report embezzling, with political power, mafia inflated contracts and others who steal from us? And maybe solve a few more murders and missing as solve rates are pretty low.