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Political Yearbook

Newsmakers ’09: Ottawa’s hall monitor, gossip girl, head cheerleader and more



Political Yearbook

  1. This is great! Although I've noticed lately that Diane Ablonscy no longer seems to pay attention of care at all about what's up in HoC. She's perpetually glued to her blackberry — not even bobbing her head for steve most days!

  2. Ruby, she's more of a, let me hire you ,and treat you like dirt kinda girl.

    • Way to get the joke. Does the whooshing sound above your head ever get annoying?

      (By, the w,ay, you may want, to le,a,r,n, abou,t comma use.)

  3. Duceppe, is the lame political activist student, that no one ever gave a #$%@ about in school : )

  4. Jim Flaherty – Home Ec