Your morning five: Patrick Brazeau is under arrest

Also: Heartbleed threatens your cybersecurity



We tell you five things  you need to know this morning.

1. Patrick Brazeau is under arrest. The suspended senator, who recently took a job as day manager of an Ottawa strip club and is already fighting assault and sexual assault charges related to a 2013 domestic incident, was arrested at 4 a.m. in the east end of Gatineau, Que. Police told CBC News that the troubled former aboriginal leader faces more charges in connection with this morning’s incident, including possession of cocaine, assault and uttering threats.

2. The Heartbleed bug paralyzes the taxman. A gaping hole in online security technology common to half a million websites has left consumers open to nefarious hackers who, with the right tool, may acquire access to reams of personal data. Heartbleed, a bug in widely used OpenSSL software, exposes computers by intercepting data that’s sent in small packages to encrypted websites. Tumblr, among other popular sites, warns users to change all of their important passwords. The Canada Revenue Agency responded to the potential breach by shutting down its online services temporarily.

3. The world’s biggest election continues. India’s month-long election may have started on Tuesday, when a couple of northern states went to the polls, but today 14 other states and 110 million potential voters get the chance to cast a ballot. They’ll decide the results of 91 of the country’s 543 seats in parliaments, though votes won’t be tabulated until May 16. The ruling Congress party hopes to fend off challenges from the opposition BJP and the upstart, anti-corruption Aam Aadmi Party.

4. Ukraine faces down protesters. The pro-Russian occupiers of administrative buildings in south and eastern Ukraine have been warned: vacate the premises or be removed by force. Those occupying a security service building in Luhansk released 56 hostages yesterday, but later hanged an effigy of former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko outside the building. Meanwhile, four-star American general Philip Breedlove didn’t rule out sending U.S. troops to NATO countries that border Russia.

5. Experts oppose a lakefront hotel. Jasper Park’s iconic Maligne Lake currently welcomes visitors only between normal business hours, a measure intended to protect the area’s sensitive ecosystem. Maligne Tours wants to open the lake to visitors around the clock, and build expanded accommodations to that end. Three former Parks Canada executives—a director general, a scientist and a park superintendent—pleaded in a letter to Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq that she block the development. Expert opinions vs. job creation: Who do you think will win the day?

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Your morning five: Patrick Brazeau is under arrest

  1. Maligne Lake – now open for business! Thanks, Economic Action Plan!

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