New medal distinction to honour Canadian veterans of Bomber Command


OTTAWA – Canadians who served in Bomber Command during the Second World War are getting a special distinction to mark their service, almost 70 years after the conflict ended.

They will now be able to apply for a unique commemorative bar to be worn on the ribbon of the Canadian Volunteer Service Medal.

It’s similar to the bars awarded in the 1990s to veterans of the Dieppe Raid and the defence of Hong Kong.

Although many different campaigns were recognized by special medals after the war, Bomber Command vets were denied one.

The bombing campaign over Europe was a perilous assignment and about 10,000 of the 55,000 Canadians who took part were killed.

It is also a controversial campaign, because of the numbers of civilians killed during years of attacks on German cities.


New medal distinction to honour Canadian veterans of Bomber Command

  1. Ummm… if you’re going to award people a medal or distinction, perhaps you should do it sometime when a number of them might be, I don’t know, ALIVE?! I’m not a historian, but didn’t the Second World War end in 1945? And I’m not a mathematician, but isn’t that 58 years ago?

    I’m not knowledgeable enough to engage in the debate over whether the tactics of Bomber Command were appropriate (too young, and my father was in the Sherbrooke Fusiliers, firmly attached to the ground in a Sherman), but it seems to me that it would have been nice to honour those who returned to Canada from serving in Bomber Command before they died of old age.

    • It’s actually 68 years. I do agree it’s a “tad” late. As for the bemoaning German civilian casualties, then perhaps we should be mourning allied civilian casualties.

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