John Tory, Karen Stintz join race for Toronto mayor -

John Tory, Karen Stintz join race for Toronto mayor

New candidates plus Soknacki make for three fiscally conservative candidates challenging Rob Ford


Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leader John Tory officially joined the race for Toronto mayor Monday morning.

Current Toronto councillor Karen Stintz, who is chair of the Toronto Transit Commission, also made her registration official Monday morning. Stintz, a one-time Rob Ford ally, is also a conservative candidate.

The pair join former mayor David Miller’s budget chief David Soknacki, who announced his candidacy in January, making for three high-profile fiscally conservative candidates who are challenging Ford.

Current NDP MP Olivia Chow is widely expected to join the race as a high-profile left-leaning candidate, but she has not done so officially.

Toronto citizens will vote for their new mayor in October.


John Tory, Karen Stintz join race for Toronto mayor

  1. Perhaps Tory should try to get elected as an alderman first, the we’ll see. Small steps, John, small steps. Most of us don’t think as highly of you as you apparently do.

  2. It looks like the vultures smell decay and are flocking to the buffet!

    There should be enough candidates now to split any credible competitive vote six ways from Sunday! Me thinks Ford has a genuine chance among the vultures clawing at his bones.

    I know the stuffy elite and the self-righteous will be “shocked and dismayed” if Ford should actually win.To me it is past time for this posturing and strutting 1% to get a real wake up call.

    They truly have no idea…

    • True, having a clue is apparently in short supply.