On May 2, will you be voting *for* someone, or *against* someone else?


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On May 2, will you be voting *for* someone, or *against* someone else?

  1. Due to the stupidity of our electoral system, I will be voting against my preferred party so as to keep the really bad guys out.

  2. For the first time in a long time…I can't find a single candidate, leader, party to toss my $1.95 – There really doesn't seem to be anyone this time around.

  3. Both

  4. Why would any Canadian in their left mind vote NDP?!…

    A party who has forced MEDICARE on every CDN?, only people who can pay out of their own pockets wile bleeding to death in a ditch should be able to get medical treatment or too bad!…

    A party whose founder Tommy Douglas was voted the GREATEST CANADIAN in the history of our country!, who does he think he is?!…

    A party who cares about the people?!?!, forget the people!, what about the oil companies, banks & big corporations?!, their only making millions in profits!, crap I'm out of bread & water again…

    A leader who thinks the credit card companies are charging us to much interest?!, who cares if Canadians are drowning themselves in dept!, keep the government out of the billionaires business!…

    I mean geeze baaa! The other parties & media etc keep telling me not to vote NDP baaa! they say the SKY WILL FALL! baaa! you'd be crazy baaa! to think for yourself! baaa! you know you can TRUST what baaa! the other parties tell you to FEAR baaa!.


    • Only a Con could hate like that!!

    • Science? meh
      Accountability? meh
      Transparency? meh
      Democracy? meh

      Too bad Harper is not living up to his own high standards that he set after adscam…time to hold him accountable.

      Vote Anything But Conservative.

      • I agree. This time we need to make Harper accountable for failed promises

  5. antie harper NPD or Liberal thats the two everyone should vote for

  6. I'm voting for my local candidate to win. She's well educated, knows the area, seems like a go-getter, and most importantly, seems to actually give a damn about Calgary-East, my local riding.

    So on May 2, I'm voting for Josipa Petrunic.

    • I feel exactly the same about my preferred candidate, Bernadette Clement , here in S,D&South Glengarry!

    • It doesn't hurt that shes gorgeous as well, right?

  7. My local guy is going to win easily, always does. So I think for fun I might spoil my ballot and vote for the Greens, just for a laugh.

    • And that was my point above…the party I want to vote for has a local candidate who will probably win but who does not meet with my approval. Do I still vote for him because he is with the party I want to support? Doesn't sit right with me.

      So do I toss my $1.95 to another party just for a laugh? Doesn't sit right with me either.

      I wish we could vote for Prime Minister and local candidates and I wish the $1.95 didn't exist so it wouldn't be a factor in my decision making.

  8. Canadians, don't buy the FEAR…

    The New Democratic Party in the year 2011 are a CENTER-LEFT party, if you want to talk political spectrum. NOT an "EXTREME-LEFT", "FAR-LEFT", "SOCIALIST", 1902 un-democratic cut off your head if you don't comply, party…

    In the year 2011? in our DEMOCRATIC country? where the politicians are accountable to the PEOPLE?, NOT the other way around…(like Harper would have) The 1902 FEAR MONGERING catchphrases are just ridicules American style babble.

    The CENTER-left NDP will do whatever it takes to stay in power, no differently then ANY other political party, & WOW?! if they make mistakes? like EVERY other party in history?!, then VOTE them out. Back in the CONTEXT that these FEAR MONGERS are trying to use them in today?, they had NO VOTE.

    All I know is JACK is a SAINT compared to Harper. BY FAR the hardest working MP in Parliament for the PEOPLE, not to mention his team. The only thing any Canadian who cares about what's LEFT of Canada should FEAR is the Harper Regime.

    Anyone tells you different?, they are just trying to SCARE you into not voting for JACK, Boo!…

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