Memorial to victims of communism to be built near Parliament Hill -

Memorial to victims of communism to be built near Parliament Hill


OTTAWA – A monument commemorating victims of communism will be erected near Parliament Hill.

A group called Tribute to Liberty will receive up to $1.5 million from the federal government to build a memorial on the lawn between the Library and Archives building and the Supreme Court.

Conservative cabinet ministers Jason Kenney and Chris Alexander made the announcement Friday at the site of the planned memorial.

It’s expected the memorial will be finished late next year.

“This will be a place of common memory,” Kenney said.

The announcement coincided with Black Ribbon Day, a day of remembrance for the victims of communism and Nazism in Europe.

A statement from Prime Minister Stephen Harper said the day serves a reminder of the importance of upholding democracy and freedom.

“Canada has long been a beacon of hope and freedom for those escaping tyranny and oppression,” Harper said.

“Our country continues to be a land of promise for immigrants and refugees seeking peace, security, freedom, justice and respect.”

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau also released a statement to mark the occasion.

“On behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada and our parliamentary caucus, I stand with all those here in Canada and around the world as we solemnly reflect on the importance of this day.”

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Memorial to victims of communism to be built near Parliament Hill

  1. Will we ever get a monument to the victims of Christianity?

    • Yawn.

      • Hello Barb_R. I just got notice that You replied to my post about “Special Children” on the Sun News Media Site. Your response was “Wow. Who pissed in Your coffee this morning?

        Could You please tell me what You mean? Were You somehow offended? Did You disagree? I would very much like to know what You meant.

        • I’m not sure why you are responding on the MacLeans site. Let me go back to the Ottawa Sun, where your comment was posted. I can’t recall what it was about, but you seemed to be really snarky. Let’s go back there and check.

          • Okay, now I can see why – they have closed comments.

            Was I mistaken, or did you not infer that the “German” man who coined the term “special” was Hitler? That is what I was referring to. If you did not mean that, then I apologize.

          • Thanks. I guess I can understand people get used to this atmosphere of “snarkyness” and expect it… this made me quite upset and I decided to follow up, feel strongly about the subject. The man’s name was Steiner, he pioneered many trends like organic agriculture and basic respect for “disabled”, some weird dancing.

          • Then I absolutely offer you my heartfelt apology. I have a special place in my heart for special kids and I tend to be a bit of a Mama bear when I feel they have been threatened.

            I hope you accept my apology.

          • Absolutely, thank You. I have a special place in my heart for Germans too, there is this German man who really helped me through recently, and I am Polish! So You really pushed an “emotional button” with this misunderstanding… ha ha talk about pissing in the coffee… thanks for replying I see much hope in this technology.

          • LOL! I’m being very careful about what I put in my coffee this morning. :)

    • Cripes there are millions of people victimized by christianity….we’d be awash in monuments!