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PQ should use public funds to promote independence: Parizeau


MONTREAL – Former Parti Quebecois premier Jacques Parizeau is taking aim at the current party leadership, saying it should do more to promote sovereignty.

Parizeau, an influential figure who nearly led Quebec to independence in 1995, says the PQ government shouldn’t shy away from using public funds to work toward independence.

The PQ recently denied charges from the opposition that it was using bureaucrats to develop a strategy to achieve sovereignty.

Parizeau made the comments at a Saturday meeting for the fledgling, pro-independence party Option nationale.

The 82-year-old continues to build ties with the new party.

Option nationale didn’t win any seats in the last provincial election but promises a more aggressive pursuit of Quebec statehood.

This isn’t the first time Parizeau has been critical of the PQ.

Last month, he called on Premier Pauline Marois to consider a policy of free tuition at Quebec universities, even though the government had ruled out that possibility.

At the Option nationale meeting, Parizeau told a packed hall that the goal of Quebec independence remains attainable — and that the PQ should be doing all it can to make it happen.

“For 15 years, I’ve heard successive leaders of the Parti Quebecois say, ‘We will not use public funds to promote sovereignty,'” he said Saturday.

“Well, if you don’t want to use public funds to promote sovereignty, why are you here?”

Jean-Martin Aussant, the leader of Option nationale, also took issue with the PQ’s position, calling it an “abdication of leadership.”

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PQ should use public funds to promote independence: Parizeau

  1. I’m curious as to who this independent Quebec would actually be. Even if 100% of the french decided that Quebec should be independent (which would be ludicrous as they cannot support themselves), how do they think that Quebec is actually theirs to begin with?

    • It would similarly draw the question of what boundaries would be afforded to the “new” Quebec. The original(Lower Canada), the current or complete redrawing of them?

      • FWIW, “the original” would not be Lower Canada, but rather New France, which included much of Ontario and whole swaths of the American Midwest.

  2. The approval or disapproval of any Federalist politician does not hurt the
    PQ Fascists. No Federal gov’t has ever seriously challenged their continuous
    attempts to cleanse Quebec of non-Francophones. The only thing Canadians can do
    to bite the PQ back is to supply
    information about the PQ to as many AMERICAN friends,relatives and business
    associates as possible so that they boycott Quebec whilea PQ gov’t is in power.
    Don’t buy Quebec bonds, don’t make deals with the Quebec gov’t for power, don’t
    visit. It’s sad that is has to come to this but the PQ and its paranoid
    supporters aren’t concerned about playing nice and neither should we.