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Of these scandal-plagued Canadian senators, whose behaviour troubles you the most?


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Of these scandal-plagued Canadian senators, whose behaviour troubles you the most?

  1. Really? A lot of people out there think stealing money and lying about it is worse than hitting a woman and pushing her down the stairs? There shouldn’t even be a contest in this one, people.

    • At this point, that is still only an allegation. But it’s been proven – at least to my satisfaction – that all four were stealing from us. If Brazeau is found guilty of assault – sexual or common – against a woman then he will indeed move to the bottom of the heap.

      • I’ve still got to put Brazeau at the bottom of the heap today. Everyone’s innocent until proven guilty, but as of right now Brazeau is the only person listed above who’s been charged with a crime, and a violent crime at that. If he’s found not guilty, then maybe the others move up on my list of Senators who have most disappointed me. In the meantime though, if you give me a list of four legislators, and only one of the four has been charged with a crime, then the one who’s actually been charged with a crime has to go on the top of my “most disappointing list” until one of the others is at least facing a criminal charge of some sort.

        • Your faith in the wisdom of the justice system is a wee bit misplaced, IMO. Being charged with a crime is not proof of a crime. The decision to lay a charge (or not) is more often dependant on the power/position of the subject rather than the strength of the case against the subject. If any of the four were an Associate at Walmart, they would already be out of a job and would already have been charged with theft, embezzlement, fraud or some similar criminal charge.

          As far as Brazeau’s charges for violence, I think it’s wise to wait to see what comes of the trial. Domestic violence charges are fraught with prejudices, and this case more than most. Brazeau is hardly a sympathetic character, but he is still entitled to the presumption of innocence.

          • Again, it’s just a criminal charge, sure, but it’s one more criminal charge than any of the other Senators are facing.

            OF COURSE Brazeau is innocent until proven guilty, but if I’m going to be asked which Senator disappoints me the most from a list of Senators, and only ONE of those Senators has even been charged with a crime, and has been suspended from the Senate, I don’t see how that Senator can’t be the one who’s been most disappointing thus far.

            “Charged with a crime” may not be a high bar, but it’s SOMETHING that distinguishes the person charged from people NOT charged with a crime (yet).

          • If a woman accuses a man of assault then the assault charge is automatic, or at least the next best thing to automatic. When ordinary taxpayers are credibly accused of defrauding their employers – with documented evidence – criminal charges are also automatic. The only reason none of these Senators have been charged is because they are Senators.

            The decision to charge – or not to charge – is not based on evidence, it’s based on politics, pure and simple.

    • Perhaps it’s that many people answering the question are thinking of it only in terms of their Senate-related behaviour.

      • The majority of people can’t look at more than a single incident at a time, or a single facet of any given situation, let alone multiple situations which requires greater thought.

        Most people don’t even understand that this is nothing more than a distraction from the other problems which are looming overhead. Almost everyone “believes” that the economic crisis is over.

        Fact is, we have no more money than the states, or the EU. We’re going to learn soon enough, but in the meantime, the distractions are all we pay any attention to. It’s almost as they were designed for that very purpose…

        If we allowed the Bank of Canada to print our currency, and if we hadn’t deliberately sold off ALL of the Canadian gold reserves “while it was cheap”, we’d stand a chance, but the math shows that we’re in for a whole heap o’ trouble, and it’s coming a lot sooner than most people realize.

  2. I agree with Thwim that it’s odd that Brazeau isn’t running away with this one. Nefarious spending is one thing, but being charged with assault and sexual assault is something else entirely. There’s a reason he’s the only person on this list who’s been put on a leave of absence from the Senate. Is it just that the criminal charges against him haven’t gotten enough play in the media relative to the others?

    It’s also strange to me that Wallin is higher than Duffy. It seems to me that Wallin and Duffy both did essentially the same things, but it was DUFFY who got the Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff to pay back his misappropriated funds for him.

    • I think Duffy (and Harb) are a little bit less culpable because neither of them seem to be the brightest fellows. Wallin, on the other hand, seems to be an intelligent and capable person. Duffy, god bless his stupid heart, was just doing what he was told and Mac Harb thinks there are aliens walking among us. I think in the court of public opinion they have been found less guilty due to diminished capacity.

      In Duffy’s case, particularly, I doubt there is one person in one hundred who believes he decided on his own to start cheating on his expenses to benefit the Conservative Party. He was told to cheat for the party and he then decided to cheat for himself too. Who do you think was coaching him? Gerstien and Findley, his senate colleagues who made a career out of bending and breaking the rules and got their rewards from a grateful Stephen Harper.

    • You’ll be pleased to know Duffy has taken the lead…

  3. It’s all wrong, guys….there is no ‘winner’ here.

    • Yup!

  4. While his name is not on this list, I am most troubled by Stephen Harper’s behaviour. He choose three of the four as his partisan lackeys for party marketing. He choose to support Wallin above the rest. Although I usually vote Conservative, this is a game changer for me. Unless if course this is really his obtuse way of convincing Canadians to either abolish or reform the Senate. I don’t personally think politicians are that smart.

    • I think you are next in line for a lobotomy, just in time eh.

  5. You forgot to add …… “All of the above” as a choice in the poll!

    • I’d like to add the Conservative Party of Canada to the list. Their fingerprints are all over this.

