Your morning five: Crimea’s government breaks with Kyiv

Also: A spring election could be coming in Quebec


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We tell you five things you need to know this morning.

1. Crimea’s new PM breaks with Kyiv. Sergey Aksenov, Crimea’s new prime minister, says the new government in Kyiv is “mad” and has requested all Ukrainian forces leave Crimea. The town of Novo-Ozerne is divided between residents loyal to the new Ukrainian government and the de facto Russian occupiers. Meanwhile, Russian president Vladimir Putin still reserves the right to use force in Ukraine, where he insists an anti-constitutional, western-backed coup forced the resignation of former president Viktor Yanukovych. No matter the sanctions threatened, Putin says the west will come to regret its hostile language. Eastern European nations are nervous. China considers its position with some caution.

2. Pauline Marois is expected to call an election for April 7. Quebec’s premier will ask the province to go to the polls, confident her government’s proposed charter of values will sway enough voters to her side. The Globe and Mail’s Rhéal Séguin reports that Marois will call the election tomorrow, following a cabinet meeting. She’ll hope, of course, to win a majority government after 18 months in a minority position. Philippe Couillard, her Liberal counterpart, will attempt to stymie those plans in his first election as leader.

3. Abdul Fattah al-Sisi could still run for president. Egypt’s defence minister, who was widely assumed to be leaving cabinet to pursue a presidential run, seemed to waver, and claimed to be awaiting a new election law before declaring any candidacy. But now he’s let slip that “official procedures” were on the way shortly, so it appears the worst-kept secret in Cairo will finally be put to rest.

4. Venezuela’s unrest goes global. Foreign minister Elias Jaua told the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva yesterday that, after weeks of violence in his country, only three Venezuelans were dead at the hands of illegal police action—which, he said, should be prosecuted accordingly. Jaua’s furious opposition, including prominent state governor Henrique Capriles Radonski, petitioned the UN council to hear the other side of the story. Meanwhile, protests and roadblocks continue in the streets.

5. Rob Ford appeared on late-night television. “I wasn’t elected to be perfect, Jimmy,” Toronto’s mayor told Jimmy Kimmel, the host of Jimmy Kimmel Live! Kimmel mocked the mayor repeatedly, and the mayor just chuckled nervously and defended himself in all the ways that have become second nature. His message, as usual, was Toronto Toronto Toronto booming booming booming.

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Your morning five: Crimea’s government breaks with Kyiv

  1. Yes, love him or hate him Viktor Yanukovych is the legitimately elected president of Ukraine, yet we are backing mob rule. We will come to regret demonizing Putin.

    • Why am I not even remotely surprised to see the far-left wingers like yourself have come around to supporting Putin and his illegal occupation? Is it because Harper supports the Ukrainian people, so it’s your sworn duty to oppose Harper and the Ukrainian people’s right to a democratic government?

      • LOL still shark-jumping I see.

        PS….rightwingers loved Putin over his stand on gays, and his halting of Obama’s stand on Syria… sure are a changeable bunch.

        • Please point me to a single instance of a right-winger saying anything positive about Putin. I know you won’t, but I have to ask.

    • “…yet we are backing mob rule.”

      “In fact, it was a classic popular revolution. It began with an unmistakably reactionary regime. A leader sought to gather all power, political as well as financial, in his own hands. This leader came to power in democratic elections, to be sure, but then altered the system from within. For example, the leader had been a common criminal: a rapist and a thief. He found a judge who was willing to misplace documents related to his case. That judge then became the chief justice of the Supreme Court.”

      • Then vote him out.

        • Hahaha! Did you read the article? He was imprisoning his political opponents. You are talking about a man who shoots journalists and students in a peaceful protest….you honestly believe he would let himself be “voted out?”

          • It doesn’t matter what he was doing…..he is the legally elected president of the country.

          • Glad to hear the next time the US votes in a George Bush-like president, you’ll support whatever armed annexation he engages in. We’ll hold you to it.

          • I’m not an American.

      • Great article. Thank you for sharing.

    • And we will never regret poking the Russian bear because bullies always back down when confronted.

      • LOL yeah right.

      • She supports Putin and his “right” to invade any damn country he sees fit to invade. I think that says all one needs to know about Emily.

        • Agreed

          • Oh look…..Ricks acquired a wind-up pup!

        • Hey…..same argument you used for Bush and his invasions.

          It’s only ‘wrong’ when it’s Putin.

    • Excellent post. (YOURS)………….Direct hit on the target.
      (NOT sarcasm either)

      • Why thank you sir!

      • Funny how whenever someone praises Emily, they need to qualify that they’re not being sarcastic. That says more than your praise my friend. Much more.

        • Emily HAS Intelligence…Others have to be TOLD WHEN sarcasm IS being used or not.
          Can you understand that ? (doubt it)

  2. The 1.5 million people in Canada who claim Ukrainian descent are the single largest group of Ukrainians outside of the Ukraine itself. IMHO, Harper doesn’t give a hoot about the nitty gritty of what goes down in that country, he’s playing politics. Those who might question that, just take a look at who went on the flight to Kiev.

    • Your premise is flawed in implying that Harper gives a damn about the nitty gritty of most things he presents to the public. That is anything that doesn’t have to do with grandstanding, politicking and PR.

  3. Anarchy = When a group of people (protesters) throw an elected government out.