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Police confirm body of Lisa Gibson has been recovered from Red River


INNIPEG – Police confirmed Sunday that a body pulled from Winnipeg’s Red River was that of Lisa Gibson, the mother of two children who died four days earlier. But there remain many unanswered questions about the three deaths, which appeared to stem from an incident in the family’s home.

“The investigation remains open and continues by members of our homicide unit,” Const. Eric Hofley told reporters on Sunday.

“There’s been a lot of speculation out there in the media and in the public, however investigators have to ensure that every possible avenue has been followed up.”

Gibson’s family was requesting privacy, Hofley added.

Gibson, 32, had been missing since Wednesday when her two young children were found in critical condition inside their house. The two-year-old girl and three-month-old baby boy were taken to hospital where they were pronounced dead.

Gibson was the last person to be with the children, police said, but they did not label her a suspect, and would only say they were concerned for her well-being. By Friday, a dive team was searching the Assiniboine River near the family’s home. Her body was found Saturday downstream, not far from where the Assiniboine empties into the Red.

There are media reports Gibson suffered from post-partum depression, and that the children were found in a bathtub inside the home.

Police said autopsies have been conducted, but would not release details.

“At this point, the results of those autopsies have to be fully looked at by those investigators to determine if perhaps there are some other explanation as to the cause of this incident,” Hofley said.

“It has been speculated that Ms. Gibson is responsible for this, but until all the evidence has come forward, officers need to be aware and not rule out any possibility that perhaps someone else is responsible.”

Gibson’s open Facebook page, which has since been restricted, was full of happy pictures of her children: Anna, age two, and Nicholas, almost three months old.

The page included a family photo that appeared to be taken at a hospital shortly after the birth of Nicholas in April, along with a proud birth announcement.

The last posting was mid-June — a picture of Anna with the caption reading: “Man I love this kid.”

The page also included a picture of Gibson’s husband, Brian, who was not at home at the time of the deaths.

“I can’t imagine how Mr. Gibson is doing (at) this point. Certainly, my thoughts are with him,” Hofley said.

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Police confirm body of Lisa Gibson has been recovered from Red River

  1. Have public health authorities dropped the ball by not providing lists of warning signs that could tips off families in time to at least save the children? Can they provide public education now?

    There were likely lots of warning signs and a need for assistance in the home and for the mother to be hospitalized. Too many take new mothers for granted. Many moms are far too exhausted and need help. And where are needed mother’s relief programs for unwell moms? These must be set up. Rigid family thinking must end so women can get the help they need.

    And, since we are on this topic, where are the efficacious mother and child support programs for mentally ill and severely personality disordered moms, whose symptoms are often developed and then exacerbated by iatrogenic psychiatry, not helped? Flawed mental health care is dropping the ball repeatedly.

  2. There needs to be help that is well advertised and available for parents that are exhausted and at “the end of their rope”. This poor woman obviously didn’t see or couldn’t contemplate another option. The outcome was truly horrific. If only she knew she had somewhere to turn to…..