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Obama speech to let Alberta move faster on climate change: ministers


EDMONTON – Alberta cabinet ministers are praising U.S. President Barack Obama’s recent remarks on climate change.

They say the president’s state of the union address shows the U.S. is catching up to Alberta on the issue and allows the province to move even faster to combat the problem.

Still, Environment Minister Diana McQueen says she has asked the group setting up a monitoring agency for the oilsands to speed up their work.

She’s also asked her staff to come up with a renewed climate change strategy, which could include increasing the $15 per tonne the province puts on carbon emissions.

Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Cal Dallas says government officials are considering another trip to Washington to make their case about the steps Alberta is taking to develop the oilsands responsibly.

Obama and Secretary of State John Kerry are expected to make a decision soon on the Keystone XL pipeline.

The pipeline is considered as crucial to move more oilsands bitumen to markets, but is bitterly opposed by American environmentalists as long-term infrastructure that will lock the U.S. into high-carbon fuels.

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Obama speech to let Alberta move faster on climate change: ministers

  1. Glo-Bull Warming is the biggest fraud ever perpetrated in human history.

    • And Al Gore is historys biggest liar

  2. We desperately need to get out from under this pack of Liberals in sheep’s clothing that are intent on running Alberta into the Politically Correct ground.

    The globe stopped warming on its own over a decade ago:

    We need not squander staggering amounts of time, money, or other resources to stave off a supposed ‘disaster’ that shows no signs of occurring.

  3. Election Promise:
    Obama is promising to make the weather better with bank funded and corporate run carbon trading stock markets controlled by politicians and by taxing the CO2 in the air we breathe. At least Bushe’s false war didn’t condemn my kids to the greenhouse gas ovens of an exaggerated climate crisis!

    History will note that the IPCC has never said a crisis is imminent or impending or inevitable or certain or unavoidable or assured or guaranteed or “will happen”. Not once! Because every warning is qualified with maybes; “could be” and “likely” and “potentially”….. If it were a crisis they would have said so.

    Science agrees; “it is real and happening and it could cause (never will cause) a climate crisis.

    Its’ been 27 years!