Batkid saves San Francisco, restores faith in humanity

Five-year-old cancer survivor gets his wish in San Francisco



Batkid saves San Francisco, restores faith in humanity

  1. That is so incredibly heartwarming…what a kid! I’m proud of everyone who participated and made that happen!

  2. It was touching, but now every kid with cancer that doesn’t get a batmobile and 7,000 volunteers is being shortchanged. For all the time and money put into this, how many more moderate wishes could the foundation have granted?

    • It’s terrible shame we can’t save sick and dying children all over the rest of the world with a few pennies leftover from this.

      Hoping for some happiness for you.

      • As long as I’m not the guy who has to explain to the next several kids who wants to be Batman why 7,000 people didn’t keep showing up and the newspaper didn’t make a special edition yet again.

        • An excellent reason for doing nothing.

  3. I’m speechless. That was amazing. Well done, San Fran.