5 at 5: Calgary missing persons case becomes murder investigation

Also: A downed plane in Ukraine, new food label guidelines, and Archie meets his end

Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson says first and second degree murder charges are being filed in connection with the disappearance of Nathan O'Brien and his grandparents at a news conference in Calgary, Alta., Monday, July 14, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jeff McIntosh

Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson says first and second degree murder charges are being filed in connection with the disappearance of Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents at a news conference in Calgary, Alta. on Monday, July 14, 2014. (Jeff McIntosh/CP)

Here are five of the top stories making headlines this afternoon:

Police seek murder charges in case of missing Calgary boy and his grandparents. Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson said Monday that police are seeking two first-degree murder charges and one second-degree murder charge in the case of a missing boy and his grandparents. Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, have not been seen since June 29 when Nathan went to his grandparents’ Calgary home for a sleepover. Hanson said he can’t name the suspect until charges have gone through the courts, but said there is one person in custody and police aren’t seeking additional suspects. He said the victims’ bodies have not been found. Previously, Douglas Garland, 54, was named as a person of interest in the case and police spent days searching his parents’ farm property, north of Calgary.

Health Canada introduces proposal for new food label guidelines. Health Minister Rona Ambrose unveiled the government’s proposal to simplify food-label guidelines and make them more useful to consumers Monday. Notably, the new guidelines would require manufacturers to list all types of sugar together on the label. Health Canada would also set a daily maximum intake of 100 grams of sugar, something that didn’t exist before and was a point of criticism. The proposal must go through a public consultation process before it comes into effect.

Quebec soldiers meet the Queen. Some members of the Royal 22e Régiment, also known as the Van Doos, met Queen Elizabeth Monday ahead of the changing of the guard outside Buckingham Palace. The Quebec City-based Van Doos are serving as honourary guards in two areas outside Buckingham Palace from July 14-19, as part of a celebration to mark the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Royal 22e Régiment. Today’s guard changing was a reenactment of a scienario in 1940, when King George asked soldiers from the Royal 22e Régiment to guard the palace.

Ukraine points finger at Russia for downed military plane. A Ukrainian military transport plane was shot down in the eastern part of the country Monday and Ukrainian officials say the missile used most likely came from Russia. The crew of the plane survived, according to reports. The report of the downed plane comes amid NATO reports that Russia is, once again, building up troops near the Ukraine-Russia border.

Archie will die in ‘Life with Archie’ comic book. The life of Archie Andrews is coming to and end. In the “Life with Archie” comic book, to be published Wednesday, the red head from Riverdale will be shot as he is trying to protect his gay friend from an assasination attempt. Kevin Keller, the first openly gay Archie character, was introduced in 2010 and is a retired military veteran and recently elected senator. Archie’s death will be the final instalment in the “Life with Archie” series, which leaves high school behind and focuses on Archie and his friends as adults. But never fear Archie fans, the comic character will live on as a high school boy in perpetuity in the regular old comic books.

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