Velveeta shortage causes a #Cheesepocalypse

Processed-cheese lovers voiced fears of life without Velveeta’s soft creamy goodness


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Velveeta shortage causes a #Cheesepocalypse

  1. This is the next phase of the depression, inflation.

    Debt-depression economics has reduced costs as far as they can, costs are cut to the bone and price rises reduce sales. So in fact, there is no real shortage, just a shortage of people willing to pay more with less value money.

    USA has the same issue as Canada, hidden inflation from devalued money from excessive ponzi debt fraud. Debt is never free and easy, just a mater of who and how its paid for. In this case, shortages and inflation will mark how 2014 works.

    Next lot of Velvetta cheese will be 20% more expensive. US price was $5.38/kg or so, more in Canada as Ottawa/Saputo tariff and price protectionisms making it even more expensive for us, now also 8.2% more expensive because CAD currency value drop.

    Get ready for hyperinflation people. Debt is never free and easy, it will be passed on as compounding inflation tax.

  2. I’m sorry. I am wasting my life reading stuff like this, but I can’t stop.