Argos distance football team from Rob Ford after lewd comments

‘His leadership is unseemly at best’



Argos distance football team from Rob Ford after lewd comments

  1. Rob Ford is in the wrong province

    • Rob is a product of his environment. He perfectly epitomizes Toronto.

      • LOL no, Toronto the Good is nothing like Rob Ford….and normal people don’t wear cowboy boots.

        • So are yours snakeskin or just regular cowhide?

          • uggghhh don’t you know cowboy hats are so pedestrian, it’s what peasants wear in those dirty little uncultured provinces.

          • I don’t wear workboots, hon.

          • Is that short for honourable?

            You know, I’ve often taken your side on many issues that you’ve commented on in the past, but when you make snooty, “I’m better’n you” comments like that I can’t help but reconsider my opinion of your intelligence.

          • I don’t wear workboots. Statement of fact.

          • Ummm, referring to the “normal people don’t wear cowboy boots”.

            For the record, I don’t wear cowboy boots, but my footwear choices don’t make me any more or less normal, in my opinion.

            Feel free to attempt to change my mind on this – I can hardly wait.

          • Normal people don’t wear work boots for a job they don’t do.

            They dress appropriately.

          • Well, I hope for your sake that you don’t restrict your “friends list” to include only those that fit your myopic view of normal, else you would likely be a sad, lonely One.

            I’m getting a sense that you meant it primarily as a shot at Freaky Ford, but you inadvertently netted a whole schwack of regular folk.

            No harm, no foul.

          • Normal people also don’t wear combat boots, ballet shoes, athletes shoes or construction boots….unless they actually DO any of those things.

            I think you just got wound up because you thought YOUR ox was gored this time.

          • A strange, yet fitting, metaphor.

            I now see that you view being a cowboy as an occupation, rather than the outdoorsy, freedom-loving, glorious lifestyle choice that it actually is.
            City folk are weer.

          • Being a cowboy IS a job….a farm labourer.

            The rest is just Alberta movie mythology.

          • What if you live in Ontario & ride a horse? Will the pumps fit the stirrups? Shall I wear fuzzy bunny slippers to flog my junk on E-bay and call it working from home via the internet?

          • If I’m working from home, I wear my fuzzy bunnies till at least noon.

          • I wore mine until the dog started attacking me. She prefers stuffed squirrels, but…

          • The boys leave my slippers alone, but one of them likes the stuffed frog doorstop.
            Very disturbing what he does to the poor frog, but who am I to get in the way of his true love :p

    • If you mean Alberta you can take a flying leap. I’ll stick with the young, smart and fairly progressive mayors of Edmonton and Calgary.

      • Personally I’d prefer them too….but Con attitude prevails in the worst parts of Toronto.

    • Why would Quebec want him?

  2. I would trade him anytime for the Mayor in ottawa

  3. you think he went to school with harold washington?