Ottawa gunman brought down by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers

Ottawa gunman brought down by Kevin Vickers, sources tell CP

Michael Zehaf Bibeau was hit several times before being fatally wounded


OTTAWA – The gunman who charged into Parliament after shooting a Canadian Forces reservist was struck by nearly a dozen bullets from security officers and finally was brought down by Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers.

Several sources, who have requested anonymity, have confirmed to The Canadian Press that Michael Zehaf Bibeau was fatally wounded by Vickers near the door of the Parliamentary library.

Police have said that Vickers was involved in Wednesday’s gunfight with Zehaf Bibeau.

Security video released by the RCMP on Thursday showed Zehaf Bibeau’s deadly race from the National War Memorial after he shot Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and hijacked a ministerial car before bursting into the Parliament buildings.

He ran in to Parliament’s Centre Block through the main entrance with RCMP officers in hot pursuit.

The RCMP is charged with assuring the security of the exterior of the Parliament buildings.

A security service source says the gunman was intercepted by a House of Commons security guard who unsuccessfully tried to wrestle his gun away from him.

The guard yelled “Gun!” to warn his colleagues and tried to yank the barrel of the weapon down but Zehaf Bibeau managed to fire, wounding the man.

The gunman then bolted several metres down the Hall of Honour with police and guards chasing him. Shots were fired.

Zehaf Bibeau, his body riddled with bullets, huddled behind a column by the Parliamentary library. It was there that Vickers fired the fatal shots.

The slaying of Cirillo was the second killing of a soldier this week.

On Monday, Warrant Officer Patrice Vincent, 53, was fatally injured when a man identified as Martin Rouleau used his vehicle to run him and a colleague down in a parking lot of a federal building south of Montreal.

Rouleau, 25, fled the scene but was later shot dead after a pursuit in which his car rolled over. Friends said he had become increasingly radicalized.


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Ottawa gunman brought down by Kevin Vickers, sources tell CP

  1. Old timer comes through. Vickers is 58, could have retired 3 or more years ago, but has the old time commitment to the job. Can we vote for Vickers in the next election as we need better options on the ballot.

    Not like so many other security that ignored US warnings, was apathetic.

    So politicians don’t fix the problem, they just discard more of our rights and more money to the incompetent. Hey, why fix the problems when you can further Orwellian Statism?

    Hey, the war on our Liberty, Freedom and Democracy isn’t limited to Islam.

  2. Mr. Vickers seems to be the only one who really knew what had to be done. The bad shooter appears to be a home-grown mess gone off the rails rather than an ISIS recruit. The real question is why did the nuthead even get as close as he did? Why didn’t the police stop him before even got to the building? Even imediately after he shot Cpl. Crillo?

    Insofar as ISIS is concerned, I think it is a mistake to view it as a nasty aberration. A careful reading of the Quran and the Hadiths (supporting writings to the Quran) shows that the main thrust of Islam is for the infidels to convert and if they don’t, the men are dead meat and the women and children are slaves. That is the old way and the path that ISIS is following. I think that the only reason we don’t see it in our immigrant Islamics is that they by and large do not operate under the heavy hand of an Islamic state. Note that in Iran that a woman who defended herself and killed a man raping her was sentenced (get this, the WOMAN was the one that was sentenced – Sharia justice?) Perhaps in the long run we should be having a harder look at who we let into this country.