On election watch in Quebec

Quebec Premier Pauline Marois expected to call election for April 7


QUEBEC – Quebec Premier Pauline Marois is widely expected to call an April 7 general election this morning.

Marois is to meet with her cabinet at 9 a.m. eastern and the Parti Quebecois has asked reporters to meet at 10 a.m. near the lieutenant-governor’s office.

Marois must meet Lt.-Gov. Pierre Duchesne before making the official election call.

Election fever has been building in recent days amid a flurry of spending announcements from the minority PQ government as well as the introduction of candidates for various parties.

The PQ is currently leading in public opinion polls, followed by the Liberals and the Coalition for Quebec’s Future.

Liberal Leader Philippe Couillard says his party will focus during the campaign on the concerns of Quebecers, including health care, education and jobs.

Coalition Leader Francois Legault is accusing Marois of wanting to run her campaign on the PQ’s controversial secularism charter.

He says the emphasis should be on the economy.

The PQ’s opponents have accused it of mismanaging the economy and say Quebec is living beyond its means.

Marois defeated Jean Charest’s Liberals to win the provincial election in September 2012.


On election watch in Quebec

  1. The opposition parties are ALL working hard to DESTROY their CREDIBILITY in Quebec.
    Ranting about how “the Charter” is biased and unjust.
    IT IS NOT .. Quebec is only showing their Government wants no ADVERTISING of religious viewpoints when the Quebec Provincial Government employees are transacting with the public.
    SEPARATION of Religion and State IS A BASIC concept of Democracy.

    Marois appreciates their( the opposition`s) STUPIDITY in campaigning FOR HER!!

    • Or, maybe, it’s time for Quebec to leave, as the rest of the nation will call her bluff.

      • As far as the PERSONAL “motives” of Marois……..it is always amusing how ALL politicians BLEAT about “serving the public”.
        The truth is she is looking for POWER FOR HERSELF …just as ALL the
        other sanctimonious hypocrites. are …. WHATEVER party they belong to.

        Breaking up Canada is certainly short sighted and bloody stupid…whoever proposes this.

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