Justin Bieber says he’s retiring; few Beliebe him

‘I think I’m probably gonna quit music,’ Biebs tells radio station


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Justin Bieber says he’s retiring; few Beliebe him

  1. Beiber will retire the same way Amy Winehouse “retired”.

  2. He’s the third of Canada’s international embarrassment trinity with Rob Ford and Conrad Black. Good riddance.

  3. When I was 16, I didn’t have a job. I had a childhood.

    Maybe he just wants to have that.

    I was annoying as hell at 19. Everybody is. Only difference is, when I acted like a 19 year old, I didn’t have every newspaper on Earth reporting on my adolescent nonsense.

    Then again, I didn’t have all that money, either.

    Who knows, maybe he’ll be back after he spends his way through half of it and realizes how good the gravy on that train tastes. For now, he’s got time to be a kid.

    • If you were half as idiotic as Beiber, then shame on you. This kid is an arrogant buffoon.

  4. Forbes estimated a net-worth of $58 million, so I suppose if he wanted to retire he could certainly afford it. Seems what he actually said was ‘quit music’ – so mabye he just wants to turn his focus elsewhere.
    Perhaps he’ll pull a Frankie Muniz and join the racing circuit?