  6. I hope these investigations contribute to the total abolition of the Senate – a useless institution. While working as a federal civil servant I did witness colleagues “beefing up” their expense claims – although their offenses were no where near the size of the white collar crime we see in this story. It was reported in the news that Duffy was a problem when he worked for CTV. When an employee in either the private or (especially) the public sector steals from their employer the consequence should be 1) a lengthy leave without pay, or 2) immediate dismissal, depending on the size of the transgression. People who steal – even on their travel claims – always have other personality traits which make them less than desirable employees or politicians.

  7. For years we have tended to trust our Media. We have always understood that they write and present the news from their own point of view, and we make allowances for that, but we tended to believe that it was at least an HONEST POINT OF VIEW.

    This indicates that they have no honesty in them – HAVE THEY ALWAYS been for sale to the highest bidder? How much of our public’s (my) world view has been tainted by BOUGHT and PAID FOR for Media representatives? How many more are out there, like those two?

    • That has crossed my mind also. Their actions in the Senate have now also retroactively tarnished their reputations as journalists.

  8. …and let’s ignore the fact that the chief criminal of Canada is about to make 30,000+ Canadians criminals PURELY so that he can fill prisons we didn’t need, by creating 30,000+ “criminals on paper” to fill them.

    We keep getting distracted from tens of billions of dollars in DELIBERATE WASTE by piddly little things that don’t amount to a drop in the ocean…and people wonder why Emperor Harperius always gets away with whatever he does to Canada, and it’s people.

    • So why are we still voting for the conservative/reform party. Wake up Canada these are these are wolves in conservative clothing. I have voted for the old conservative party several times. They like the rest of the parties have always had some corruption but this new version of repainted reformers have taken us to a new low.

      • Actually, the majority of Canadians do NOT support the fraud in office at the present time.

        Trouble is, with only 60% (or less, by some estimates), this translates into 27% being “a majority” in Canada, due to fraudulent election practices.

        We could have fixed the problem, and Emperor Harperius himself suggested we do that…before he USED IT to his advantage…now he doesn’t talk about fixing the flaws in the voting system any more.


        • This comment was deleted.

          • When Harper said “Canadians don’t care about that”, he was right. We don’t see the writing on the wall, because we’re the same as every other failing society on the planet: We REFUSE to learn from history, and we MUST continue to concentrate our time on our own entertainment, at all costs, until it’s too late.

            Only after the damage is done and it is completely irrevocable will we “start to think that maybe we should start thinking about doing something about that.”

            We never learn that the liars are lying because we don’t want to learn, and we never believe that those who tell the truth are just telling us the truth, so we spend time ridiculing those who tell us the truth, buying into the lies, because the lies are more palatable to the wilfully ignorant than the reality that is coming our way. The lies prevent us from doing anything, because we PREFER to believe the liars, and we can never believe that anything like that could ever happen in “our country.”

            But it’s OK, because we all know that “someone (else) is going to take care of that…so we don’t have to waste our time.”

            And then…we’re all completely shocked…again.

    • Amen brother !

  9. They are all corrupt. I would even include the NDP MP that didn’t pay taxes, same with Jack and Olivia double dipping on housing allowances. Sorry NDP, you are no saints, even though you don’t have any senators ….to be corrupt.

  10. Soooo disappointed! What else can one say.

  11. And who appointed most of this pack of thieves to the Senate? What a disappointment!

  12. Stop calling their actions ‘shenanigans’ or fiddling or whatever. Theft is theft. Send them all to jail. Paying it back is just not enough and is certainly not “tough on crime”!

  13. Wrong is wrong. Period.

  14. If I refuse to work, I don’t get paid; ALL parliamentarians don’t go to wok [prorogued] and they keep their pay and perks!? FIRE ALL OF THEM.

  15. Nice! I love the order they put them in. As well as not even spelling Marc correctly.

  16. They all do in their own way. But I’ve heard the most about Duffy. It bothers me that here’s a guy who had a presumably lucrative career in journalism and the public speaking circuit, then got on as a senator, took money he wasn’t entitled to and it all seems to have disappeared. You’d think he’d have a few bucks set aside, even just the misappropriated money should have still been available. But he claims he can’t afford to repay it himself. So where did what should have been a fortune saved up over the years go? No man like that should be in public office. If you can’t manage your own finances I don’t want you influencing mine. I don’t care that someone else paid it for him. That’s between them. But that shouldn’t be the end of it. If the worst that could happen to a thief is he is required to pay it back there’d be a lot more theft.

  17. The guy whose behaviour troubles me the most is the guy who appointed 3 of them

    • Oh puh-lease! Non sense!

  18. Duffy is the biggest concern. The guy did not even have enough money to pay it back when they asked him to.
    This guy lives the Champagne lifestyle on the Champagne diet and still cant make ends meet.
    This is the ultimate in greed and excess all bottled up in the entitlement generation.

    • NO he is not, as much as an ass as he is, is the Liberal Senator Mac Harb who is the biggest concern.

  19. I find all of their behaviors very troublesome but Mac Harb is the worst, he purposely schemed this kinda odd ponzi housing scheme to get more money, it was a very deliberate attempt to commit fraud..

  20. Clearly Harper’s behavior is far the worse followed by his Wright hand man . They secretly conspired to not have Duffy pay back the money . Where did that $90,000 really came from and why did they choose to help only Duffy remains a secret