5 at 5: Conservatives lose refugee health care case

Also: Raonic is out after Wimbledon loss and a hot-dog flavoured 4th of July proposal

Our health care delusion

Peter Power/Toronto Star

Here are five of the top stories making headlines this afternoon:

Federal Court rules against Conservatives in refugee health care case. The government’s 2012 decision to reduce health-care benefits for failed refugee claimants is “cruel and unusual” and should be struck down, a Federal Court judge said today. Currently, the law does not permit doctors to provide care for failed refugee claimants, or those from countries the government deems “safe,” unless they pose a danger to public health. Some provinces have set up up their own care plans in the wake of the 2012 changes. The government, for its part, argues the new law prevents abuse of the system. Today’s court case was brought forward by a coalition of doctors and refugee lawyers. The federal government is expected to appeal the decision.

Milos Raonic loses in Wimbledon semifinals. Canada will have only one player to cheer for in the Wimbledon singles finals after Ranoic lost his semifinal match to verteran tennis star Roger Federer Friday. Even though Ranoic lost today, it’s his best-ever finish at Wimbledon and his overall ranking is expected to jump to No. 6 after this tournament. On Thursday, Canada’s Eugenie Bouchard made history when she beat Romania’s Simona Halep in the semifinals, becoming not only the first Canadian woman to advance to the Wimbledon finals, but also the first Canadian to advance to any Grand Slam singles final. Bouchard, who was ranked No. 13 in the world going into this tournament, faces off against 2011 champion Petra Kvitova on Saturday.

Warnings in place as hurricane Arthur advances on Maritimes. Hurricane Arthur is expected to make landfall in Nova Scotia Saturday morning and even though the hurricane will likely be downgraded to a tropical storm by then, it’s still expected to pack a punch. Wind warnings are in place for much of Nova Scotia, while New Brunswick is expected to get the most rain. The storm has already caused some U.S. east-coast communities to cancel planned 4th of July celebrations due to safety concerns.

Police look for green F-150 truck in case of missing Calgary boy, grandparents. Police are releasing more information about five-year-old Nathan O’Brien and his grandparents, Alvin and Kathy Liknes, who have not been seen since Sunday. Today, police asked for anyone who saw a green Ford F-150 pickup truck from the ’80s or ’90s in the neighbourhood to come forward. The truck was seen several times on Sunday evening, police said. Police also said, for the first time, that they found enough blood in the home to indicate evidence of violence where the three were last seen.

Hotdog eating champ wins 4th of July competition, proposes to girlfriend. Happy Independence Day to our neighbours to the south. While those not in the path of Hurricane Arthur are celebrating with barbeques, red-white-and-blue desserts and fireworks, it was an extra special holiday for competitive eater Joey Chestnut. The seven-time Nathan’s Hot Dog eating champion chowed down on 61 hotdogs at the annual Coney Island competition today, which was enough to earn him an eighth win. If that wasn’t enough glory, Chestnut dropped to one knee and proposed to his girlfriend Neslie Ricasa after the win. She said yes.

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5 at 5: Conservatives lose refugee health care case

  1. Delighted the Federal Court ruled against the Cons on this. Of all the miserable, rotten, cheap uncanadian things to do…..and to refugees at that…!

  2. It’s time for Canada to be rid of these Liberal appointed social activist judges, what an idiot.

    But what does one expect from a Chretien appointee?

      • You may have expected from a Chretien appointee Emily, they never deliver.

        Why is it that idiot’s like you want to give these bogus refugee claimants more care for free than the average Canadian has to pay for through fees and taxes?

        You’re as smart as a steaming cow pie.

        • We get it, Boob.
          While the consciences of the judge and most decent people are shocked at the denial of critical health care to children, there are a minority of people, like yourself, who prefer to do the denying, and you’re ably represented by the Conservative Party of Canada.

          • They are not being denied basic health services Lentard, they won’t get free dental or free glasses/contacts.

          • As usual, Boob is full of BS.
            From the ruling:
            as a result, a refugee-claimant child with asthma may be able to access emergency room treatment for an acute asthma attack, but could later be left gasping for breath if his impoverished refugee claimant parents could not afford the cost of the child’s asthma medication…
            As a consequence, a child screaming in pain because of an ear infection would not be entitled to funding for any medical care whatsoever, because an ear infection is not a condition that poses a risk to public health or safety. While the child’s parent’s might be able to have the child seen by a doctor through a hospital emergency room, no health insurance coverage would be available to assist with the cost of the antibiotics that would be required to treat the infection.

            In his affidavit, Dr. Rashid described the case of a young child with a fever and cough who was unable to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia – a potentially life-threatening illness – because the child only had PHPS coverage.

