On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you worry about the economy?


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On a scale of 1 to 5, how much do you worry about the economy?

  1. No, I am not. But, having said that, what else can they do, because if they shove her under the bus, she might just come back and disclose either that someone else inserted the 'not' [someone in the PMO for instance] or who instructed her to do it. Also, shouldnt a changed document have the changes initialled in order for it to be valid? Where does our 'law and order' government stand on this? – or is it just the laws that you agree with? hmmm.

  2. I am so sick of excuses, this government makes excuses for everything that one of their members does. The law is quite specific on this. Let her
    go get her out of there. You do the crime you pay the time. The canadian public now cannot believe anything that this government does.

  3. Bev Oda or anybody else, I'm sure that whoever was 'in charge' of the economy at this time would be getting a lot of flack. In general, it's a time when the economic situation scares people..It may not be worded this way but I'm sure that something like "Will I be flushed down the drain by this decline?" And yet, there've been so many times in the past when the nation's financial situation looked dark but we're still alive and, on the whole we're still 'alive & kicking' as a nation,

    Now, as for me, I'm a retired teacher with a fixed income. Although my pension is indexed, there's no way that it'll be able to keep up with these sudden and dramatic rises in the costs of living if they continue the way they are at the moment…

    Increased prices at the fuel pump, the grocery, hydro, etc. will take a whack out of my I/O balance but, unless things get ridiculoulsy high over the next handful of years, we should be OK.

    I feel badly for those who's fixed income is not as healthy or secure as mine. It could become terribly difficult for them.

  4. A coalition of socialists would destroy the Canadian economy, obviously, so long as the left leaning radicals are kept out of power we should be fine, except in Ontario of course, corrupt Liberals are burning our money like there's no tomorrow. The majority of people in Ontario voted to become a 'have-not' province by voting for socialists, so nothing can be done about that.

    • Hmm – don't let the facts get in the way of a good line of blather.
      An exercise in relating fact to fiction:
      1) look up the definition of socialists & apply that to your rant.
      2) Explain how the current gov't in Ontario is more or less corrupt than the then provincial minister (current Federal finance minister) who told Ontario there was no deficit until someone checked the books. And explain the similarity to morerecent assurances "there will be no recession"
      3) Explain where on the ballots which box was for the choice you allege – it certainly wasn't on the ballot I was given. And which box would have provided immunity from a world-wide downturn?

      And explain why I would trust any politician?

      • You don't trust any politician yet you vote? That doesn't make much sense.

        Socialists take other people's money and spend it on priveleged special interest groups that buy them positive media spin so they can get elected to take more money from people – that can easily be applied to corrupt Liberals, the NDP, Greens or Bloc.

  5. America is bankrupt.

    THE END.

    • If enough real Americans discover their own Constitution and dust it off – they'll throw the bums out and their economy will come back better than before.
      But there may not be enough Americans who believe in the ideals that made the country an economic powerhouse in the first place.
      Obama is a hard-core socialist at heart, and he doesn't have much respect for American law – evidenced by his recent decrees. So we can't expect him to respect the Constitution or any of the ideals that made America.

      In 2012 Americans will have to choose between socialist decline and a bright future, hopefully they choose a better future.

  6. This Government is doing all it can do; coast; push the conservative envelope and hope the public remains mesmerized until another election passes. Conservative style tax breaks to corporations, drawn on party lines rather than reason are so typical of what this Government is about.

    I get the PMO newsletter email, sometimes 6 times a day as releases come out. 8 out of 10 of them are about photo opportunities to catch Harper in all his glory and, make sure you arrive early and bring credentials. That is what this Government is all about; image and no substance.

  7. In the USA people say “what me worry.” In Canada people are so heavily taxed that they should be worried.

  8. A five-point sliding scale produces a bell-curve. I’m shocked. This survey says more about statistical probablilities and human behaviour than the state of the economy either positive or negative.

  9. We are doing fine in Canada relax everybody. We are at the bottom of a soon to be decade long expansion.Canada is positioned well.

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