Stephen Harper pens editorial supporting tough stance on Russia

Stephen Harper pens editorial supporting tough stance on Russia

In an unusual move, the Prime Minister writes that separatists in Ukraine are an extension of Russia’s power


TORONTO – Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the western world can’t soften its tough stand toward Russia over the crisis in Ukraine, even at the expense of the economy.

In an unusual move, Harper has written an editorial on the situation in Ukraine that was published in Saturday’s Globe and Mail.

He writes that although militants in eastern Ukraine are referred to as ‘pro-Russian separatists,’ there is no doubt they are “an extension of the “Russian state.”

Harper accuses Russia of “aggressive militarism” that he says is a threat to not only Ukraine, but Europe and the values that bind Western nations.

Some Canadian companies, notably aircraft maker Bombardier, have expressed concern about doing business in Russia in the face of increasing Canadian sanctions on Russian individuals and entities.

Harper says Canada’s national interests must come first.

“The steps Canada has taken have not been made without careful consideration of their potential impact on Canadian business interests abroad and at home,” Harper writes.

“We will not allow business interests alone to dictate our foreign policy.”

Bombardier said Friday that Canadian sanctions could affect the timeline of the company’s plans to set up a plant in Russia to build regional jets in a project estimated to be worth $3.4 billion.


Stephen Harper pens editorial supporting tough stance on Russia

  1. Harp watches too many American movies, and has confused himself with John Wayne.

    He needs a medical intervention…before he ruins our economy fighting phantoms from the 50s.

    • medical intervention?

      That’s what you need, the psychological variety.

    • Emily,

      You really should restrict your comments to things you know about. That should allow you one post a year, but’s better than nothing.

      When you respond to complex issues you simply embarrass yourself.

  2. “We will not allow business interests alone to dictate our foreign policy.” — Curious statement — up until now, ‘business interests’ has been his primary concern. Do you suppose that he still playing lap dog for the yankees in order to get the keystone deal???? Maybe his chief war-monger, Baird, has finally convinced him to dumb things down so that the common guy like me won’t understand but still like it. My conclusion (in case you’re interested), trying to replay the cold war rhetoric is just plain dumb — we re in the 21st century. Let’s get a prime minister that can read a calendar.

    • You need to join Emily in the psych ward.

    • you are right @jdower.
      Hence, why Stephen, and others in the PMO just like him, are know as the “Harpocrit’s”.

    • JDOWER:

      “The Harper Derangement syndrome is strong in this one”

  3. Are we witnessing our Dear Leader morphing into Margaret Thatcher in jockey shorts? Terrified by them Muslims? Time to role out the Red Menace.
    Putin is a thug, no doubt about it. Get rid of Putin and I suspect much of the bellicosity of Russia would disappear with him.

    • Just another Leftard

    • Margarent Thatcher in Jockey shorts….in an advanced stage of Alzheimers, still had more sense than you selena.