            Dr. Caulford described the case of an asthmatic 8 year old from Africa who began coughing and wheezing more severely because his mother could no longer afford medical care and asthma medications after his IFHP coverage was reduced to the PHPS level following the rejection of the family’s refugee claim: Caulford affidavit at para. 17.

          • As usual Lentard displays his lack of basic comprehension skills.

            Rejected refugee claimants should be put on the first available flight back to their country of origin.

            Asthma Inhalers run between about $15 to $35.

            If clues were shoes you’d be barefoot Lenny.

          • So, when you said, “They are not being denied basic health services” were you lying, or just pig-ignorant?

    • Agreed. As we should strive for equality and not this class/cast BS of entitlement.

      The refugees should get the same services as the commoners who pay for it. Beyond that its abuse of taxpayers and not goodness.

      Meanwhile Ottawa does a lot less, and I mean a lot less for our own disabled people. Once disabled, taxes, increasing costs and less than 1/2 poverty level income assures no hope, no benefits and even a well above average suicide rate when the money runs out.

      Lets hope most people don’t find out the raw truths about disabled in Canada. Even USA does better with SSI as it pays disabled more, includes health, dental and drugs…..in Canada you get that only when your homeless and rooms are available.

      I am a disabled, but I had good years and knew from how my grandmother was treated, I had better count on myself and not wait for governemtn to make me the lowest class Canadian.

  3. What should refugees be treated “special”? I just don’t get it.

    Refugees should be treated no different than your average Canadian. Be equal in access, equal in supports….no special treatments.

    But the sad fact is Ottawa doesn’t even support our own disabled people with these benefits. At least USA SSI provides medial, eye-wear, dental and drugs, but Ottawa does not. 90% of the people in my disability group are unemployed, living in abject poverty to a point where most do not even have basic cable and Internet, so poor they are out of sight, so no one cares. No dental other than to yank infected ones on health care as they can’t afford a dentist restoration.

    And if you are a small percentage with money, you get drained on property/utility costs a skyrocketing, diminished income and savings until you lose your home. Once you have lost everything to expenses and taxes, and own nothing, homeless, you can beg for some provincial support, wait homeless until a small subsidized 300 sqft place is available. With spirits broken, not much hope, suicide is high.

    Yet disabled get a lot less, and I mean a lot less than immigrants?

    We are an unequal society for sure. Hypocrites really. Out of sight, out of mind….we ignore our disabled as its all about future taxpayers (babies) to support the statism bloat. CBC even censors truths as corporate/union welfare is more important than the disabled.

    I dare our media to go to CNIB and get accurate statistics on blind disabled, or pick those with wheel chairs or the homeless mentally ill on the streets…..

    Then tell me this is right.

  4. Ottawa trimmed medical benefits for newcomers in 2012, leaving most immigrants with basic, essential health care but without supplementals such as vision and dental care.

    However, rejected refugee claimants — and refugee claimants from countries the government considers safe — are eligible under the new law for care only when they pose a threat to public health.

    Is that clear enough for you Lentard?

    Not………………you’re just too stupid from all of the leftwingnutz indoctrination brainwashing you’ve been exposed to.

    • Yet while discussing the refugee claimants dealt with in the court case in question, who are indeed denied basic health care, you claimed they were “not being denied basic health services”
      The only thing that isn’t clear is whether you were lying or ignorant when you posted that falsehood.

      • Failed rejected bogus refugee claimants, just like your leftwingnut reasoning Lentard.

        • Nope.
          The group also includes any refugee claimants from a list of countries the Conservative government has deemed “safe”.
          Regardless, I understand that you don’t want to tell us whether you were lying or simply ignorant when you claimed this group was “not being denied basic health care services”.
          Neither option is particularly flattering.
          However, I take it you no longer dispute my original observation that, not only are people like you not shocked at the denial of critical health care to the children in question, but you prefer to do the denying?

          I take it you now agree with my comment?

          • This comment has been removed.

          • Rejected refugee claimants and those from safe countries should have no right of appeal, they should be sent back to their country of origin on the first available flight, which means no free medical anything, unless there is a direct threat to public health.

            As far as refugee lawyers go, they are the absolute lowest of the low.

          • This comment has been removed.

            Well, well, the lefties can dish it out but they sure can’t take it, how typical.

            You are a dullard Lentard.

          • All that just to find out that you actually agree with my original comment, and have no problem denying critical health care to children.
            Doesn’t that feel better?
            And telling the truth is so much easier than lying.
            I’m so proud of you, Billy.
            Keep this up and pretty soon you won’t need the cowboy avatar to feel like a big boy.

            P.S. Though it may sometimes seem like adults have the power to do anything, I didn’t remove, nor do I have the ability to remove your comment.

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